chapter – 132 – lord-Level Epsilon

Epsilon took a deep breath and felt that his magical power was even stronger than usual. He checked his status to confirm his power.


‘Epsilon (Nick)’

‘Level – Lord – Beginner (52.3 INT)’

‘INT = 52.3’

‘Physical = Awakened Human’


‘Sonic Bullet (Variations – Poison Bullet, Machine Gun, Sonic Bullet etc)’

“Plasma Bullet (Variations – Plasma Automatic Bullet – Plasma Bomb etc)’

‘Creating energy bullet using a gun and basic firepower knowledge from Earth, as well as creating plasma bullets from using the knowledge from Earth.’

‘Wave Radar’

‘Radiating waves to pinpoint living beings, enemies, surroundings…’

‘Portal Teleportation – (Dismissed)’

‘Using portals to teleport to places that user can imagine and has been to…’

‘Quantum Teleportation’

“Using quantum mechanics and molecular understanding to teleport without using dimensional or space-related knowledge or abilities.”

‘Vacuum Bomb’

‘Using knowledge of vacuum to create a bomb-type spell, can be improved with Plasma, which will result in Plasma Bomb.’

‘Reaper Anubite Summoning’

‘Summon ‘Reaper Anubite’ using magical death energy with Ether Stones. Anubite comes from the myth of Egypt, servants of Anubis, death warden of Egyptian myth.’

‘Anubite Summoning’

‘Summon ‘Regular Anubite’ using magical energy. Anubite comes from the myth of Egypt, servants of Anubis, death warden of Egyptian myth.’

‘Drone Creation (Creating technological and magical drones, capable of flight and space-faring abilities, as well as strong offensive capabilities rival to user himself and defensive capabilities rival to Magister Level Mages.’

‘3x Passive Shields’

After Epsilon checked his status and saw the additional notes in his status and his power, he smiled and nodded.

His Int had grown and surpassed the Magister Level. As a result, he became a Lord Level mage. With this increase in power, he could now understand many things much better. As his intelligence grew, he had a deeper understanding of his first interaction with Void Hunter Rat, Ravia, as well.

He could now comprehend why Ravia called him a primate but acknowledged him as a ‘sentient human being’ at the same time. It was because Ravia’s power level rivaled the most powerful beings in the universe as did his knowledge and understanding of creation and other such things that many could not even imagine.

In Ravia’s eyes, humans truly were just primates without much relevant knowledge of the universe. It was not too wrong of him to refer to humans as ‘mindless’ beings.

Even Epsilon, as he became Lord Level, started feeling that humans and even the Werfurs were a bunch of creatures that considered themselves smart but reality held a rude shock for them. As he was thinking this, Epsilon thought to himself.

“It is time for me to summon Ravia.”

Since he thought it already, he did not delay and used Ravia’s pen to call him. As was the case every time, seconds later, a black portal opened in the sky and Ravia jumped on the ground.

Ravia looked at Epsilon with a smile and interest in his eyes. He noticed the spike in Epsilon’s power level.

“I did not see you for less than a fortnight, and you have already had a breakthrough from Magister to Lord Level. Lord Levels are not strong when compared to the Universe but you will have some power within a small star-system or star-system groups.”

Epsilon smiled at Ravia’s words and then started talking business.

“I completed the mission you gave me.”

As his words ended, on cue, a mid-sized Solar Panel manifested on the ground. It looked simple and elegant.

Ravia, however, first eyed the drones at the back and chuckled as he started inspecting the Solar Panel. Five seconds later, he asked.

“Please tell me about this machine of yours.”

Epsilon nodded and started talking.

“It is called a Solar Panel. It produces one-city level energy per day and uses the same energy for production. It produces electrical energy, which is convertible to other energies with ease. The energy is generated from starlight, which is an energy source that can be used for an infinite amount of time.”

“Simply put, it is a machine that uses starlight to produce daily one-city level energy.”

Ravia listened to Epsilon with rapt attention. His rat-face showed clear understanding, and shock, at the same time.

Once Epsilon finished his explanation, Ravia started talking.

“You are saying that this machine is capable of generating one-city level energy daily, using just the light that comes from a star. Not to mention, the material for it is cheap enough to be built and maintained.”

Epsilon nodded in acknowledgment and added.

“Yes, the production cost of a single unit is about 10,000 Ether Stones. Within just a day of operation, it pays for itself.”

Ravia’s breathing got faster. He could not hide his shock this time as he looked at Epsilon seriously.

The smile on his face vanished and it was replaced with a complex expression. Many thoughts were racing in his mind.

“I knew this human mage was proficient and had potential but creating something like this, just at Lord-Level without the knowledge from organizations of the universe, is not something I can figure. I cannot foresee his future but it is evident that if cultivated, and not killed by stronger beings, this human being’s potential is limitless.”

Ravia knew that Epsilon was a genius, capable of many things. He understood this from the time Epsilon cured him of a poison that Ravia could not understand or deal with.

When he contracted that poison in a different dimension and planet, even the most informed doctors of the universe were not capable of treating it in time. But this newly-minted, measly mage cured it in exchange for some Ether Stones. It was not even worth mentioning, considering what was at stake was not even Void Stones but his life.

Raiva sighed in his heart and started talking.

“Give me 10 of these in return for my previous rewards and an additional 10  Void Stones. What do you say?”

Epsilon laughed a little; it seemed that Ravia was indeed not a petty fool.

He understood just from one look that without the power and knowledge that support the Solar Panels, these panels would not work.

They could do everything but they cannot work if Epsilon did not give his permission to use it. Even if he was a slave, no spell or technology could change this fact because no tech or spell was stronger than what came from a different universe altogether.

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