Chapter 14 – Level System

In his mind, Nick whispered the spell ‘Energy Bullet’. Just as he did so, the spell discreetly manifested itself, and shot towards the back of Elena’s neck.

Suddenly, time slowed down from Nick’s perspective. Everything was too sluggish, and laggy. However, as he kept looking at the ‘Energy Bullet’, he had no time to think about anything else. A second was akin an hour in his mind. And yet, he did not know why his perception of time was impacted like this.

Two seconds later, Nick finally had a happy face. The ‘Energy Bullet’ had entered from Elena’s neck and directly exploded her head. The ‘Energy Bullet’ spell Nick had created this time used the same formula as the first time, except one change—Nick had added an extra ingredient to the formula.

‘Energy Bullet’ – ‘Control Magic Energy’ + ‘Imagine a bullet’ + ‘Imagine Gunpowder’ + ‘Imagine a small Gun Barrel’ + ‘Imagine Energy Bullet spin’ 

When Nick first cast this spell, he did not add the power of rifling gun barrels that can make a bullet spin as the gunpowder detonates, and the bullet shoots towards the target. Nick knew that adding a spin ability to ‘Energy Bullet’ would change its power, and boost the spell with a rippling effect.

Within seconds, Elena’s head severed from her body, and she dropped dead on the ground. Nick however, was no fool. He formulated the ‘Energy Bullet’ spell again with ease, made a gun shape with his hand, and shot her head from the back, again.

There were two reasons for this double measure. First, he did not want to leave Elena any chance to retaliate, because he was unaware if she had any spell or magical item that could save her life. The second reason was considering whether she used herself in experiments.

Fifteen seconds later, Nick took a deep breath and seized Elena’s ring.

“I have to collect the magical information in these documents.”

As he took the ring, Nick accessed the ‘storage space’. He knew the existence of this space because he had seen Elena use it in the past to place different kinds of items in it. Other than some food and documents however, there wasn’t much of note in the ring.

Nick then opened the cabinet in the room, and found the clothes he was looking for.
“This is the best idea I got,” Nick partly complimented, and partly encouraged himself for the next steps of his plan.

He had watched Elena every time he had to stay still during the experiment sessions. Elena did not care much about Nick anyway, so she did not mind him knowing any details. Due to this, Nick knew where Elena’s spare mage robes were kept.

After taking the black robe, he changed into the mage robes. 

“I must gather information. These documents and the books are worth a lot for me, but perhaps worth much more for the people who live outside as well.”

With these thoughts, Nick began scanning the documents on the table. He found many relevant information bits pertaining to basic theoretical knowledge. Sifting through the documents, he moved the important ones to the storage space. Once he was done with the documents on the table, his eyes turned towards the bookshelves that were filled with many different kinds of books.

Nick knew that wasting time right now would go against his escape plan. He was not sure when the time in the experiment room would expire, or if someone would come looking for Elena. He quickly searched for the books that he needed the most. After gathering over 50 books in the storage space, he took a deep breath and started walking. Searching books is a important for himself because it is the only what he could improve himself. Basically his standing and power in the magical world.

While he was searching the books, Nick finally came across the basic information about the levels of this world.

Level System’

‘Level 1 to 5’ – Imper Level Mage = Int = 1.0 to 5.0 (Symbol of Magic – One Line Symbol)

‘Level 6 to 15’ – Prive Level Mage = Int = 6.0 to 15.0 (Symbol of Magic – One Triangle Symbol)

‘Level 16 to 30’ – Provec Level Mage = Int = 16.0 to 30.0 (Symbol of Magic – Two Triangle Symbol)

‘Level 31 to 50’ – Magister Level Mage = Int = 31.0 to 50.0 (Symbol of Magic – Three Triangle Symbol)

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With this newly attained knowledge, he could better comprehend the power of his opponents and his own level.
“I will check these new levels and information after I feel safe. Right now I have to get out of here.”

As soon as Nick had decided it was time to move, he hid his face and left the experiment room, heading downstairs. He saw a few mage students but no one spared him a second glance. This boosted Nick’s confidence. If they noticed that he was a slave, these students had the right to kill him, as he was alone, without his master.

Nick descended the stairs and began walking towards the exit. The woman whom all students had to talk to before entering the experiment room, could be a potential threat to his escape plan. However, she did not even look at him. Nick mixed in with the other students, and left the Experiment Building.

He picked up his pace as soon as he was out of the building. He was fortunate he had some memories of Blue Tear Magic School, which further assisted him in leaving the school.

Throughout the way, none of the other mage students or mage guards paid any attention to him. They only acknowledge him with a glance, before going back to busying themselves.

When he was a student, Nick learned that only real mages could use magic users as their slaves; mage students could only have ordinary human beings for this purpose. It was hence only natural that none of them could have ever imagined that a slave would one day kill a mage student, and then escape using their ring, wearing their robe.

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