Chapter 13 – Revenge

Nick smiled and whispered, “With this new spell of mine, I can easily take care of Elena. But before that, I’ve to become proficient in this spell.”

Nick knew he had to execute a surprise attack chance. Only that would give him an edge over a formally taught student like Elena. He had to kill her before she could even react, and for that, he had to be fast, very fast. 

If he was even a tad slower, then Elena would notice his sneaky movements. After that, he would have no chance of fighting against her. 

He had no idea about the kind of spell she had or the kind of battles she had fought. In an all-out battle, he stood no chance, and even if he did stand a chance, he didn’t want to experience something like that for the time being.

Nick took a deep breath and sat on the chair.

“Visualization and scientific information are essential when it comes to creating spells from scratch. With the help of mana, I can do neigh impossible and infinite amount of stuff. But for the time being, I’m being held back by my lacking mana and knowledge about magic.” 

After that, Nick smiled and began working on his Energy Bullet spell. It would be daybreak soon, and Elena could enter his room at any moment, so he couldn’t try the spells or perform experiments. If he got caught, it would be a sad ending for him.

“The power behind my mana bullet increased by leaps and bounds once I imagined bits of iron while creating the bullet. I guess it kind of adds mass to the mana bullet.”

Nick profoundly nodded as he understood the reason behind the increase.

“In its static form, the mana bullet isn’t all that harmful. However, once we add an overwhelming amount of kinetic energy to it, everything changes. And then, when I add mass to that, initially, light bullet, it will now hit the target with much greater force.”

Nick had a concrete theory for the increased penetrating effect now. Currently, the power behind his mana bullet was similar to a bullet fired from an AK-47. Mana bullets’ power was dependent on two factors: speed and mass. If he could propel it with even greater speed and add more concentrated mana into the bullet, he could create a Sniper Rifle.  

“There are a lot of experiments I’ve to do, but first, I’ve to escape from this place.”

Even as he thoughts about experiments, one part of his brain was already coming up with a plan to eliminate Elena. The plan was ready, and he had complete confidence in it. About ten minutes later, the door was opened, and a mage guard entered the room. He put the red soup, black bread meal on the table and left the room.

Before leaving, he said, “Your master, Lady Elena, will be here in 20 minutes. Finish quickly!”

After saying his piece, the guard left.

Nick did not doubt the mage guard’s words and started drinking the soup and eating the black bread. In ten minutes, he was done with his meal, and after another ten minutes, Elena came to his room. 

She looked at him as if she was looking at trash and said, “Follow me!”

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She did not say anything as she started walking towards the school. Even though his eyes were as clear as the stars, she had no idea that he was feeling a torrent of emotion. He was just looking for a chance to put an Energy Bullet in her head. 

Nick following Elena; two minutes later, he knew that they were walking towards the Experiment Building. In the room, he could kill Elena, but there was another problem. He could wear her ring, hide his face with a robe, and no one will think he was a slave who had just killed his master. 

However, there was one person who could mess up this plan. The lady at the front desk! Before entering an experiment room in the Experiment Building, students would give their information to a lady at the front desk. There was a chance she could recognize him from his body structure and alert the Magic Guards, basically sentencing him to death.

“This is a chance I have to take as there is not much I can do about it.”

Nick gulped as he thought about being caught. Getting caught alive was more dangerous than being found alive for a slave.

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Four to five minutes later, Nick and Elena entered the Experiment Building. Elena went to speak with the woman as always, and three minutes later, she got the key to her room and started walking upstairs. This time, she didn’t order him to follow, but Nick knew better than to rebel at this point. 

As they got closer to the room, Nick’s heart began beating like a drum. Being a street rat, Nick had seen a lot of deaths and murders, but that didn’t mean that he had killed a human being before. He wasn’t feeling guilty or getting cold feet; he was just feeling a massive adrenaline rush as his brain made his body feel like he was the apex predator.

Elene opened the door of the experiment room and entered the room. Elena put the room’s key on the closest table, and without looking at Nick, she started talking.

“Do not do anything and just wait here.”

As saying that, she started working on her papers. On the other hand, Nick was preparing his energy bullet. He will wait until she turns her back to him before attacking. He is creating and building the spell slowly to not attract her attention.

Two minutes later, he managed the create the spell and was ready to fire it at Elena. But he did not attack her for the time being as Elena could still see him. Ten seconds later, the time and chance he is waiting showed itself. Elena got up from her chair and turned her back to Nick as she searched for a document on the shelves. Nick released a sigh and said, 

“Energy Bullet!!!”

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