Chapter 12 – Energy Bullet – Escape Plan

With his current discovery, Nick had found a completely different path to get stronger. Now, his chances of escaping this school were higher than ever. As with this way of using mana, he was sure that he could create a brilliant escape plan. The escape plan should be perfect and contain no mistake that can easily be exploited by his enemies. Because there is no turning back.

 However, to escape from this school, he had to kill Elena to eliminate any future troubles and for the ring. While looking around the school to formulate a plan, he discovered something important. 

Every student of this school wore a particular ring on their finger, and every ring shone with a minuscule amount of mana. Mage guards did not identify students with their faces; they identified them with the ring.

 These rings showed the guards that the wearer was a mage and a student of the school. Nick believed if he wore this ring and hid his face with a mage robe, he could leave the school.

As for the ring, Nick just smiled as Elena’s face appeared in his head.

He had already prepared a plan for killing Elena.

“I have to kill her in the experiment room. Since it’s usually filled with shrieks and screams of the slaves, no one would pay attention to an additional feminine scream.” Nick thought killing her in the experiment room would give him enough time to escape from the city. At the very least, he wouldn’t be caught instantly.

It was the only way he could kill Elena and get the ring. Without the ring, he wouldn’t even be able to walk 200 meters from his room. Moreover, he had no grand dreams of entering into mana warfare against the guards or even Elena. He was a little proficient in magic, but those guys were literally born in a magical world. His proficiency in magic was nowhere near close to people who used floating sippy cups.

Pick any student you want, and he would still have more familiarity with magic than Nick. 

After formulating his plan, he only had to wait for Elena to take him to the Experiment Room.

 Nick took a deep breath and started thinking about magic and its use. He now had the freedom of creating spells or at least creating formulas for basic spells.

 “I am assuming creating physical things from magic comes under advanced level mana control. Even if I can control my mana to a degree and imagine the thing I want to create, it is not possible for me at the moment,” Nick whispered to himself and smiled. 

 “Whatever. It’s not like my mana control is at a level where I can control it like my own limb.” After suppressing his overreaching desires, he decided to create a new spell that was similar to Energy Bold. 

He closed his eyes and began formulating an algorithm for his spell.

 “Let’s call this one Energy Bullet.”

 “Control mana + Visualize a bullet + Visualize a gunpowder equivalent + Imagine a small gun barrel + Use high-amount of mana to propel the bullet.” Nick then opened his eyes and started thinking.

 “The primary purpose of the Energy Bolt spell is to destroy and annihilate its target. It’s made of mana and uses mana to propel itself.”

 Mages can alter the effects of their mana by visualization and maneuvering of mana. If a mage wanted to cast an Energy Bolt, he first had to mold his mana and then propel this molded mana at their target using, again, mana. The speed at which it was propelled and the volume of mana molded would decide the damage caused by the Energy Bolt. 

“The damage dealt completely depends on the spell caster.”

“For my Energy Bullet, I won’t create a mana ball of large volume. Instead, I’ll create small ones and call them bullets. Complementing them will be the large amount of mana I will use to propel them towards the target. The mana bullet itself won’t be strong, but the propelling speed will be deadly. Moreover, manipulating mana and turning it into a small ball is easier than forming a giant ball.” After thinking of this, Nick lifted his bed to the side. He targeted the area which was hidden covered by the bed usually. 

 He wanted to use this spell he created, but other than his walls and chair, there was no target he could use without giving rise to suspicion.

 Nick looked at the wall, and a second later, a small mana bullet manifested in his hand. Nick then imagined a gun barrel; soon, a gun barrel shaped by his own mana was in his hands. After everything was in order, he first used a moderate amount of mana to cast the spell. 


The mana bullet flew towards the wall and easily penetrated it. After penetrating the wall for another 15–20 meters, it vanished. 

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 Nick gulped and began thinking.

 “The power of this mana bullet is not much, but it can penetrate 6 to 10 cm or 3 inches wooden wall and drill up to 20 inches. I used a moderate amount of mana to propel it, but the results are still okay. It can kill a human with ease as long as it strikes the head.” Nick decided to fire another Energy Bullet and formed the same spell. However, this time he imagined a gun made of “Fe” or “Iron.” He was adamant about using the “Fe” symbol as he wanted to test if that “Scientific Knowledge” changed anything. After three seconds, he used a moderate amount of mana to shoot the bullet.


Once again, the mana bullet easily penetrated the wall, but this time, instead of going just 20 meters, it went 100 meters in. That meant his imagination of “Fe” had worked. Energy Bullet had some physical capability; therefore, giving it some physical factor to go along increased its power. Nick laughed a little and nodded.

 He knew how deep it penetrated because it was his mana, after all. From this, he could deduce that his “energy” bullet could easily penetrate two to three inches into steel.

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