chapter 91 – life Or Death

As Nick got closer to the action, he understood the matter at once. The bandits were too many and from the look of it, they are experienced warriors among them.

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There was one man in particular who attracted Nick’s interest. He was most likely the bandit leader. He was a middle-aged bald man with an eagle mark under his eye. Using a scimitar, he easily crushed the Agriman guards. His moves were swift and deadly. It did not help that he was an Imper Level – (Student Level 1) warrior.

The Imper Level was not highly regarded in front of mages but for ordinary guards, even if they were stronger compared to commoners, a warrior with experience and Student Level 1 power stood at a pedestal that they could not easily touch unless they attacked him with crushing force at the same time. This meant attacking the warrior with at least 10 guards at once.

The battle was nearing its end. The Agriman family guard captain realized this but did not know what to do about it. Nick, on the other hand, already had a plan in mind and acted.

The bald Bandit Captain named Arnig was nearly rejoicing at the moment noticing that the battle was in their favor. But he was not given a chance to be happy, because something unexpected happened towards his right-hand side.


A small-scaled explosion sounded. As the dust due to the blast settled, a man wearing a black cloak and a white mask with a symbol seemed to appear from the dust clouds.

Arnig gasped and whispered.

“A mage!”

At this time, Nick who was undercover started talking.

“Drop your weapons, bandits. If not, I am going to kill all of you. There will be no second warning.”

His voice was enchanted with magic and was heard by every mage. The nobles inside of the carriage and the guard captain heard the mysterious mage’s words and a ray of hope birthed in their hearts.

The bandits looked at their bald captain and did not know what to do. Each one of them was familiar with the horrors of mages but because there were more than 100 of them, they did not immediately drop their weapons.

The bald captain Arnig looked at the mysterious mage and started talking. His words were respectful without any threat.

“Esteemed Mage, we are the ‘Iron Hand Bandits’. We have no animosity with you. Please be on your way.”

Arnig said his words and nearly held his breath. He had some faith that the mage might have heard about their group. The Iron Hand Bandit Group was founded over 30 years ago. The group had more than a thousand bandits and they were feared by low-level nobles and many other tradesmen.

Nick heard his words and smiled.

“Do not say that I did not warn you, people.”

As his words finished, more than 50 Sonic Bullets manifested in the air. These Sonic Bullets were the lowest level of these bullets and did not hold any extensive magical energy. Still, these bullets were enough to kill ordinary bandits with ease. When Arnig saw more than 50 wisps of magical energy formed in the air, a frightening thought came to his mind.

“He is a Provec Level mage. We have no chance against a mage at this level, for f***’s sake.”

His sense of crisis came in too late; the Sonic Bullets already shot towards their respective targets. As each one of them hit, small sonic booms resonated in the area. Within less than a second, some of the bandits’ heads exploded like watermelons and some of them who were hit on their chests, dropped on the ground dead with big gaping holes in their bodies.

Seeing that their friends were killed with just one whisper from the mage, the other bandits lost their will to fight. Even for a second, the thought to fight against this mage did not cross their minds. Fifty bandits died on the spot at one go in less than a second. What kind of power was this and how could they even fight against this monster of an enemy?

The guard captain and the nobles in the carriage watched the events unfold. Some of the guards, who were not very experienced, threw up due to the gruesome scene in front of them. They never imagined even in their wildest dreams that one day they would be faced with a bloodied sight such as this.

The ground was red with blood and human flesh. The corpses of the 50 bandits each met with different fates, some were even ripped apart in two because of the mage’s power.

Arnig looked at the corpses on the ground and instantly dropped his scimitar. As he did so, the other bandits followed suit and relinquished their weapons, not making any moves. They were terrified the mage would attack and kill them at the smallest action. They did not want to anger this mage with unfathomable power.

Nick smiled and started talking.

“It seems that there is cleaning needed around the Blue Tear City. Who do you think you people are to rob others and kill them in cold blood and expect that nobody is going to harm you? You kids are too bad.”

Arnig and his remaining group of bandits heard Nick’ words and looked at the mutilated bodies of their friends. They thought to themselves.

“You are calling us cold-blooded, killing others without batting an eye. Who was it that created this scene in a breath? What you did is no better than us at all.”

However, these thoughts began and ended in their minds, never leaving their mouths. They were bandits and they had no right to talk about things like morality. If the enemy was weaker than them, they would kill them and take all their belongings. If the enemy was stronger than them, then they were just like chickens waiting to be slaughtered with no power to resist it.

Nick shook his head and started talking.

“I am not going to do anything to you. But if I see any bandits from the Iron Hand Group that you are talking about in these lands again, I will find your hideout and kill each one of you, your children, your wives and any other relatives. Go away.”

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