Chapter 18

In the theatre room.

Yun Feng and Xiao Tong glared at each other.

“Fatty, are you ready for the female lead role? Quit if you are not.” Yun Feng said sarcastically.

Yun Feng remembered that Xiao Tong’s acting was awful. She was stiff, emotionless, and forgetful. In addition, there were already had nasty rumors that flew around that Xiao Tong being too ugly to take on the female lead role.

“Why? Am I too fat to take on the role?” Xiao Tong was unwilling to back down and continued.

“Tell Teacher Elizabeth then.” Said Xiao Tong.

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“Why should I? You better do a good job. I don’t want to stay late because of your bad acting.” Said Yun Feng.

Before Xiao Tong could respond, Teacher Elizabeth urged Xiao Tong and Yun Feng to practice their lines.

“Xiao Tong, more emotion, please.”

“Xiao Tong, more gesture, please.”

“Xiao Tong, you forgot some of the lines.”

“Xiao Tong, don’t be too stiff. Relax your expression.”

Teacher Elizabeth pinpointed Xiao Tong’s weakness and shook her head. If this continues, three months were not enough to prepare for the show. Xiao Tong needed a particular class. However, Teacher Elizabeth didn’t have time to teach Xiao Tong. Hence, Teacher Elizabeth came out with an idea.

“Xiao Tong, this won’t do. You require special training to perform the show well. If you are not able to perform well, you will ruin the show.” Said Teacher Elizabeth.

Xiao Tong’s mood was down. It was her first practice. In her previous life, Xiao Tong never acted before. Not surprising if she couldn’t act well. However, this time was different. The quality of the show depends on the lead role performance. She couldn’t let Teacher Elizabeth down and ruin the show.

“Yun Feng, your task now is to teach Xiao Tong how to act. I trust you can teach her well.” Said Teacher Elizabeth.

Yun Feng was annoyed by Xiao Tong’s performance. He already predicted that he would stay late if Xiao Tong took the role.

Yun Feng sighed.  However, he never thought that he was assigned to teach Xiao Tong. What bad luck!. All this while he had been avoiding Xiao Tong, and now he had to teach her. He refused!

“Yun Feng, don’t say you couldn’t teach her. Your performance is superb. Xiao Tong’s acting will improve very fast under your guidance.” Said Teacher Elizabeth proudly.

“Alright, let’s call it a day.” Teacher Elizabeth quickly left the room before Yun Feng could say another word.

Yun Feng had no choice but to spend more time teaching Xiao Tong.

“Fatty, memorize your lines first. let’s meet for practice after three days.” Said Yun Feng.

Xiao Tong lightly nodded. She had no energy left to argue with Yun Feng. All she needs right now was to get a good rest. Xiao Tong was deflated.

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