Chapter 373 – Recuperation

§ Toward the end of my lifetime as an Enhanced Human, I came with great difficulty to value the part of me that fit the ‘Human’ half of that description. That fact differentiated me from the great majority of my kind. A society that used ‘defective’ infants such as myself as raw material for human-shaped machinery offered no particular incentive ...

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Work is still backed up, but I managed a chapter in time. I've got a decent start on the following chapter, too, so it should post on the regular schedule on Monday.

I'm considering changing 'enhanced human' to 'augmented human'. It's a minor thing, but if anyone wants to comment on an alternative to these, I would be happy to hear it. Yes, I already know the traditional term is 'cyborg'. For certain reasons, I'm keeping that term reserved for something else in his world.

As might be becoming clear, Daq's world is basically space colony cyberpunk.

On a separate note, Aenëe is, after all, half fairy. She had to go for it at some point.

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