Chapter 1 My own World

Morning mate, your package is here, come out and get it.” The voice of the delivery man arrived over the phone.

“Okay, I’m coming.” Damon put down the tablet in his hand on the bedside table and slowly walk out of the house.

The middle-aged delivery man is an acquaintance. Seeing Damon, he waved his hand and said annoyed.

“Hurry up, I have a lot on my plate today, so this comes from your dad, Mexico?” John’s eyes drifted at the classic car passing by, barely paying attention if Damon was answering or not.

The middle-aged man is called Johnson. John for short. John has been Damons mother’s childhood friend. Damon’s father seems to dislike him but to Damon his a nice guy, grumpy at times. But a reliable guy non the less.

Taking advantage of Damon’s time to sign the form, John asked.

I reckon he didn’t care too much, just chitchat. Damon was not in the mood to talk either. After answering and signing the form, he walks back inside.

“Hah, it looks like a match to the last round disc mum sent.” Damon opened the box. Inside contained a cylindrical object, which was dusty and looked rather inconspicuous.

But such a sight made Damon smile, his cheeks stretch toward his ears. He hurried upstairs to his study room and took out a disc that was in the same shape as the cylinder.

This disc was made of stone, densely carved lines crisscrossing it like spiderwebs, and grooves inlaid with stone beads.

There was a hole in the middle of the disc, and the newly arrived object looked to fit in perfectly. Without hesitation, Damon put the cylindrical object in the missing space.

In perfect harmony, just like when two broken mirrors reunite, the two objects are put together, and the disc is immediately complete. Weirdly, it felt magical.

Damon was bouncing on the balls of his feet, humming a victory tune, incapable of stopping the smile spreading on his lips, ”Now let’s see how you’ll look in your new home.” he said, looking down at the smooth disc in his hands. He dances toward his relic room.

There is a diversity of antiquities in the next room, like a small museum, which is simply a mixture of antiques. With small stone pillars from the Aztec civilization, pyramid fragments from the Mayan, and some stone carvings from the Babylonian Empire.

However, none of these things in it are precious, only some historical and collection value. Otherwise, Damon wouldn’t be able to get all of them without drowning in loans.

He’s a rich guy, living alone in a two-story small villa. The villa was costly, but it’s not considered luxurious compare to the houses in the area he lives in.

Damon’s parents are both experts in their own field in archaeologists. His father is a pure archaeologist. And his mother is a cultural relic dealer and study archaeologist. Their family’s income depends entirely on the mother’s reselling antiques.

In this regard, Damon’s mother is a genius and rarely failed to get decent offers.

It is precisely because of this that Damon is living a wealthy lifestyle. And the money sent by his mother every month is enough for him to spend his time in worldly pleasure.

But even so, Damon is not a person who likes to spend wealth randomly. Every month his mother sends a small amount of cash apart from food and drinks, then he saves the rest for his financial management.

He also tried to work but found that the work was not worth the effort as he didn’t earn much. The money he earned was not as good as a fraction of the allowance sent by his mother. Later, he simply stopped working and began playing games at home or study the relics he holds.

His parents didn’t care about his pastimes. They still send him cash and occasionally sent him some gadgets dug out by archaeologists or themselves.

This disc was sent to him by his father. It was a tool dug from the remains of the Mayan civilization. It was a charm used to bless the fields they harvest. His father said it was basically of little value.

However, the disc sent over was incomplete, just like the other things mailed in the past. Damon likes them very much as they remind him of his loneliness. Damon examined the pieces of disc. They felt cold and heavy in his hands, like the weight of loneliness that consumed him. Because they are also lost and alone, it was a pity that it was imperfect.

“Unexpectedly, my old man and mother accepted my plea to find me all the incomplete relics and send them back home.” He mumbled.

This was considerate of them. After completing the disk, Damon put the relic on the shelf in the relic room.

”When I’m in the mood, I’ll bother with the disc,” Damon mused, his head now fuzzy with other matters.

As a result, when placing the disc on the shelf, it slipped from Damon’s grasp and the relic fell to the floor.

Damon was frightened. For fear that the disc would be broken. After all, after the destruction time has caused it, most of these relics became very fragile to the touch.

Last time he accidentally broke a porcelain plate copy from the Ming Dynasty. Although it was a worthless plate, it lasted through war and time just to be broken by him, which disturbs Damon more than it should.

Fortunately, this stone plate from the Mayan civilization did not break or even suffered any visible damage. Which made Damon breathe out a sigh of relief. Damon tilts forward, solely focused on the relic.

As a result, his head accidentally pushed another ornament from the shelf. Causing it to fall right in the middle of the disc where he just set the additional part beforehand.

Shockingly, Damon observed the ornament ignoring the laws of physics and disappeared directly into the disc.

Damon’s body froze. He rubbed his eyes in disbelief. Slowly, he picked up the relic and noticed the area he had taken it from was now tidy, his eyes fixed on the floor.

The floor was empty and nothing out of place.

“What the hell?”

Taken back, he hurriedly raised his head to confirm that there was indeed an ornament missing on the shelf. And then looked at the disc several times over and over again.

The disc still looks the same, while the ornament vanished into it without a trace.

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Unbelievable, Damon subconsciously stretched his hand to the centre of the disc to confirm whether he was dazzled just now or reality was not what it seems.

As a result, unexpectedly or as he hoped would happen. Damon hand reached into the centre of the disc and disappeared like the relic before him.

But on the other side, he could still feel the presence of his hand, but the sensation was also strange. It’s a bit similar to being in the sea, but there were differences in it, like a jelly substance but more flexible. It’s the only way he could define it.

Before Damon took his hand back, a suction force suddenly occurred in the centre of the disc. This suction was so sudden and powerful that Damon was sucked in by the disc before he could blink.

. . . . . .

In a misty place

Space is filled with grey gas, light hovered in the centre of this space, there is a luminous ball floating. The light emitted by this ball felt indescribable to the human mind and eye. It seems without colour and also felt like it embodies all the colours of the world. The air was moist as if rain has just fallen, with a sweet fragrance that could make one drool.

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After Damon was sucked into the disc, he entered this space. Near the centre of the grey space, he saw the wooden relic that disappeared in the disc.

But Damon’s mind is not paying attention to the relic but to this place. After being transported by the disc, he came to such a place. This is something impossible to him and any modern individual’s worldview.

Itzamna seemed to sense the arrival of Damon. He then turned out to be like a beam of light and pounced on Damon like lightning, then merged into Damon’s mind.

Damon’s body froze. As the floating ball overwhelmed him as countless knowledge was fusing with his mind.

In an instant, he stood in space, seeing what seem lucid and dreamlike. He saw the seed that blossoms the sun to the planetary formation of solar systems to the birth of life and death of organisms. Then he observed the formation of mass that gathers into a big ball of emptiness. Then the ball created universes after a big bang.

These things were shown by the sphere and seemed to embody all the knowledge in the universe.

But Damon’s brain can barely hold one of hundredth of this much knowledge. But he did understand where he was and what is the stone relic.

This is a dimension with its own unique rules or a world, but it depends on how you view it.

As for who made this world, Damon didn’t know who he is actually. But his name is one of glorification as the god of creations in the Mayan mythology.

He also discovered that the universe in which this world is located and that of earth. Not only are they not the same, but this world is also unique. As this world is surrounded by vast chaos.

Chaos is the mother source of all energy that can create and destroy all that goes within. The reason why this world creator created a world here? Its to refine the chaos outside and purify it into a more refined source of energy.

Origin is said to be extremely valuable. Its origin is the purified chaos energy without the bad. Essentially omnipotent, with enough Origin, you can create everything.

As soon as the ball fused with Damon’s mind, he attained the authority to control this world and to use the Origin to remake and develop this world however he likes.

After leaving the misty space, with what could be teleportation, Damon appears to materialize home. Using this time to process and summed out the rules of the disc world and the visions he saw. Night came.

Surprisingly, Damon didn’t feel hungry at all as he was usually a gourmet and bad glutton. But yet he was not hungry, even though he has not eaten since morning.

Since he didn’t feel hungry, Damon merely stopped thinking about it, laying in bed, thinking about the disc world and how his life has and will be changed.

As mentioned earlier, Damon is a person who likes to be alone and prefers relic’s over buddies. Mostly, he prefers to play games and read novels.

The games he likes to play are not the usual gun blazing, but the sort of slice of life kind of game such as kingdom building and farming simulator.

He likes to watch his field grow and build in Minecraft and make some exciting things. Now that he has control of a world and a lot of Origins to spare. He intends to use these sources to transform the disc world.

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