Chapter 2

It’s not an easy task to control the disc world Origin and its authority. And this is what would happen when you suddenly reach the max level from the start. You will lack the basic understanding.

In the next few days, Damon focused all his thoughts and time on the disc world. When the disc world Creator created this world, he only used the disc world to refine the chaos outside into Origin. So the disc world interior is just one small piece of land floating in space with nothing on it.

To make the world what as he wish it to be and manifest his thoughts. Damon desperately checked the information online about planetary formation and geographical knowledge. At the same time, he worked hard to get acquainted with the rules of the disc world.

To make no misstep, Damon even skips meals and the games he initially loved to play. He became a genuine perfectionist. Damon also showed maximum points of enthusiasm and dedication. He was even more diligent than he was when he was admitted to a university. After more than half a month, Damon was confident and began to transform the disc world.

Entering the disc world. Damon proceeded to use his control of the authority. Which he finds to be easily used after his period of adaptation. With ease, he could feel the information, size, and flow of time inside this space and information on how much Origin can be extracted from the chaos outside the world in a day.

Damon Calculated according to the Origin stored in space and the yearly amount of Origin. He found that this world was created for a long time, almost 10,000 years. But according to his parents, the history of the disc is only more than 1,000 years.

Damon was not fitted with the knowledge to deal with this kind of thing, so by the obsolete rule of what you don’t comprehend, keep it so. He felt better.

When in the disc world, Damon was like a God, the game master. Just like a wish-granting being, constantly exemplifying his ideas, using his control authority. And soon started to transform the world.

In the beginning, Damon had many ideas. He wanted to create a cosmic planetary world like the one on earth but found out that it was too complicated and costly. ”Another time then”.

So after choosing the best method, in the end, Damon planned to create a crystal wall world. Why? because it is the most secure and less costly. Outside the crystal, there is an invisible wall he called a space barrier. And beyond the space barrier is the chaos that continues to assimilate and destroy everything.

The first task is to make crystal walls. In this respect, Damon referred to the earth. The shape of crystal walls is elliptical and just like the earth. As for why? This is mainly to help the process of the sun and moon rotational.

After all, Damon was born and raised on earth. So when designing the world layout. He purposely modelled the same kind of planet as earth, as one wise man once said. ”Better to conceive what one know before diving into the unknown.” Damon believes his words hold true.

After making the crystal wall, the next step is to make the sun and moon. Then the world with its sky and ocean, placed on the crystal wall will be stars formation and bellow the ground will be the plate margin of the planet.

This process lasted for more than half a month. Scanning at the prototype of the world, checking for any errors and defects. ”None, thank God.” Seeing the world that has been born under his own hands gave Damon a sense of gratification. And a sensation of realism and sudden awe of what he can achieve as if he had become an omnipotent and pioneering being.

But Damon also knows that the reason why he was able to do all this was not that his an omnipotent God. It was the doing of the power of authority left by the real-world creator. And in truth, he was an ordinary person with flesh and bone.

After a series of undertakings and experimentation, a world finally took shape. This world has but one continent. Which is made up of plateaus, basins, deserts, mountains, swamps, lakes, and other terrains found on earth. The continent was almost half the size of the world, and the ocean containing countless Islands.

Damon started walking around in his world, looking at the rising mountains and their shadows, the sun rising from the east to the west, the endless wasteland. Damon has a feeling of satisfaction because this world was created by him. He created the foundation of an actual world, and now by gazing at the countless terrains that he carefully adjusts and made with his own two eyes. What can possibly be better than this?

However, looking at the empty earth with just wind blowing the desert sands, Damon felt something was not right, as if something was missing. He floated until he reached the edge of the continent. Looking at the sea from the horizon, Damon knew what was missing. He knows life was needed, but his humane emotion bound him to neglect it for an instant.

“Yes, life!”

Although he created the world, it is empty of movement, with nothing containing life, not even microbes.

A world without life is an incomplete world because the ultimate goal of creation is life, and that’s what he believed. With life, the world will be colourful.

After recognizing the problem, Damon promptly thought of a solution. Which was to get seeds and then place them in his world. As well as animals and insects. And for the sea, the plants and fish will not be a problem considering the costs of fish eggs and his savings.

Following this plan, Damon bought tons of plant seeds online. Including flowers and trees from all over the world. From the famous cherry blossom of the east to the age-old coconut tree. Which cause him to be busy up and down for seven days.

Although Damon has worked remarkably beyond his limits, just to make the world become colourful and leave the stage of desolation. It stood apparent that this was, awfully hard, a project from the start. Since he lacks experience in literally being a God. After he poured the seeds all around the continent and seas. After a while, some of these seeds had just grown sprouts. It would take at least months or even decades for them to grow up fully. To reach a large enough quantity to achieve world domination would take centuries.

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Even compared to the size of his world, which is double the size of the earth. The number of plants now will only make the world have a tiny green spot from space. His original goal of cramming the whole world with life was not looking too great.

If this trend continues, even if Damon exhausts his entire life farming the seed, he can at most give a mark of life to an area of ​​tens of kilometres in diameter.

Faced with this situation, Damon suddenly thought deeply, since he can set the rules of this world, why can’t he speed up the time so that earth day will be countless years inside my world. In this way, the world inside can quickly become vibrant and spread on its own.

Damon tried it first and found that his idea was feasible. However, doing so would consume a lot of Origin. But the level of consumption was still within Damon acceptable range as the input of Origin will be more than the consumption.

Now that the idea was feasible. Damon mind was soothed. He then desperately started speeding up the time flow of the disc world from one-hundred to one, to one-thousand to one and even finally to ten-thousand to one and was at the end of his reasonable range.

In this way, it is equivalent to three days outside, and nearly a hundred years will have pass inside. Initially, Damon wanted it to be faster. But he learned that if he continued to accelerate, the consumption of Origin would double and would be reaching the point where he will be at a loss.

So the final time ratio between the disc world and the earth world is ten thousand to one.

One day is equivalent to more than 30 years in my world, and so almost a year has passed in the past hour after going back home.

However, the disc world did not become as vibrant as Damon thought.

Most of the seeds thrown in before had died. Only an insignificant part of them survived. And the forms of these surviving plants are not the same as on the earth

”They must have mutated to survive.” Damon thought.

At first, Damon didn’t know the reason for their death. After studying them for a while, Damon learned and concluded that the cause of death is because the ecosystem within was not perfect for the seeds. So Damon then started to places these seeds in their respectful climate.

But even so, half of the seed did not make it. Because some plants need insects to pollinate or animals for the plant seeds to scatter. But these creatures have not been placed in the disc world.

After understanding the reason, Damon quickly figured it out. The plan is to place some kinds of rare plant seeds. That can survive in the harsh climate. And then, also set some small animals that he bought after spending much of his savings. First herbivores, then carnivores.

Sometime along, the plant domination plan has shown incredible progress. Slowly the disc world started to turn Green. After a month worth of time difference. There was nothing but life, as now it’s full of plants, animals, and insects and with the sea full of fish and Corel reafs. After more than a couple thousand year’s, even the islands also contain life, such as crabs and coconut trees.

Compared with the current earth, the disc world is like a paradise for these wild animals. They can populate unscrupulously and reproduce fast enough in a short time.

But at the same time. Damon also discovered a disturbing phenomenon. It’s the time difference. It had ceased to be from 10,000 to one but reduce to 9,000 times to one.

At first, Damon didn’t understand the reason and wanted to change it back. But found that doing so requires an enormous amount of Origin. After researching, he understood more about time. And learned it’s the most powerful rule, and the more powerful something is, the harder it is to band. As the world becomes more perfect, the stricter the flow of time will be, as time will also be perfected. And will not be easily modified without paying more.

However, it’s not all bad. The good news. Is the ecological cycle of life has been entirely solidified. Without his supervision, life will go on. Starting from the Iceland glaciers to the Gobi deserts. North to east and as well as the sea bay and islands in the south. There are traces of life everywhere, from the ground and up in the sky.

However, compared to the earth, the number of species in the disc world is much less. There are less than 100,000 species of plants and animals.

The main reason was that the ecosystem inside the disc world did not evolve on its own working. But were complemented by Damon’s pulling out seedlings and creatures from the earth, so the species varieties were much less common.

However, this is not a big problem. Because the flow of time inside is much faster than outside. So the diversity in lifeform will be comparable to earth in no time. Even the green life in my world is much greater than earth in quantity. Damon also notices the change in his world inhabitants. Many animals from his homeworld have entered this world. And are now much different. Their forms have slowly begun to change, and some even already became their own unique species.

As long as enough time goes by, the number of species in the disc world will increase on its own.

But even so, Damon felt very satisfied with all he has accomplished. He walked on the earth of the disc world, with soft grass under his feet, lush towering trees next to him, and birds singing freely in the woods.

A small stream slowly flowed past his eyes as the stream was crystal clear, with a smooth rushing sound that made people feel calm, then one fish Jump out of the stream, reaching for the clouds.

“From now on, this world will be called Gaia.” Floating above the mountains and rivers, Damon gave a name to his world.

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