Chapter: 44


Unfortunately, we weren’t all sent back after defeating the pair of bizarre monsters, but the portal that brought the enemies in stood open. The implication was obvious: without a [spell] to get out of the [Dungeon], we all would need to follow the trails of the [Treppaned Experiments].

And so we did:

[Name: Sssssssspace! [email protected]#%¨&@#$…

Race: Parasitic Dungeon Extension

Floors: 1

Type: Unborn Star

Difficulty: 15/100]

That small pocket dimension inside a pocket dimension had a single floor only, but this one revealed itself to be so incredibly extensive and dangerous, we must have passed double the amount of time in that extended challenge, than we did inside the principal [Dungeon]… No, maybe this wasn’t true after all. Maybe it was just the constant fighting against incredibly strong monsters; that gave us no rest, but kept coming from nowhere at every moment, day and night, and put Hunah and I in alert constantly, we never even able to refill our [SP], [MP] and [HP] fully before the next battle; that distorted my perception of time.

Honestly, it didn’t matter.

We were tired, so tired; the already hard battles made almost impossible once that we had to fight multiple monsters over [Level: 100] while keeping the rest of the [Party] safe. And that wasn’t all: in difficulty, that single floor reached a frightfully high 15 points. That meant that its boss should be around [Level: 150].

“Do you think we’re gonna make it?”, I asked, as Hunah laid over my chest.

We were all camping over a floating rock the size of a big house, and I absorbed the unimaginable view, which put our so immense sun so far away from us, that it looked the size of a thumb.

The size of a thumb. The same sun that captured the entire universe with its sheer gravitational insuperable magnificence; the two planets, the moon, the 800 stars, and the multi-colored night skies clouds. I knew that that space must have been some kind of illusion; in actuality much smaller, obviously no [Dungeon] was powerful enough to simulate the entirety of existence; but it was a bizarre perspective to observe with mortal eyes nonetheless: the very edge of the universe, where the light of the sun barely reached us.

“Us? Well, we’re [Level: 143] now, so, maybe, if we go straight for the boss, before we get any more tired…”, Hunah commented, and I turned my eyes to the tents beneath the small rocky hill we were standing on, and to the other three who were looking so much full of guilt and shame, too self-aware of their burden status, finding it difficult to even approach us anymore. Then, sighing, she corrected herself: “What am I talking about? There’s no way we’d just abandon them.”

Stroking her hair, I simply hummed in agreement. I knew it already.

“We can only hope our new strength can pull it up, somehow”, I concluded.

[Name: Ank

Race: Half (Messenger + Filled Teeth)


Level: 143

Class: Summoner Boss Maker

HP: 1115/1415

MP: 2400/ 3550

SP: 502/720


Strength: 144

Resistance: 283

Magic: 710

Perception: 283]

[Name: Hunah

Only allowed on

Race: Half (Messenger + Filled Teeth)


Level: 143

Class: Military Collector

HP: 1005/1415

MP: 507/720

SP: 1899/3550


Strength: 710

Resistance: 283

Magic: 144

Perception: 283]

About our new [spells] and [skills]: I invested in some of the new snake creatures I collected from the [Dungeon], my two newest strongest summons being [Jaguar Headed Snake, Level: 90] and [Treppaned Experiment, Level: 114], [Acidic] so I could infuse my items with the dark acid those monsters spat, and elevated the general [Level] of my summons in every to [Class] branch to 70; Hunah’s weapons and armors efficiency reached 65% better efficiency, and her [Weapon Soul] skill passed to give an extra 150 damage.

Then, right as I was about to fall asleep, I heard the summon I left in guard duty screaming:


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“S***, we can’t even rest”, I complained, getting up and spotting the enemy coming from the absolute darkness beyond; being completely different from the first monsters of that type we killed, and yet just one of the dozens of variations we’ve seen, it was made out of a bunch of creatures stitched together sharing a single exposed brain:

[Treppaned Experiments, Level: 111

HP: 3500/3500]

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