Chapter 66 – Nafız is Caught

The city was shaken by the news of the murder again after a two-day hiatus. The serial killer was back, and this time his target was soldiers in the upper echelons of the city guard. The command echelon of the Parthenian army trembled with fear.

This was necessary for the Parthenian army to weaken, and Nafız continued to use the situation to make up for her losses. After losing his rank soldiers one by two for seven days, Astute issued his order. Until the murderer was caught, entrances and exits to the city would be closed.

As soon as Houses Cervantes and Partheni received the order, they immediately sealed the city’s customs. For the first time in the history of the commercial city, it had cut off communication with the outside world of its own accord.

”Are you sure? This idea seems too risky to me!”

Niko spoke with a worried expression. That what he was asked to do was indeed quite dangerous.

“Do exactly as I say. The rest is at my own risk!”

After Nafız told the gray-haired man what they would do, she set out for Eftelya, continuing her treatment. The young girl recovered from her illness after her mother’s soul left her body; continued her treatment with medicine cures and healing baths.

“Come quickly, Nafız, you should see this?”

Eftelya, who had taken the first step of her life with the help of the railings she was leaning on, cried out in joy. One step, a step that seemed insignificant to most people, brought a smile to her face.

“What a speed, soon you will try to beat me in the running race!”

Although it is impossible for a person who has not used her leg muscles for years to take a step in such a short time, the genius of Mora and her mother was involved. Nafız was using all the resources she had for the girl she admired for her determination and perseverance.

“I’m living in a miracle right now, and it’s all because of you. Please stay with me always!”

Nafız just kept silent at the words of the young girl. She was flattered by the call, but they both knew it wasn’t possible. She didn’t want to spoil the beautiful synergy by talking. She just went after enjoying the moment.

“My lord, I have news!”

When the door opened, the City Lord appeared sitting at his desk.

“House of Partheni declared that after the massacre that took place in their mansion, servant orcs who stole valuables from the corpses would be punished in the arena!”

After contemplating the news for a moment, Astute jumped up excitedly.

“It is a good opportunity for the city to find morale! Inform Quintus that we will be there with the senior military rank!”

The news hit the city like a bombshell. The people were enraged at the orc who had robbed the poor guards, and the prominent families were eager to flatter the City Lord. As it is thought, the event created a separate excitement in the society by dispersing the atmosphere of gloom.

When the expected moment came a few days later, although the arena was packed, it was surrounded by a flood of people who could not get in. Noble families had taken their places, and no one was missing except Eftelya, who stayed in her house upon Nafız’s particular admonition.

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As always, Astute would be the last to enter the arena, and the house of Augustus hadn’t disturbed order by simply coming before the City Lord. It was as if they were making a show of strength with their son, whom they took back by paying the ransom.

Walking with the most beautiful woman in the city on his arm, Quintus cast a smug glance at the rows of the other two houses before sitting back in his I-created-the-small mountains attitude.

“Quintus, man; you’re not feeling well today?”

Fernandez was once again admiring his friend as he watched his movements. While storms were brewing inside, the fat man wasn’t giving the slightest open against the outside.

“How can I be good? You know what happened to me!”

The evening he came home with enough gold to save his son, Quintus had made up a false story for his wife. He explained that Niko and Fernandez did not help him and found the money thanks to a business partner from overseas continents.

‘You don’t need to worry. Our family and my husband are doing just fine!”

Athena was very angry with both men for what she had been told. She could not even see her eternal love. After speaking to the leaders of the two families, she quickly sat down.

“You are getting angry at us unnecessarily, Athena. We also explained to Quintus that day that there was nothing we could do!”

Niko didn’t intend to let it end here; he wanted to fuel the fire a little more.

“All this happened because of your concern to appear merciful. Look, if you had let me buy the female orc at the market that day, these things would not have happened to you!”

When Epiphanes spoke high-pitched, Niko wanted to content himself with laughing, but an inner demon was constantly poking him.

“You’re right, Epiphanes. It looks like you got your foresight and judgment skills from your father!”

The young man was proud of the satisfaction of being dominant in the face of a family head. He couldn’t notice the slight change in his parents’ faces standing next to him in this situation.

“City Lord Astute has entered the arena!”

Today, the man, who saw the people around him bow their heads while taking his steps, was very pleasant. Contrary to usual, he was not alone, and his command echelon of at least twenty men followed him.

As the group approached, Niko and Fernandez’s anger peaked, but they said that the pain was sacred and bowed their heads if the expected day would come. Once the City Lord and his commanders took their places, Quintus quickly took his place on the stage and announced that the fights had begun.

As befits the glory of the day, the fights were bloody, and the people’s enthusiasm spread to the gladiators. The Augustus School used to send the most experienced warriors in their school to the sands, especially to this day. The quality of the demonstrations was very high, as other gladiator breeders also adopted the same method to gain the lord’s favor.

As the fights continued, Quintus would be stunned, each of his warriors not leaving the arena without killing their opponents. He was the most profitable person in the warrior carnage, and he should have been choking with joy, but only the fat man’s expression changed.

“Quintus, the warriors of your school, are dazzling!”

Feeling a knife pierced through his heart as the City Lord’s voice reached his ears, the short man remained silent for a moment, and Astute turned around in wonder.

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“Sir, I’m also confused. I didn’t know what to say because of excitement!”

Quintus suddenly took on his old smug ways, causing the two family leaders to worry. The city lord thought that everything was as before as he turned away, laughing at the clumsy-looking man’s words.

It was the final fight; the fights that lasted all day were just preparation for it. The publicized execution carried interesting epic elements. The new conqueror of the arena, his kin, would punish the orc slave who brought shame to her household.

The tribunes began to groan with cheers as the burly orc stepped into the arena, destroying all his opponents with one hit. The people loved him, and he was like the sun rising in the dawn of blood and brutality in these dark days.

When the other door was opened, the attendants threw the female orc onto the hot sands. While the criminal, with her torn upper head and bruises all over, struggled to get up on her bare feet, substances like rain were pouring from the stands.


It is necessary to surrender to society absolutely, to be entirely its slave. Only then does society respect only slaves, those who have committed spiritual suicide.


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