Chapter – 113 – electric Energy – Exceeding Expectations

Electric Energy — Exceeding Expectations

Maliana took a deep breath as she deeply reflected on Epsilon’s words. Every word he said was correct and she could not refute any of it. In the end, the world of magic was ruled by the strong. If he wanted to be an enemy of the Black Flower Coven, then nobody could, or would, stop him. Not to mention that mages of the Blue Tear City and common folk did not like the Black Flower Coven anyway. They were all part of a dark-natured coven that had done many evil acts until now.

Maliana then answered.

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“I am afraid I don’t have any words to answer you Viscount Epsilon. What kind of action would you be taking against us?”

Epsilon smiled as he continued to sip on his tea and answered.


Epsilon’s answer shocked the witches, especially Maliana. She asked again to confirm.

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Epsilon maintained his gentle smile and started talking.

“Yes, I will do nothing to your or your organization. I just wanted to see the expressions on all of your faces. What kind of response or answer you would give me.”

Maliana gave out a cold breath and thought.

“He was just playing with us because he wanted to have fun and was probably bored.”

Maliana thought this but did not dare voice it out loud. Every action of the man was a red flag. Without waiting any longer, she requested to be excused and brought along her witches as they went on their way.

Epsilon just shook his head and commented.

“They thought they might be stronger than me and believed they had enough power to take me out. So that they could get my funds and resources.”

“If not for my power and my behavior towards them, they would have killed me without a moment’s hesitation and taken everything.”

“Humans are really interesting creatures, I have to say.”

Epsilon commented and finished his second cup of tea. He then returned to his office room for testing the new spells. He wanted to create a basic device that needed electrical energy to work. He first wanted to test the Solar Panel. The Star Panel would remain hidden until the time he had enough power to protect himself, or a dire need surfaced.

While testing the panel had taken half of his mind space, the other half was working at full speed thinking about creating a spell where he could use teleportation even while facing a Dimensional Lock. Without bypassing the Dimensional Lock spell, teleportation was not going to work out as a reliable escape plan for him in the long term.

One Hour Later…

Epsilon created a light-bulb using magical energy. Even his early stages of magical level allowed him to create some basic items without needing to use knowledge or fantasia.

Just pure imagination and magical power were enough for him to create or replicate things from Earth. But as his magical level became more powerful and his control improved over time, he was now capable of creating more complex things using only magical energy and imagination.

After he created the light-bulb, he activated the Solar Panel and put the panel on the roof of his wooden house. The mark of INS Energy Transportation was already cast on the light-bulb, so the transfer of energy would be instant if all goes well.

After the Solar Panel was activated, the spell on the panel started working and generated a high amount of energy. Within a second, the light-bulb lit up.

The INS Energy Transportation spell has limitations built into it so that the machine or the item that needed power would not be overcharged and explode. If not for the energy limiter, within a second, the light-bulb would have exploded already.

In one day, the Solar Panel generated one city-level energy, which meant that one Solar Panel was enough to generate a day of electricity big enough for a metro city in a first world country on Earth.

Epsilon smiled with satisfaction.

The next day Epsilon inspected the battery filled with one city-level energy and thought to himself.

“I have to find a way to sell this energy.”

With a vague plan of what he wanted to do next, he whispered.

“Void Dealer.”

With his call, the usual man stepped out from the portal. Epsilon signaled him to sit on the bench in front of himself and asked.

“I would like to inquire about selling energy.”

The Void Dealer smiled after hearing Epsilon and answered.

“Of course, we Void Market deal in selling and buying electricity. Do you have some kind of item that is filled with energy that you are talking about?”

Epsilon nodded and shook his hand. A black battery manifested. The battery was not big, it was the same size as a human palm at most but it was filled with one city-level energy.

He gave the battery to Void Dealer and the latter started inspecting it. Not even 10 seconds had passed when he started speaking.

“This is some kind of an energy container. I am not aware of its design. It must be an item that you created. It holds about one city-level energy. I presume you are already aware of the energy levels classification.”

Epsilon nodded but did not say anything.

The Void Dealer continued and listed out the price.

“The Void Market right now buys one city-level energy at the price of 10,000 Ether Stones.”

Epsilon was shocked on hearing this. The Void Dealer understood his confusion at once and explained.

“You might be surprised to hear why a mere one city-level energy was worth 10,000 Ether Stones. You must not forget that many civilizations and organizations do not have ways to produce energy and sometimes need it to activate spells. Also, energy is not a very simple commodity. It can be used to turn into magical energy, electrical energy and many types of things. One city-level energy means one day of energy consumption of a modern city. With one city-level energy, a civilization with machines could power up more than 100 war machines for more than 100 days. Considering all this, you can understand why energy is worth a lot.”

Epsilon nodded and completed the transaction. Of course, he transferred the energy in the battery to Void Dealer’s gadget. He was not foolish to let go of the golden goose and directly hand over the battery itself.

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