Chapter – 114 – Energy Producer Card

At the end of their discussion, Epsilon had sold one city-level energy to Void Dealer, smoothly pocketing 10,000 Ether Stones. The Void Dealer also handed him a Blue Card that was used by the Void Market for signifying transactions related to energy production and sales or any other trade that dealt in this area.

With this card in hand, Epsilon could sell the energy he produced quickly, without needing to call on the Void Dealer. Right now, Epsilon had about 510,000 Ether Stones. This was a sizeable portion.

It would not be wrong to estimate that Blue Tear City had around 10-20 million Ether Stones and these came from fundamental sources such as food, water and selling of land to the buyers. They were not capable of producing improved goods to generate more revenue, and hence, they too had to contact Void Market and the dealers.

By now, Epsilon had one Blue Card and one Black Card from the Void Market. The Black Card was a significant card of the market that let him hold his Ether Stones, inspect the Void Market and trade with other Black Card holders as well as put items on sale directly at the Void Market instead of selling to the Void Dealer.

The Blue Card was the energy-producer card that was created for people and organizations that produced energy in any form. The produced energy could be sold using Blue Card providing ease to the right buyers. Its function was simple — Epsilon only needed to transfer the energy he had on the Blue Card, and the number that signified the energy in the card would show up like funds that he had access to.

After that, he was capable of selling the energy on the card or buying if he wanted to. As ‘energy’ was different from buying other items, the Void Market had created a dedicated card for it.

Epsilon’s day had come to a close as night fell. At this time, he was outside, eating dinner that he prepared for himself. The air was fresh with a hint of earthy smell of rain. But not even 10 minutes had passed, and this had already turned into a heavy downpour with sounds of raindrops filling the sky and ears of people who had yet to give in to the slumber of the night.

It should have had a calming effect on people, but it carried a restlessness with it.

Epsilon took a deep breath adjusting his mood when smiled seeing a notification.

The Solar Panel was filled with another one city-level energy. Without thinking much, he bought another 49 sheets of perfect steel and perfect aluminium from the Void Market in exchange for about 49,000 Ether Stones. He got busy almost instantly after this. He used magical energy to create more Solar Panels.

In the next two hours, he had 50 Solar Panels on his roof, stashed away as wood and stone.

This time, he did not need to create and build each Solar Panel manually. As he already created the prototype, which was successful, the only thing he needed to do was to spend magical energy on the enchantment spells and then some more energy for automatically duplicating and building more panels.

Once he finished setting these things up, he entered the house and slept dreamlessly until the morning.


Epsilon exclaimed in an energetic mood. Right now, this could be considered as leisure time for him. He was having fun but there were also some ideas turning around in his mind. In fact, it was one of these ideas that had drawn out the cheer from the mage.

After taking a shower and a light breakfast, he was enjoying his tea while also checking out the Void Market.

“There are even spaceships that are capable of travelling between stars sold in this place.”

Epsilon did not have time until now to explore the Void Market deeply. The more he saw the more he realized there was no end to the products that the market dealt in. There was almost everything in the Void Market that people could think of buying or selling.

“Spaceships, guns, energy, magic spells, slaves, planets, moons, stars and even whole galaxies — this is quite a different level of a departmental store.”

For Epsilon, who initially did not think there was much he could buy or sell in this place, this was an unexpected discovery. As he was thinking about this, he began mulling over the matter of upgrading his Portal Teleportation spell.

However, he had not even spent an hour wracking his brain when he understood that upgrading the spell was not the best idea. It would be better if he directly disbanded the spell and created a new type of teleportation spell using his experiences and understanding of magic.

With this in mind, he whispered and removed the Portal Teleportation from his status screen. Once it was a clean slate in this area again, Epsilon started carefully considering.

“First of all, the Dimensional Lock spell is capable of locking space and dimensions in a range, which causes me to not open portals.”

Epsilon thought this in his mind. The Dimensional Lock spells were basically spells that shielded dimensions and space from being cracked open by an individual or a machine. If Epsilon cannot crack dimensions and space, the portal could not be opened. A portal is, in the end, a dimensional and spatial entrance.

With a Dimensional Lock, opening these two was not possible unless the level of the enemy who cast the Dimensional Lock spell was much weaker than that of the teleportation user.

For example, even with the Dimensional Locks that the Black Cloud Manifestation of Fear or Master Duelist activated, had no impact on Ravia. The Void Hunter Rat was still capable of coming to Epsilon’s aide when he called him for help.

The Dimensional Lock of both the beings, despite their high magical levels, did not work on Ravia, because his level was higher than both of them. Even if Epsilon was capable of casting a Dimensional Lock, it would not work on Ravia, because of the power difference between them.

“If I want a teleportation ability that is not compromised by the Dimensional Lock or other anti-teleportation spells, I need to use a different kind of approach and knowledge to perform teleportation, a knowledge of something other than dimensions and space itself.”

Epsilon said this to himself.

This though was the classic example of easier said than done. Epsilon was lost in his musing when yet another day had come to an end. Gazing at the speedily darkening skies, Epsilon knew that while he did have some plans, he still was not sure about what to do for the time being. So, he decided to sleep before he planned on what he would do the next morning.

The sun had already lit up the dark forest when Epsilon woke up and directly hit the shower. Once he was set to take a call on his next steps, he noticed that the number on the Blue Card changed to 50 city-level energy. This meant he had about 500,000 Ether Stones worth of energy already.

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