chapter – 115 – Quantum Teleportation

Epsilon went on a trading spree in the Void Market. He sold all the energy he produced within a day and his total Ether Stones now amounted to 1-M, which stood for 1 Million Ether Stones.

This 1-M Ether Stones was sufficient for him to make purchases and he began looking for things he needed for his new plans, especially in context to augmenting his teleportation ability that he had found compromised in two of his recent battles, leading to life-threatening situations.

After rummaging through the Market for nearly two hours, he bought himself three documents. He then leisurely settled outside with a cup of tea and carefully began studying the first document. This document, titled ‘Dimension Prison’, detailed a prison that was created by using dimensions and the understanding of how dimensions worked combined with technology and magic to keep dangerous prisoners in check.

This document alone cost Epsilon 100,000 Ether Stones.

‘Dimension Prison and Zero Value Pocket Dimension’

‘Dimension Prison was a place created by using dimensional magic and dimensional science. The basic principle of the prison was putting the prisoners in a pocket dimension that was created by using magic or science gadget.’

‘The dimension prison could not be broken by any normal means or ordinary anti-dimensional and space spells such as ‘Dimensional Lock’ or ‘Space Eaters’.’

‘The pocket space was created using a type of dimension called the ‘Zero-Value Dimension’, which represented a space that had nothing. It was pure void but not the same as ‘Void’. Even Void was created by dark matter and emptiness but the pocked dimension used Dimensional Prison, where the existence of void and blankness was not yet added or created in this pocket dimension. This was so that within it, nothing could exist.’

‘Due to the above conditions, the prisoners put inside a Zero-Value Pocket Dimension, could not use their power, as their abilities were not recognized or simply did not exist in the Zero-Value Pocket Dimension. This was the same reason why a Dimensional Lock could neither lock a ‘Zero-Value Packet Dimension’ nor break it. To begin with, the dimension itself had nothing tangible that could be broken or any darkness that could be resolved by the injection of light.’

“Because of the non-existence of conceptual matters, the existence of prisoners inside the pocket dimension became like a Zero-Value Pocket Dimension. They transformed into wisps of souls and fragments of thinking machines that were not capable of doing anything other than merely existing.’

‘Only the one who created the Zero-Value Pocket Dimension had complete control over the dimension. Once the dimension creator died, the Zero-Value Pocket Dimension would be in a dormant state. A scientist or a mage with extensive knowledge of Dimensional Law could open the dimension but still could not control it.’

After Epsilon completed the document, he understood a simple fact.

“Creating an ability that did not utilize dimensions and space for teleportation ability may seem hard at first but in reality, it just meant that I needed to create something that used zero value or was of constantly changing energy so that it could not be locked or stopped.”

Epsilon let out a deep breath and smiled as he thought about the various possible solutions in front of him.

The teleportation itself was a spatial relocation, meaning that space was always there. The thing Epsilon needed to change was to no use space or dimensions to teleport.

“If they cannot stop me from teleporting, it was irrelevant whether I was travelling between spaces or dimensions.”

For the time being, Epsilon did not read the other documents and started writing after consideration.

‘In theoretical physics, QFT (quantum field theory) was a theoretical framework that combined classical field theory, special relativity and quantum mechanics. QFT was used in particle physics to construct physical models of subatomic particles and in condensed matter physics to construct models of quasiparticles.’

‘QFT treated particles as excited states (also called quanta) of their underlying quantum fields, which were more fundamental than the particles. Interactions between particles were described by interaction terms in the Lagrangian involving their corresponding quantum fields. Each interaction could be visually represented by Feynman diagrams according to perturbation theory in quantum mechanics.’

‘This theory was the result of the combination of classical field theory, quantum mechanics, and special relativity. The earliest successful classical field theory was one that emerged from Newton’s law of universal gravitation, despite the complete absence of the concept of fields from his 1687 treatise Philosophiæ Naturalis Principia Mathematica.’

‘The force of gravity was described by Newton as an ‘action at a distance’ — its effects on faraway objects were instantaneous, no matter the distance. In an exchange of letters with Richard Bentley, however, Newton stated that ‘it is inconceivable that inanimate brute matter should, without the mediation of something else which is not material, operate upon and affect other matter without mutual contact’.’

‘It was not until the 18th century that mathematical physicists discovered a convenient description of gravity based on fields — a numerical quantity (a vector) assigned to every point in space indicating the action of gravity on any particle at that point. However, this was considered merely a mathematical trick.’

After Epsilon finished writing about QFT, he had one particular idea, which in the past he thought was not possible owing to his lack of power.

Quantum Teleportation was the way to go, he thought.

The reason why he wrote about the quantum field was due to teleportation itself, as this was another name for this ability. The spell he was looking to create now was Molecular Transportation or Teleportation.

The basic idea here was to rip himself into particles the size of sub-atomic and atomic levels and enter the quantum field. From there, he would construct himself again at the target location. No space or dimensional spell or ability was used in this matter.

Quantum field was not a space or dimensional place; it was a place where the smallest objects and atoms moved in. If perfected, the teleportation would be faster than portal teleportation and would be instant in effect.

The more he thought about it, the more Epsilon felt the excitement rise in his bones. He opened his eyes to take a deep breath and started working as he entered his office in his home.

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