Chapter 70 – End Game

The blood accumulated between the stairs of the arena, and the high wall separating the square where the fights were held, was bubbling. Strange things were happening in the pool of blood, and soon, unlike the falling rain, droplets of blood began to rise.

“You said my lousy weapons couldn’t get past your shield, didn’t you?”

When Nafız raised her hands in the air, the drops of blood rising from the pool were waiting in the form of a great dome above Astute. The sunlight, blocked by the clouds, was completely wiped out from around the lord.

As the droplets slowly changed shape, bloody tears began to flow from Nafız’s eyes. The lord was horrified by the sight of the orc in front of him and the numerous blood arrows appearing above him.

“You, an orc! How can you manipulate blood like that?”

When Astute found the answer to his question, his expression changed dramatically, but it was too late. At the command of Nafız, who lowered her hands, the downpour would rain on the lord for six breaths.

As the arrows struck the spirits on the shield, a thin groan mingled in the air, as if the remnants of the victims were at peace. Across the majestic view, those present in the arena had no words to say; they were watching what was going on.

“Niko, come downstairs. Your revenge awaits you!”

Nafız called upon the head of the Partheni family to keep his promise. The representative of his wife’s death and his daughter’s suffering lay motionless on the ground.

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Soon, Niko, Fernandez, and his son Marcos came upon Astute, with a blood arrow stabbed in every muscle. As the arrow in his throat kept tearing apart his vocal cords before reaching his windpipe, Astute could not speak, only looking at the people in his head with pleading eyes.

“Take the dagger and kill your enemy!”

The gray-haired man stood motionless as Nafız handed him one of the coal-black daggers. He thought of the last time he had seen his wife and her words of revenge. The same thoughts were gnawing at Fernandez’s brain.

Since both men saw Maria’s words as an inheritance, they couldn’t get their hands on weapons, even if they wanted to. The situation bothered Nafız very much; just as she was about to close her palm and make her move, a hand was thrown, and he thrust the dagger into the City Lord’s forehead.

“I have no promises to anyone!”

Marcos pulled the plug. Unlike the men in front of him, he calmly finished the job without a second’s hesitation. Whether it’s the excitement of youth or saying that Maria doesn’t mean much to him, don’t make the mistake of not appreciating this determination.

“Very good, there is no doubt in my mind about you anymore!”

Nafız looked at the young man’s face at the moment of killing and was delighted with the expression she saw.

“All of you will continue to act according to the orders given; now everybody out!”

After Alyon settled things in the arena, he led the soldiers to subjugate the rest of the city altogether. Even if the key points were kept, there was a danger that the people would become angry when they learned what was going on.

After the last person to leave, Nafız started to stagger a little. As she strolled towards the pool of blood, she spoke without looking at her friend.

“Due to the memory of my master, I cannot benefit from these people, but that does not mean that you cannot benefit either. I’m sure their hearts are rotten, but they can be useful for your growth.”

She didn’t want her friend to miss such a good opportunity because of her whims, and Nafız encouraged her before falling into the still-warm blood.

After that, it was the part that required the intense efforts of the three noble families. Using their influence, they were compelled to put the events under a good cover. The Black Harbor League members, who were caught in a pinch, became public confessions, and Niko even revealed the case of his daughter and wife to soften hearts.

Whatever was done, the people would not forget the massacre and pass it on from generation to generation. It was here that the foundation of the blood god Nafız’s notoriety was laid. Although Alyon gave the order, the public had only heard of her name.

The gates of the city were closed. Only soldiers from Nikonia and Alyon’s orc warriors could enter. The situation would soon upset Parthenia’s balance, and immediately, life had to return to its ordinary course.

Servants of noble families decorated the city with flyers. The notice said that in three days, the new City Lord would be announced. A festival would be held to get rid of their accumulated troubles, and the ports and customs gates would start working again.

The news was greeted with joy. The gloomy mood abruptly dissipated as arguments raged around every corner over who the new lord would be. Although humans always carried and hid their pain inside, they were only more skilled than a fish at remembering them.

Alyon did not feel the need to change his address of residence. Only now did he stay in the school’s above-ground buildings, along with the other gladiators. Today he gathered them all in one place. He had questions to ask them.

“Thank you all for taking my word and surviving. Now, I will make you an offer!”

The warriors gathered in a great hall, their eyes on the majestic orc that spoke.

“I give you the chance to be part of an army that will rule all the Orc Steppes!”

The atmosphere started to boil at that moment. The voices of the people, who were arguing among themselves in whispers, combined to form a great noise.

“Shut up!”

Alyon couldn’t help but shout in a loud voice.

“From now on, you are free people. Those who do not accept my offer can leave here whenever they want!”

The news caused great outrage. The gladiators, who thought that their owners had changed, could not believe what they were hearing. Alyon was about to announce his final decision in the face of the picture of happiness he saw.

“Arena wars will continue. You will be able to fight for schools again. The doors of this place are also open to those who want to participate in the competitions alone! As you fight in the place you see as sacred, you will no longer be slaves but glorious warriors!”

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The crowd agitated; they hugged each other and began to celebrate the great news. The drink became water, and roses bloomed on the faces of those who would miscarry pregnant women with their harsh temperaments.

“What are you going to do, trainer?”

“You told me with your mouth, what am I going to do!”

Alyon walked to Morrison’s side after he had finished speaking. He was the only one of them all to be interested.

“We are almost done here, and we will soon subdue the Orc Tribe as well. Trainers will be needed to train our warriors!”

Morrison was laughing. The orc he had thrown into the dungeon the day he arrived was making him a job offer.

“I am not a member of the tribe. If you accept it, I exist!”

Although submissive, this man was a maverick in himself.

‘I accept the condition. After some time, I’m sure you’ll change your mind too!”

The training of warriors was a critical issue for the tribe. Alyon, who handed over the job to his master, went upstairs, rubbing his hands.

At the other end of the city, in the Partheni mansion, there were smiling faces. Eftelya, who started walking by herself, opened the door and entered the meeting room slowly.


Honor is an unstable phenomenon that changes according to the environment in which people live. Therefore, it is difficult to determine who is honest and who is dishonest.

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