Chapter 75 – Power Animal

The wind hitting his face slapped him, and lightning flashed in his mind. How could his mother want to go when he was in this situation?

She waited until the morning when Nafız’s white rabbit, whom she owned years ago, fell ill. How can someone who can’t stand the sleeplessness of their baby turn away from him while standing on the brink of death?

“You are not my family!”

Time slowed as the words left his mouth, and the images before his eyes dispersed like shards of glass. Realizing that he would not meet his family again, Nafız’s remaining enthusiasm was revealed. He was deeply saddened that he couldn’t be together in death; maybe he couldn’t even admit this fact to himself.

Until this day, he had always looked at his perspective of thoughts and feelings. If Nafız’s mother was asked, would she have taken Nafız with her even though she knew they would have an accident?

His excuse to avoid experiencing his great grief was gone, and he began to cry so hard that his lungs were coming out of his mouth. Even though a voice inside him said stop, he collapsed to the ground, trembling and was having a nervous breakdown.

After a while, the familiar metallic sound began to ring in Nafız’s mind.

“The Subconscious Demons test, it’s over.”

The dungeon used one’s most intimate secrets, which the person sent deep into the subconscious to remember. One could only take with him the experience in which he was successful. How many failures Nafız had to face to achieve the result was a complete mystery.

When she awoke, she found Alyon watching the column on which she was sitting, pitying his eyes evident.

“What are you looking at, big head?”

The burly orc didn’t answer. Stood up and jumped off the platform. It was time to go. When Nafız wanted to join her friend, she would fall to the ground again without confirmation. She was ten times more tired than her battle with Astute.

“Nafız, get some rest. I don’t know how long we’ve been here!”

Prize dungeons were mysterious places. The laws of time-space were utterly different from the outside world.

“How long has it been since you woke up?”

“I couldn’t calculate at all; I can’t say anything clearly when I’m in this secure place.

It was as if everything had happened in a matter of hours, but the time spent in the outside world was beyond their estimation. Why was the burden on their bodies, even though what happened was only in the brain?

“Watch me, Nafız! We won’t have to run anymore!”

A large bear tattoo stood out as Alyon showed the inside of his right arm. Shortly after he closed his eyes, the tattooed animal appeared next to him out of nowhere.

The bear, twice as tall as the great orc, stirred up the dust with its roar while Alyon twitched proudly with a big smile on his face.

“How, mate? Does my power animal match my majesty?

Jumping on the back of the animal that landed on all fours, the orc chief called out to his friend, who was watching her from above. A big surprise awaited Nafız, who immediately looked at her right arm.

A little rabbit was sitting, smiling at her. The female orc couldn’t believe her eyes, rubbed a few more times and looked again. No way, the little bunny was standing in the same spot, watching her.

“Is this my power animal? Let me draw a playboy bunny on my waist. It is not clear whether we are the God of Blood or the cover of March?”

As they lamented, she slowly gathered her strength. Meanwhile, her friend had another thought.

“Hey! I’m interested in what your power animal is like, show me!

After jumping from the platform with an agile movement, landing on the back of the big bear, the female orc said, “Everything is like that, it’s not shown everywhere, and we’re going!”

Although it was difficult, they could complete the second reward dungeon without dying, but it was as if the difficulty was only for Nafız. Alyon had to contend with the demons of his former master’s self. His experiences were completely different from that of his friend. He had killed four bear kings in four different climates, one after the other, and finally brought the spirit animal beneath him to heel.

As Alyon understood, his master’s greatest desire was with these animals. When he closed the account, he felt that he had absorbed some more of the power of the self he had inherited.

The ascent was shorter as they climbed the stairs quickly, thanks to the giant bear. The two had the opportunity to talk about the power animals they had acquired during the journey. Alyon’s view was that animals represented their inner selves. The idea bothered Nafız, but without experiencing it, she had nothing to say.

As they approached the floor, reaching the room they had sealed thanks to the self-opening door, the duo was eager to see the friends they had left behind.

When they came into the castle from the cellars, they heard a great noise in the city. There was no one in sight, but just as they wanted to look out the window, a voice caught their ears.

“Chief Alyon, what a pleasure to see you!”

The caller was City Lord Marcos. The disheveled young man gave off a different air than before, as if he had suddenly aged ten years.

“What are these sounds? Is there a festival in the city?”

“Oh, Commander Nafız, I wish it was as you say. It had not been more than a month and a half since your departure when we faced a siege from both land and sea!”

The two were in a state of shock; the timing could only be that bad. They immediately met with Marcos to find out the details. It seems that when the Main Orc Tribe lost their only contact with the sea, they could not stand still any longer.

Evaluating the Black Lily Clan’s desire for revenge, the two forces attacked Parthenia simultaneously. Knowing that the weak military strength of the Orc Tribe in the region did not allow this, Alyon was shocked when he asked the commander of the army that made the black siege.

“The Orc Tribe chief in the Glacial Region, the White Bear, sent his son Hammer Tooth here with his army of fifty thousand men!”

Hearing the name White Bear, Alyon’s gaze settled, his eyes turned to the horizon. The place occupied by the person as mentioned above in the life of his master was quite large. Nafız spoke in panic as the orc chief was in a melancholy mood.

“What is the status of the Orc Tribe and Nikonia in the Arid Zone, Marcos?”

“Both of them are in a much better situation than us. The orc army was able to intimidate Nikonia by just passing by; not even an arrow was shot at the city walls!”

Nafız had predicted this. As long as Godfrey remained City Lord, those who could not afford to fight his father could not bother him.

“The orc tribe said they would leave the area they were in and move to a secret place, thanks to the news of the attack in advance. This move gave us time to prepare. I guess our enemies did not expect that we would have such intelligence!”

The spy Nafız had placed in the Main Orc Tribe had come in handy. As soon as Butcher Haydo’s tribe got the news, they would seal the mines and flee to the Holy Land. The armies of the Main Tribe were initially overjoyed that they had taken the mines without a fight; when they saw that those who had entered failed to get out, they realized that something was wrong.

The bookworm had not been idle in this short time. He would prepare one of Mora’s recipes and put it in the mines while ordering the dispatch to the tribe. The poisonous gas could not be seen or smelled, but there was only one result when twenty breaths remained in it. Death

“Well done, my pasha, he has taken the minds of the fools! Well, what’s up with you, Lord of the rings?”

Marcos stared blankly into the female orc’s face for a while after hearing that. He didn’t understand a word of what was said.

“After the joint work of your apprentice and the city council, we have perfected our defense systems. For one hundred and thirty days, the enemy fleet has not been able to approach our ports, which is our weakest point.

It’s not that they haven’t made a few landing attempts, but the orc army and your captains are truly incredible warriors. The person with the bow on his back even told us to give him a ship so that he wanted to kill all the enemies in the sea!”


The starting point of all success; is desire.

Napoleon Hill

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