Chapter 76 – Noisy Orc

The siege had lasted too long. The Hammer Tooth was attacking the city with all his forces. Orcs and war machines were not stopping the attack day and night, but they had a problem.

The archer, protected by a giant shield, could kill the orcs in the command post whenever the troops attacked. Some of the arrows he fired pierced shields and even armor, and there seemed to be no end to them.

When Sangre saw nothing to do in the harbor, he took the Brutal Wall and went up to the walls. With a bow as long as a grown man, he was killing enemy troops. When the Bookworm used armor-piercing arrows specially made, the siege troops took their steps back.

“Marcos, how are the people doing? I can’t see anyone on the streets!”

Alyon was chatting with the City Lord as he walked out of the castle and towards the walls.

“When we heard about the attack one month ago, we found a solution to that issue. Shortly before the start of the war, the people were locked in underground bunkers, awaiting their resurgence under strict control!”

“I saw the gem in you in that marketplace. By pretending to save their lives, you got ahead of the agents who would want to raise a riot in this challenging situation, right?

A smug smile fell on the young Lord’s face, and indeed he had to give a very pompous speech to get the people into the bunker.

“We have one more year of supplies in stock. As long as the soldiers from Nikonia ensure their safety, I think we will not have a problem with that!”

Nafız stretched proudly as Alyon turned towards her.

“I can understand what the man has from his eyes. I did photocopying in front of the courthouse. How many models were entering the shop per day? If I tell you, your mind will stop!”

Once she finished her words, it would be one thing to find two surprised men in front of her. I’m immersed again, he thought, and without dwelling too much on it, he began to walk briskly towards the wall.

“Among all the confusion, I forgot to ask you, where is my son?”

Nafız, who was away from the two, stopped suddenly, witnessing a historical moment. Alyon said for the first time, “My son” for Bookworm.

“Chief Alyon, your son said, ‘he’s set things right here, and he’s going to the Arid Zone to reorganize the orc tribe.’ I urged him to stay, but he took a war machine and left the city, ignoring the danger of the journey!”

Although she was alarmed by what she heard, Alyon was very happy inside, her son may have been weak physically, but he had a heart like a lion.

Overhearing the conversations, Nafız pulled out a blood-red mechanical swallow from the storage ring. After recording her message to her disciple that they were returning and the latest state of the war, she spread both hands and threw them into the air.

“Commander Nafız, we are surrounded; our enemies may get the message!”

Before the young Lord had finished speaking, the swallow had already taken off, and when it vanished before his eyes after a breath or two, he would be the only one who was surprised by this.

“Boy, are you starting to see us with one eye?

Marcos was very embarrassed. Could the person who made the plan to take the city make such a simple mistake?

After walking for a while, the group finally came to the stairs leading up to the walls. As Nafız and Alyon began to ascend, a hand landed on the shoulder of the City Lord who wanted to follow.

“Sorry, it’s too dangerous up there. I can’t let that happen!”

The owner of the words was Kübey, the leader of the protection team. With his head down, Marcos had to heed the warning. The female orc was no joke. Beneath her gentle speech was a monster who would do any psychopathy if necessary.

It was the first time the Lord had witnessed this behavior during the interrogation of someone who wanted to assassinate him. Kübey, who was peeling the man’s skin who insisted on not speaking, was constantly saying, “Give me a name!” in the face of the screams that would make an average person lose his mind.

Seeing the fear in young Marcos’ eyes, Nafız smiled vaguely; the bodyguard leader was solid. It was like a dagger in his throat while she was protecting him. The moment he thought of betrayal would be when he took his last breaths.

“Don’t you have any manliness? How long will you embarrass yourself by hiding behind stone walls?”

In front of the enormous tent that looked like the main headquarters of the siege army, there was an orc screaming at its top. He was dressed entirely in metallic gray armor; only his eyes and mouth were open. Even so, it still managed to make enough noise to make the battlefield groan.

“Sangre, what is the situation? I want a report on the enemy’s movements!”

“Isn’t there a man among you, man? I will make you all wear skirts!”

Just as the blood warrior was about to speak, the horn-sounding orc shouted again. Nafız first looked at him and then turned to listen to Sangre.

“Sir, the enemy soldiers are well-trained and disciplined. They panicked when I killed a few of their commanders with my arrows, but they soon recovered when that trumpeting orc started shouting. They are confident in their supply, and they haven’t had any food shortages even after a long time!”

“Okay, you still…”

Before Nafız could finish her sentence, the battlefield was again enslaved by the one orc’s voice.

“The mighty warrior of the “Orc Steppes, White Bear’s son, Hammer Tooth is here.” Is there a brave man who will meet me?”

”Drop dead!”

The Blood God’s patience ran out, and she took the composite bow she was carrying on her back at lightning speed and sent the blood arrow to the noisy orc. The range was close to twice the capacity of an average archer. As the lightning bolt hit the helmet, the owner of the voice flew into the tent.

“The wonder is not dead. Since the distance was too far, the power of the shot decreased, but I still expected it to penetrate the armor!”

Nafız felt that the arrow that hit her opponent did not take his life; she had great control over the weapons she made from the blood reserve on her wrists.

“It is impossible even for you to pierce that armor from this distance!”

Alyon spoke for the first time since they had ascended to the walls, and when he saw Nafız’s edgy look, he continued.

“My master’s father had the armor custom-made for his best friend. I think it will suffice to say that this is a work of Johan!”

The Blood God, who had calmed down after the name her friend had said, grinned mischievously. The works of two of the world’s top three craftsmen were performing in ramshackle lands. What did Alyon’s father give to get a tool from the best blacksmith in the Machinery Empire?

“Did you just tell me that the screaming orc is your father’s best friend?”

The big orc started to laugh after Nafız’s words.

“I guess much worse, the man who taught me to fight had a son like that?”


There are three signs of generosity: being a man of your word, not boasting unnecessarily, and forgiving without question.

Immanuel Kant

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