Chapter 2: ambush

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I Shall Break The Heavens With My Fist.

Chapter 2: Ambush

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While rushing through the forest Di renji came to a stop he could feel there was something off about the environment, after a few second he could tell what the problem was, it was the silence, earlier when he was practicing his fist techniques he could still hear the insects chirping but now there was nothing but mind boggling silence, he came came to an abrupt stop.

He shouted come out! While observing the area.

How long are you going to keep hiding he said, still wasn’t sure if his instincts were right, no! He knew he was right.

Truly a talent if you could discover me this early, an aged raspy voice sounded from nearby. He couldn’t find who was talking but that didn’t stop him from putting up his guard.

Immediately after the voice, he could hear someone approaching from behind, turning back he saw saw an old man standing a few metres away from him.

Di renji, young master of the Di clan, a rear talent with a cultivation of 5th level of the body establishment level it’s a pity, the heavens are jealous of a talent like you and am afraid you would have to die here today the old man said lazily, of course killing an ant would be easy for a giant, with a cultivation of a spirit sea, killing Di renji would be as easy as farting for the old man.

Di renji couldn’t think of anyway he had offended the old man, though he could guess some things but that wasn’t important right now he had to find a way to survive.

He could feel the old man cold aura though not completely released he was sure the old man could kill him ten times over.

Old man it seems you know of my background, so you should know if anything should happen to me, the Di clan will not let you off!

Di renji couldn’t think of any other way than to try scaring the old man off with his background hoping he would back down, because he was he wouldn’t be able to stand his ground against the old man if he should act.

The old man was stunned at first not knowing what to say for a short while before roaring out in laughter, how funny you are for trying to scare this old man with your background, haven’t you heard? Dead men tell no tales! Too much talk time to meet your death.

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