Chapter 14

“Uh… yeah…. Maybe? I don’t know…. Bye.” I stuttered.

Elis laughs while following me walking away leaving the girl alone in front of the mini market door.

“Why are you suddenly getting so nervous huh?” This little girl holds her hands behind her back, looking at me floating in the air with a teasing face.

“I’m always like that whenever I meet new people!”

“And suddenly you become bad at lying.” Elis laughed even louder.

“Shut up…”

“She’s cute isn’t she? Your type of girl? Oops… She’s coming! She’s coming!”

“Wait… You can see what’s behind me? Hey! You have your own eyes?!” But even after I said that, she still disappeared from my imagination. Leaving this guy walking alone, while someone was running right behind me.

“Daniel! Wait!” That “Someone” grabbed my hand, trying to stop the movement of these footsteps. But because I couldn’t hold back my strength, instead she was pulled forward, almost falling… Her face showed a surprised look that was suspicious about something.


“Ah… Yeah… It’s fine…”

Suddenly we both fell silent, like we don’t even know what we are waiting for…

“Oh my God! This girl pisses me off so much! She’s so embarrassing! I want to slap her real bad… Oi Daniel? Just do something bad to her face! I give you my permission!” Elis was screaming in my mind.

“Do something bad?!” I asked her back.

“Ah… Yes… About that, I actually don’t remember who you are. Have we met before?”

“What? No… You didn’t forget. We’ve just never actually met… But I’ve been looking for you for a long time and this is the last day they gave me to find you.”

“Who’s they?” I suddenly became curious… On the wrong topic.

“Oh. Sorry… I haven’t introduced myself. My name is Evelina, I work as one of the Sins takers… Daniel, come with me. This world is not safe for you.” She stretched out her hand.

This world is not safe for me? The only thing that is dangerous to me is myself! It’s based on my own experience! What else can the world do other than persuade me not to hurt myself?! Oops… Sorry. I got carried away…

Seeing this behavior of her, I said in my heart. “This girl is a little weird… She looks a bit just like you, Elis…”

“Firstly, I’m not that weird. Secondly, I’m actually surprised that both of our natures are quite different from each other. And lastly, you are completely insensitive about who she really is.”

“Who’s she? Evelina isn’t it? My niece?”

“I’m not talking about her name, you idiot! It’s more about who is… She’s not your niece, either! I don’t actually know what word to use in this situation, but… You know? Why don’t you just take a guess? Or are you really that stupid?” Elis is mad at me.

But then this sluggish brain of mine got electrocuted and realized what she was actually talking about. I held my cheeks in surprise of who I had just met in front of my eyes right now…

“So you are that another Elis!?” I whispered while pointing at this girl named Evelina.

“What? Who’s Elis?”

“But there’s something strange about her…” Elis is muttering inside my head.

“What is that?”

“She really is the other me from this world, but she not only has the aura of the God, The ruler of Forgiveness… I actually felt that there were three different gods inside her.”

“What the f***? This girl was possessed by three divine souls at once? How is that even possible?”

“You’re too used to this word logic, that You should have realized that nothing else is impossible to happen in this new world of yours.”

“So what now?” I asked.

“Try asking her how Dionysius is doing right now.”

So then I ask Evelina the same question, but…

“Who’s Dionysius?”

Elis was silent hearing the girl’s answer.

“There’s no way she doesn’t know him! She and Dionysius have the same authority of Forgiveness! Even now I really can see Dion’s soul right in front of her nose! What’s wrong with this girl?! How dare she say that she doesn’t know who Dionysius is?!”

“Elis… Calm down…”

“try asking her about Austin and Polaris.”


“Ask her!”

“I… Really don’t know who these people are. Look… We really have never met before… I’m sure of it. Or maybe you mean the Sins Taker members? Don’t worry… We can look for them later. But now, you must come with me. It’s really not safe to talk here.”

“F*** this girl!” Elis shouted with anger. Luckily she won’t be able to be heard by anyone but myself. Evelina then backed away, intending to wait for me to follow her from behind. But I don’t want to move at all. I’m a little disturbed by what Elis is feeling right now and I won’t leave it like this without doing anything.

so I asked her again with a serious expression.

“You really don’t know any of those people? You’re not joking, are you?”


“Try asking the gods who are possessing you. Any of them… Talk to them and ask about that name. This is very important for me.”

“What? How to?”

Did you hear her, Elis?

“You… You never talk to any of the Gods inside you?” I asked Evelina to make sure.

“I did hear about the story of this deity from our main leader. He said the power that I have right now, belongs to the long dead gods. But I never know what their names were… I also never spoke to them. Even The main leader didn’t even mention it in the slightest. So… Can we go now? You can ask everyone about that later. The point is, it’s very dangerous to talk about that thing in public.” She then went to lead the way.


“It can’t be, right? There’s no way that I am the only goddess in this world who has their own consciousness remain after getting a vessel, while others don’t. Or am I? Am I really alone here?” I don’t know what to say about what Elis just said. So I just went to follow what was happening in the real world instead.

Evelina led us to a dead end with no one around. She looks at me for a while, then she gives me her hand. “Hold… I mean… Uhm… Or let me just touch a little bit of your shoulder.” She cancels the offer once in a lifetime for me to take. But I will most likely crush her bones, though. So I think it’s actually okay.

Right after she touched me, this head suddenly got dizzy from the change in atmosphere. She had just teleported us to another place. She can do teleportation!

“We’re in London. Sins taker’s main headquarters…” Evelina’s face smiled as if she was proud of her own teleportation ability.

“Wow… I’ve never even left Indonesia before.”

“Really? If you want, I can… Uh… Er… Nevermind.” Instead she suddenly fell silent, as she was walking a little further forward.

Then I remembered about this other Elis.

“We’ll ask the main leader that she’s been talking about all this time, okay? Just wait for it… But… Elis? May I ask about what gods are in her? What kind of powers does she have?”

While Evelina and I were walking in a cold, lonely building hallway, Elis finally spoke. “The ruler of forgiveness, space and water. She can heal, teleport in space, control any liquid and even change the temperature of the air around her. Meaning she can also control ice to harm her enemies. I think that’s all.”

“Thank you… I appreciate that.”

“This is the room.” Evelina stopped in front of a huge carved wooden door.

“Why don’t you just teleport both of us right inside it before?”

“Because he hates it when I show up suddenly and it always surprises him, like a… Nevermind… Let me open the door for you.” Without waiting for me to get ready, she swung the doorknob to reveal what was inside.

Just an empty white room, other than a simple table with two chairs facing each other. The shadows of those wooden objects are far enough to reach these feet of mine… Where the glare of the evening sun had covered someone with his all white suit, who was standing right in front of the window.

“He’s here… Sir.” Looks like this girl doesn’t really like the leader of her own organization by the tone she used.

“I see… You can go now.”

Evelina briefly glanced at me before quickly turning back to look ahead. Stayed there for a while, then walked out while still keeping her head down. The door closed, like it’s locking the air in this vast pale white room.

“So you are…” With his tall European body, blonde hair and a fifty year old face or around, he then looked this way… And he speaks a foreign language!


“Ah yes… I’ve assigned that girl to look for you for over a month, Daniel. Since it’s been too long and we still haven’t got any news from her, I’ve almost got someone else to do the task… Luckily she was able to complete her first task before it happened.”

“So why are you looking for me?”

“Oh yeah… I’m sorry. Now, let’s talk about that.” He moved towards one of the chairs, sat there while offering the same thing to me.

After I had my seat but with eyes always looking around, he started some explanations.

“Maybe you’ve realized that you’re not just an ordinary carrier… Even, you may have used that power before. The power to control something with an absolute rule… We call people like you as The Great carrier.”

“Wait… How did you know that I was a…”

“We have a great carrier who is a master of all knowledge… He knows a lot about the whole world that we have. Okay… So what I’m trying to say is… There are a few more people with special powers just like you and we are looking for them with two main purposes. Firstly, many terrorist organizations are also hunting for you in order to forcibly seize the power itself. So we want to protect as many great carriers as we can. And then secondly, For those who are capable and interested, we really hope that we can use their abilities to restore the world’s security conditions. But the problem is… We cannot force the great carrier of knowledge to provide any information regarding any other great carrier, because it would be very troublesome for him. Instead, we’re just asking when they got that power and what their respective names are. So that time when we found you, there was one thing that made us worried.”

He stopped talking, then his hand pulled out an android tablet from inside his all-white vest pocket. On that screen, I saw a collection of photos that were actually very familiar… Body parts and corpses lying around as if they had been killed by some kind of non-human being, with many paragraphs about who might be the culprit is… And my name is the only one on it.

“Did you do all of this?” He asked.

I glanced at the door for a while before answering his question. “Yes… I’m the killer.”

“Just by yourself? Alone?”

“Alone… But they tried to kill me first. I just want to protect my own life.”

He was silent for a moment, like just taking a deep breath. Then as if he was remembering something, he said. “Oh don’t get me wrong… This won’t change our decision to keep protecting you as a great carrier, but we can’t just let you go after seeing a case especially like this one. So… What about we will keep all of this as a secret. No one will know about what you have done to all those thugs… But in one condition.” He leaned forward as if he was offering some kind of illegal product.

“We are The Sins Taker, a defense organization created by the United Nations. Daniel… Please join us. Together with everyone, with that power of yours, we will prevent the world from destruction itself.”

“Ah. Yeah, sure… But there is something I really want to ask you about.”

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The man fell silent with an expression of astonishment at how I responded to his offer. “Wait… Maybe you get me wrong, but this is a matter of great importance concerning our own world. So we need a clear answer from you.”

“Well, no need to mince words but you’re actually just threatening us by keeping the murder case a secret as collateral. So you know that we really have no choice but to join you guys. But can we have a little question for you, oh the ruler of illusion? Or maybe you usually call yourself as a great carrier of illusion? Okay… Now Daniel, try to say everything exactly as I just said to this man. I want to see how his expression will turn out.” Elis tried to order me.

“What? Hell no… That’s rude, little girl…”

“Oh, sorry… I’m not used to a formal conversation, but yes I will accept your offer to join, for the cause of the world.” I prefer the kind words that I’ve just said to him.

“Thank you. I really appreciate that… So we have prepared everything, you just need to follow the official procedures in the registration stage. Now, what was it that you wanted to ask?” He leaned his back to the chair, smiling in relief while waiting for the question.

“Elis, who’s the name of that Illusion God, again?”

Then Elis whispered expectantly, to the point of making myself feel very worried about how the answer will be.

“Have you ever heard about the name Ignis before?”

“Ah… So you are looking for someone? We have a lot of data if the one with that name is really an important person.”

“I see…” All I knew at that time was… Elis who was speechless with a very sad feeling. So then I asked the man again. “One more question… Have you ever heard a voice inside your head? Did that god inside of you ever speak to you before?”

“What?! What do you mean by the god inside me? Only the great carriers have the soul of a god within them, but not normal humans like me. And how do you even know about all of this thing, anyway? Is it the girl who told you that stuff?” He said that as if he was angry, even though my eyes could see the nervousness he was hiding.

He kept his own status as a great carrier a secret… Strange…

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“No… No one has ever told me about any of it. But I know everything from the blurry memory that came right into my own head, the very moment when I got this power. That’s why I also remember names that I’ve never actually heard of before. The first time I saw you, my head suddenly mentioned Ignis’ name. So I thought that you are also a great carrier.”

This guy seems relieved to hear every word of my dupery.

“Unfortunately I’m not a great carrier even though I really hope so… That’s why I think I can’t help you with it.” A lie is returned with a lie.

“I see…”

“Please go and see the girl again… She will guide you to take care of your own registration and since both of you are great carriers from the same country, then you guys will always work in a team with several other Indonesian members.”

With a smile as friendly as I can, I nod before slowly walking out of the liar’s white room.


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