Chapter 15

“Young Master, I have what you requested,” Zao speaks to me in a dignified tone. He holds a box in his hands.

“Did my design go through?” I grab the box from his hands and begin to open it.

“The crafters said the design was complex, but simple trial and error was enough to figure it out. However, they asked about the need for such a unique design and material.”

Upon opening the box, a small pair of gloves rests within it. I take them out and feel them; the texture is rough like leather, but it is insolated rubber with black leather to make them comfortable.

“These gloves should help with my experimentation. Thank you, Zao, give my compliments to the crafters.”

“Very well, I am pleased they suit your needs.” Zao bows before vanishing into the shadows. 

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Once he leaves, I slip them on. They fit perfectly for my small hands and don’t get in the way of moving my fingers or hands.

It’s been a few nights already; the farewell party is only two days away, but I discovered an interesting fact about how my magic is cast through my body. Upon releasing a spell from any part of my body or hands, there is a vector that must travel through. And where the spell becomes strongest and is cast, my hands, for example, the impact of the magic causes the feedback upon release—dealing damage to my hands and arms if I exceed my limits. However, with these custom gloves, I can catch the electrical blowback and dispel the energy as the gloves resist it.

“Alright, let’s test these babies out.” With a quick shake of the hands, I take a deep breath.

The sparkling energy of the spell courses through my body and arms. The sound of crackling and sparks radiate from my hands, and putting my hands together only causes the sounds to expel a screeching sound of power. Drawing my fingers together, creating a large arrow of blue energy, I aim it at a tree in the distance and put most of my magic through the bolt.

“Voltaic Bolt!”

Vibrating through the air, the arrow pierces the tree instantly, causing it to shatter and splatter. The direct feedback hits my gloves. There’s a tingling sensation just on the outside of my skin, but it quickly vanishes without much effect.

With a smirk across my face, I clench my fist. I begin to speak, but suddenly, a spark of blue ignites from my gloves briefly, which pops loudly, startling me.

“Wha! S***!” I fall flat on my back. The unexpected reaction was something I didn’t reasonably calculate in my planning. My mind began to think about the sudden possibilities vastly. I decided to put it to the test.

“Well, let’s see if this works! Lightning Bolt!”

A flash of blue lights up the forest, and the shrieking sound of the violent bolt of energy blasts through the trees and rocks without mercy.

“Lightning Bolt! Lightning Bolt! Lightning Bolt!” Without missing a beat, I begin to cast my spell rapidly. The numbing sensation started to stiffen my fingers, but the buildup of the current of volts began to store within the gloves.

“Lightning Bolt!” With my last spell, I gasped for air as exhaustion began to fill my body. My lungs struggled for air, but I could feel the pressure around my hands. The vibrations were overwhelming as the energy started to leak out, and sparks coated my hands and traveled up my arms. Slight waves of pain began to sting my arms, but I clapped my hands together, causing a chain reaction, and a string of purplish-blue energy hit between them.

Focusing on the energy manipulating the lightning was a struggle as it vibrated with such ferocity. A look of worry hit my face when I began to feel I was losing control of it.


I cry out in pain as the vibrations spark through my arms bit by bit. A moment of focus was all that was needed as I redirected the energy around me and clasped my hands in opposite directions, sliding them together, the sparking energy funneled into a single point. A single line of purple energy coats my hands in its energy. I unleash the stored-up power in one massive electrical wave that vaporizes the group of trees in front of me. The blowback of such power knocks me back, hitting the ground in a tumble.


The deafening cracking sound of lightning strikes the air. Ringing in the ears causes a dizzying feeling to vibrate in my head. Mei jumps from the trees and lands next to me.

“Master?!” Showing a unique concern for my well-being, she touches my arm. A sudden spark hits her hand, which makes her recoil it back.

The expelled energy wasn’t entirely gone but was under control.

“S-Sorry Mei, I might have gone a little crazy.” I get to my feet on my own, and the sudden sparks of blue crackle from my hands and up my arm without much discomfort.

“Did you cause that?” Mei points at the wave of destruction that my test had caused. The destroyed remains of dozens of trees were splintered and exploded apart from the combined force of multiple residual magical essences. Leaving me with a more considerable fascination with my abilities and the potential these gloves allow me to have.

“I did. That wasn’t as quiet as I hoped it would be. Find your father; we will return to the manor shortly before anyone notices.” I release the contained remitments of my power from my gloves and take them off. There is minor bruising on my hands and fingers, but not the same numbing sensation as before.

After collecting myself, we set off for the manor. The clouds above began to darken even more as we proceeded. The distant sounds of thunder and lightning flash in the distance, calling to me. A weird feeling washes through my body. I stop in my tracks as the sensation causes a pause that draws my attention. The storm was calling to me, wanting me to see it.

“I hear it…” I speak without knowing. I turn my head to the approaching thunder; a brief moment occurs, and a small spark lights off my eyes. A hint of yellow flashes, and for a second, the color of my eyes becomes a hint of yellow before returning to light blue.

I blink momentarily, taking me out of my trance before turning back and continuing to the manor. The raging storm in the distance thunders in the distance; it sings out my wrath.

The night is filled with thunder and rain as I sleep in bed. An overwhelming sense of comfort flows through my mind as the sounds of rain and thunder protect me.

Eventually, the storm passes for the sun to rise and allow me to wake. I stand from my bed and place my hand on the window. The faint signs of rain stain the windows, and my reflection shows the grin across my face. The face of someone who has learned something new about his power…

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