Chapter 1033: Heaven Stab Sword God

“Blood God, Riot Battle God, Storm Rain Saber God.”

The Golden Radiance God easily recognized the trio.

The Blood God was one of the vice-leaders of the Dark Council. He was an elite half-god and possessed one peak-grade half-god equipment.

The Riot Battle God was one of the vice-towermasters of the Battle God Tower. He was also an elite half-god and possessed one peak-grade half-god equipment.

The Storm Rain Saber God was one of the vice-leaders of the Saber Alliance. He was the strongest among the three and possessed the peak-grade universe treasure, Storm Rain Saber.

Even from the same faction, half-gods actually preferred to move individually. The Tri-Horn Demon God was also from the Dark Council, but he had never met the Blood God. It was the same for the Battle God Tower’s Wind Fire Battle God and Riot Battle God.

In the face of a fateful opportunity, there was no courtesy involved. Even if they were from the same faction, they would still fight with everything.


With three additional elite half-gods, Li Fuchen12Li FuchenMain Protagonist had no choice but to retreat. After all, he couldn’t even deal with a single Golden Radiance God.

Even though Li Fuchen was very fast, the Blood God intercepted even faster.

The Blood God wasn’t just a vice-leader of the Dark Council, he was also a blood race’s half-god. The blood race had always been superior in speed.

Li Fuchen already had a method to deal with this. A clay figure appeared in his hand as he poured energy into it.


At the next moment, countless Li Fuchens appeared. They formed a huge wave that rushed for the Deep Blue Plane.

Illusory Sky Clay Figure, a low-grade universe treasure that could perfectly assimilate a person’s qi presence and replicate it in large quantities.

Li Fuchen was a little careless previously and allowed the Golden Bell God to suppress him. If he was dedicated to escaping, the Golden Bell God wouldn’t be able to capture him.

“Mm?!” The Blood God was rather surprised.

At this moment, he couldn’t identify Li Fuchen’s true body. Of course, given enough time, he could find out Li Fuchen’s true body. But that amount of time was enough for Li Fuchen to escape back to the Deep Blue Plane.

“Blood Sea Universe!”

The Blood God yelled out and a blood-colored universe shrouded Li Fuchen.

“Such speed.”

Before Li Fuchen could approach the Deep Blue Plane, he was enveloped by the blood-colored universe. All of his clones and it caused Li Fuchen’s heart to sink.

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Li Fuchen didn’t know that a half-god’s great dao universe and a lord’s great dao universe were totally different. The proficiency level might be comparable, but in terms of energy quality, a half-god’s great dao universe surpassed the true universe. No one below the half-gods could escape it.

The Silver Unicorn God, Wind Fire Battle God, and Golden Bell God had not mastered the great dao universe. It was because of their incompetent proficiency level.


Activating all the energy from the Primary Inception Bracelet, Li Fuchen blasted at the Blood Sea Universe.

Boom Rumble!

The Blood Sea Universe covered everywhere, Li Fuchen’s Primary Inception Bracelet couldn’t break through it immediately.

“Overconfident.” The Blood God had a face of disdain as he reached out to grab at Li Fuchen with a blood hand.

“Blood God, let go!”

Seeing that the Blood God was almost going to capture Li Fuchen, the others were obviously not pleased. The Riot Battle God was like a ferocious beast that barged straight for the Blood Sea Universe. Using both hands to rip, he nearly ripped the Blood Sea Universe into two.

In terms of proficiency, the Riot Battle God might be inferior, therefore, he didn’t comprehend the great day universe. But in terms of energy, the Riot Battle God was definitely the strongest among the four half-gods. This was mainly because of his peak-grade half-god equipment. It was an energy-type half-god equipment and allowed him to ignore most of the elite half-gods’ great dao universe. 

“Golden Radiance God Domain!”

A terrifying golden radiance spread out. It didn’t just push away the Blood God’s Blood Sea Universe, it also caused the Riot Battle God to pause for a moment.

It was none other than the Golden Radiance God who made the move. As a god race’s elite half-god, his god Domain was definitely more overbearing than a great dao universe. It had more authority and was able to repel other great dao universes.

Inside the Golden Radiance God Domain, the Golden Radiance God was faster by more than 10 times. Before a flash of thought could occur, the Golden Radiance God appeared above Li Fuchen.

“Storm Rain!”

A saber light that looked like torrential rain pierced through the Golden Radiance God Domain and headed for the Golden Radiance God.

With a frown, the Golden Radiance God quickly evaded.

The Storm Rain Saber God’s Storm Rain Saber was extremely powerful, the Golden Radiance God wasn’t confident he could resist the attack. Even though he was wearing a regular half-god equipment, the Golden Radiance Armor, he still wouldn’t dare to receive the full attack.

The four weren’t giving way to anyone as they all wanted to capture Li Fuchen for themselves.

However, this actually gave Li Fuchen a chance to catch his breath.

“What should I do, do I really have to use that space-time ring?”

That space-time ring was obtained from the ox-masked Chou Ox when Li Fuchen was still a saint lord. Of course, that space-time ring didn’t refer to the Chou Ox, it was the Chou Ox’s master. Li Fuchen understood from Chou Ox that his master was extremely powerful. After all, surpassing this entire universe wasn’t an easy task. Even a half-god couldn’t truly surpass the universe. Only the legendary gods were able to surpass the universe.

Chou Ox’s strength was very powerful. Back then, Li Fuchen thought that Chou Ox was only a regular heaven lord. From the looks of it now, he should be a lord. As for Chou Ox’s master, he should at least be a half-god, or even a pinnacle half-god.

Taking the space-time ring out, Li Fuchen sized it up.

The space-time ring’s space-time crystal was indeed very precious and was considered a low-grade universe treasure. But Li Fuchen knew that the special thing of the space-time ring was the energy contained inside. The energy should be from Chou Ox’s master.

“No, it’s too risky.”

Li Fuchen didn’t wish to hand his fate to a stranger, furthermore, he had yet to exhaust all his methods. Before coming out for the battle, he had already thought of several retreat paths.

As a high-grade universe treasure, the Primary Inception Bracelet wasn’t so simple. Like the Primal Fire Lotus, Li Fuchen could burst out with multiple times the primary inception essence. 

However, the Primal Fire Lotus was just a mid-grade universe treasure. Even if Li Fuchen burst out with 10 or 20 times the fire dao source essence, he wouldn’t receive a backlash.

The Primary Inception Bracelet was different. Li Fuchen would receive a backlash just by bursting out 2 times the primary inception source essence. Li Fuchen had yet to try bursting out more than 2 times.

The backlash was extremely terrifying and Li Fuchen wouldn’t use it unless it was a last resort.

The four continually attacked and if it wasn’t for the protection from the Primary Inception Armor, Li Fuchen would have been severely injured.

“This is the only way.”

While the four weren’t alert, Li Fuchen made use of the opportunity to burst out with 4 times the primary inception source essence to blast at the Deep Blue Plane.

Bang Boom!

The residual shockwaves and the hidden backups were instantly blasted through. In the void, there was a passageway produced by the primary inception source essence.

Entering the primary inception passageway, Li Fuchen rapidly approached the Deep Blue Plane.


“Courting death.”

Seeing the situation, the four immediately chased after Li Fuchen. The Golden Radiance God and the Blood God used their Golden Radiance God Domain and the Blood Sea Universe to envelope the primary inception passageway.

But the primary inception passageway was too firm. Within a short period of time, the Golden Radiance God Domain and the Blood Sea Universe couldn’t even move it.


The Riot Battle God suddenly grew bigger by billions of times, his right arm grew 1000 times bigger than his body as he smashed his palm at the primary inception passageway.


The primary inception passageway suddenly appeared with countless cracks.

“Not good.” Blood flowed out of Li Fuchen’s mouth.

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4 times the burst of the primary inception source essence caused a huge backlash to Li Fuchen and it still wasn’t enough.

“8 times.”

Li Fuchen burst out with more primary inception source essence to pour into the primary inception passageway, allowing the passageway to firm up by 2 times.


With a wave of the hand, the Blood God’s blood claw landed on the primary inception passageway and left a deep claw mark.


The Golden Radiance God’s Spear of Golden Radiance was extremely powerful. With a thrust, a small hole was forcefully pierced through on the passageway. It was fortunate that the hole was small and couldn’t shatter the primary inception passageway.

This series of action looked complicated, but it didn’t take one second to happen.

“Storm Rain Saber God, why are you not making a move?” The Blood God turned back and looked at the Storm Rain Saber God hesitantly.

If the Storm Rain Saber God had made a move together, the primary inception passageway would have been shattered.

“It is none of your business whether I make a move or not.”

At the crucial moment, the Storm Rain Saber God still decided to spare Li Fuchen.

It wasn’t because he was afraid of the Swordsmen Guild, it was because there were four half-gods here. Even if he could stall Li Fuchen, it was still hard to obtain the high-grade universe treasure. If that was the case, he would rather sell a favor to Li Fuchen.

The trio weren’t fools and they immediately understood the Storm Rain Saber God’s intention. With anger, they frenziedly attacked the primary inception passageway.

After a short moment, Li Fuchen finally entered the Deep Blue Plane. When the trio’s attacks landed on the plane’s barrier, it could only produce some ripples.

Not even a god would be able to easily break a plane’s barrier.

The trio had abnormally awful faces as the plan was completely overturned.

However, they shouldn’t blame themselves. As elite half-gods, they had never considered that Li Fuchen would be able to escape. Even though Li Fuchen had a high-grade universe treasure.

They had underestimated Li Fuchen and the high-grade universe treasure.

“Primary Extreme Lord, do you think it is the end after you escape into the Deep Blue Plane? I will kill everyone related to you on the outside.” The Blood God made a threat.

The Riot Battle God said, “Primary Extreme Lord, as long as you hand over the high-grade universe treasure, I guarantee that I will not make things difficult for you.”

The Golden Radiance God didn’t say anything but his expression got colder.

Li Fuchen replied, “Three elite half-gods dealing with a mere lord. Are all of you making a big fuss?”

Li Fuchen didn’t mention about the Storm Rain Saber God as he knew that the Storm Rain Saber God spared him earlier, otherwise, it was unknown if he was able to escape into the Deep Blue Plane.

Li Fuchen didn’t even bother about the threats made by the Blood God and Riot Battle God. All the people Li Fuchen cared for were inside the Deep Blue Plane. As long as these people weren’t in danger, he wasn’t worried. He could only apologize to those on the outside. He wasn’t so kind as to sacrifice himself for people not so important to him.

The only thing he could do was to continue his seclusion in the Deep Blue Plane and take revenge for the others later.

Seeing that they weren’t able to threaten Li Fuchen, the trio burst with murderous intent. The Blood God said, “I will set up the Blood Prison. Those weak-willed people that are affected by the Blood Prison will constantly leave the Deep Blue Plane. As long as they come out, they will fall into the Blood Prison and will never reincarnate.”

The Blood God’s voice was ruthless and loud. It seemed like he intentionally allowed Li Fuchen to hear it.

“Blood Prison?” Li Fuchen’s expression changed.

If the Blood Prison was truly able to affect weak-willed people within the Deep Blue Plane, then it was indeed a threat. After all, slightly stronger saints were able to leave the plane by themselves. Li Fuchen wouldn’t be able to stop them and he couldn’t be monitoring them forever.

Of course, Li Fuchen didn’t think that the Blood Prison’s effect could be so powerful, affecting the entire plane through the barrier. However, as long as it could affect a portion, it was already hard to defend against.

“Let me continue watching first.”

Li Fuchen was planning to wait and see. For the Blood Prison to be set up successfully, it definitely required time. If this period of time was long enough, he might already become an absolute lord. By then, he might be able to contest against the half-gods with the Primary Inception Bracelet.

The Blood God started to set up the Blood Prison. With half-god energy, streaks of blood lines started to appear around the Deep Blue Plane. Each of the blood streaks contained blood-colored skulls and these skulls were either roaring or cursing with madness.


All of a sudden, there was a flash of sword light that lit up a huge area of the Deep Blue Plane.

At the next moment, the blood streaks were all dispersed.

“Blood God, Golden Radiance God, Riot Battle God, do you think that my Swordsmen Guild is a pushover?” A swordsman strided out of the void and spoke with indifference.

“Heaven Stab Sword God!” The Storm Rain Saber God’s eyes widened.

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