Chapter 68: Some light exercise

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While Fuka was having a crisis the two mini monsters were at it again; Promicarus who heard that roar didn’t seem too affected. Instead she ended up wiping some saliva from the side of her mouth. Staring outside the destroyed back window to the forest behind while more ‘distorted’ noises came from the place – no doubts from the beast finally unsealed from within.

“What is a Beast of Void doing here in reality in the first place…” <Promicarus>

“Oh~ what’s a beast of void~?” <Eel>

The curious dragon just tilted her head in curiosity as the seemingly excited Promicarus.

“Hmpf, as expected of a bumpkin, thou truly dost know nothing! A beast of void is the most delectable feast prepared for only the most supreme of beings. Someone of draconic blood wouldn’t understand the wonders of something without a physical component. You are obsessed with mastication, after all, as a dirty creature of flesh mwahahaha~!” <Promicarus>

“Huh~ how can you have a feast without chewing fufufu~?” <Eel>

The wannabe demon lord just lifted her hands up with a smug expression shaking her head with closed eyes. Everything about her right now practically shouted ‘it can’t be helped your so stupid since your not me’ with her chin lifted to the sky. When she finally opened her eyes it was just barely enough to look down on Eel.

“Kekeke~ well th-” <Promicarus>

“Hm~ well you see spirit’s find it a great disrespect to eat since their {Faux God Empress} cannot while Munzumira – being herself – thus thinks everything about her is better than the rest of us. Thus they see chewing as a thing only low-class beasts would do. Since most spirits also come with a prescribed childishness it can be quite sadistic… Though there is one type of beast they will eat… The {Void Beast}.

They are powerful beasts that come into being outside of reality itself and thus wish for everything to return back to the void. This also puts them at odds with just about everyone however things aren’t easy since they aren’t living and you can’t kill them. Most cannot even hope to harm them while you also can’t manipulate their minds since they don’t act, they just aren’t and wish for everything else to be the same.

As for the spirit’s opinion… They defend the basis for realities itself. Their {Spirit World} is the template for all existence so to say. No race is as close to reality now as the spirits are which doesn’t actually make them the best target for the {Void Beast} as some may assume. Instead they love the taste so much they are often used in summoning rituals to call forth the {The Ancient Faux Gods} themselves.

This beast was meant to call forth {The Secretary in Yellow} in hopes it would grant the {God of Light} great wealth. Amusingly though, after buying it from {Demon King Dracula}’s vampires, the foolish god couldn’t contain it. Thus to prevent it from causing more harm I came here to seal it before it came time to deal with it ohohoho~.” <Alexis>

Promicarus deflated in all but her cheeks which instead inflated. The monstrous midget crossing her arms while sending a murderous glare towards Alexis only to quickly reconsider. Turning away the next second to look in the middle of nowhere.

“Then are ya going to kill it?” <Fuka>

“Oh~ no I won’t~.” <Alexis>

Then how are ya going to deal with it!” <Fuka>

“Hm~ I’m not going to since it wasn’t my job. My goddess said to just seal it until two beings comprising nearly all the powerful bloodlines – except for the {Zhu Family Bloodline} – came to this church as she foresaw in her dreams. Thus now that two girls that match that description I’m free to do what I want ohohoho~!” <Alexis>

Fuka lifted her brow up while gazing towards the girls present… While Eel’s birth seemed to be more questionable with the whole ‘demonic awakening’ that still lacked some of the important bloodlines she knew about. The one at the forefront of those questions being the legendary {Stratos Bloodline} from Munzumira & Photon.

There was of course the potential of their intoxicated succubus since there were certain beliefs of a son between the Faux and True gods. It was said the child was so powerful that worries about him usurping {The Infinite Mother}’s place instantly rose resulting in them being sealed away for life. That led to a falling out between Mother & Jeeves who felt they were repeating the actions of the {Primordial Gods} – Mother didn’t take it nicely and Jeeves took revenge out on humanity itself.

With that child never being seen it only made sense some assumed that every child could be {The Dreamer} who is noted as being chained in the {Dreamscape}. Not only that but the adoptive/new blood mother of the succubus was apparently related to {The Dreamer} – like all succubus (not incubus) were. This would also explain as to why {The Dreamer} may be interested in testing them; a prison escape?

Yet from Alexis’ own words wasn’t {The Dreamer} a goddess not god…

“Ah, all this god b******* is too complicated for me…” <Fuka>

“Oh~ pretty sure a paladin shouldn’t be saying something religious that~!” <Eel>

“A paladin also shouldn’t act all friendly with a demonic vampire dragon, a succubus, the one who literally calls herself the next coming of the apocalypse-” <Fuka>
“I have made no such claims.” <Promicarus>
“Or regularly take it up the ass by several guys at a time. I’m not exactly a regular paladin and ya know it. Not to mention I ain’t worshipping no god yet… Still need to figure that out but only the {God of Light} is worshipped and certainly ain’t pledging myself to be beaten by some old bastard for free.” <Fuka>

“Money is important…” <Eel>

“Why dost thou like money so much when thou never spends any!” <Promicarus>

As if to infuriate the ‘demon lord’ the hatchling just shrugged her shoulders with a calm smile upon her face while they ignored the incoming sound of tree’s snapping. A sound that only got quieter and quieter till eventually they could hardly hear anything. Yet there was still a strong tugging on their entire beings despite no actual suction. Almost like a vacuum in existence – a void – was waiting just outside.

Luckily Fuka was more cautious than not as she turned to see what can only be called a hazey existence peering through the window. Like the distortion that occurs with heat or distortions light undergoes when through obscure glass; clearly there yet impossible to make out. It was hard to say if it had a proper form as it seemed to quickly be changing constantly into many different shapes making Fuka wonder why it was really fair to call it a ‘beast’. Eitherway just looking at it gave her a headache which required clenched teeth just to endure – her brain trying to find something in nothingness sending it through constant loopholes.

With no warning at all the back wall seemed to completely collapse but all the debris was pulled outwards – the remains of the tower above doing the exact same. The attack from the beast caused a powerful vacuum claw that seemed to be heading straight towards their new nine tailed friend. Fuka instantly tried to call out-

“Watch ou-” <Fuka>
“Oh~ courageous one aren’t we ohohoho~!” <Alexis>

Before the attack could land or the shout finished Alexis slapped the floor with her nine tails only for a strange weapon to bounce out from her tail – another tail shot out like a spear using a simple Spear Art to meet the claw while a mysterious holy energy filled the tip. The beast seemed to be impacted as it’s vacuum like roar became akin to a scream. However a holy light just coated the fox making it so she didn’t so much as shudder while the weapon fell into her two outstretched hands.

“Hm~ it’s been so long since I’ve last had fun… But at the same time I shouldn’t steal a pups prepared prey as it would be mean~.” <Alexis>

A conflicted expression appeared on her graceful face while in her hands she held something akin to an onyx staff with two rings on either end. Ringing was constantly emitted due to several smaller rings hanging off each end with at the end of the large rings attached to the weapon having a sword like blade upon it. Double sword staff? A weapon which requires  great skill to master a bo staff to fully master while needing the care of a sword else one may remove their limb.

Still the foxes expression turned into a frown for a second before her graceful smile returned in full force as she began to slowly rotate the staff between her two hands. An action which usually requires great skill now far more dangerous yet a melodic ringing was created which seemed to make the beast hiss as it retreated away. That was until she thrust with one of the heads sending a piercing holy light into the beast, shifting her foot works she was able to follow it up with another, then another, then another… At some point everyone watching just felt bad for the poor beast who was being showered by attacks which could easily kill most of them.

Then again that was the overwhelming advantage of the woman’s weapon; to send attack after attack towards an enemy while easily able to retrieve attacks. Finding itself impaired though the Void Beast made another groan as it swept a claw towards her right like a whip. This didn’t just attack her though since the entirety of the eastern wall was sliced through with ease however the fox’s sharp instincts made her quickly jump towards the beast only to slam her weapon into the floor to push herself over the limb. She didn’t end there as something thudded to the ground after she rotated the weapon between her hands – obviously slicing the limb that tried to whip her in half.

After a ‘scream’ the beast quickly retreated back into the forest as she gracefully landed on the floor with her c** crusted tails waving about.

“Ho~ now it shouldn’t be bothering the village behind us, go ham pup~!” <Alexis>

Before Fuka could figure out what happened an aura which matched Alexis’ battle aura shot out from her side before she saw a familiar purple blur shoot out of the church.

“I always assumed she got that from dragons…” <Fuka>

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