Prologue: The race of intellectuals!

A man with a regal attire – like a prince of a wealthy martine country – but with a distinct feeling of warrior despite the cape draped over his shoulders. Long red hair tied into a low hung pony-tail while ten bloody red fox tails danced behind him while fox tails of the same colour appeared from his bloody hair.

Him sat upon a demonic throne with charcoal black bones making everything but the crimson cushions with a similarly styled hall.

But over him was a long, straight, violet haired cutie let out soft gasps as she draped her arms around his shoulders. Her legs draped over the armrests with his own right arm wrapped around her slender waist.

The deep wet sloshing of her insides as well as the frenzied humping clued in anyone what this girl was doing. The lewd sound echoed through the large hall.

The rumbling from her actions also clued one in that far more power was behind those hips than a mortal could handle – not just anyone can shake a realm with a somewhat calm ride compared to her usual routine.

However, behind the shrunken dragon’s skull he wore on his face as a mask he had an obvious look of worry that seemed to carry more than just love one felt for a concubine towards the girl who was burying him deep inside herself. In fact, it held a sense of revance one can only have for their superior.

Through a grunt of pleasure he couldn’t help but ask the girl a question he’d already asked before. Several times in fact.

“Are you sure you wish to do this…” <Bloodleaf>

“Mmm.” <Violet>

“If I know anything about that girl it’s that she never changes her mind so I’d just give up and get milked like a good mule~♥” <Cheshire>

The Oni girl with long horns that began flesh coloured but ended crimson red simply made a grunt and nodded.

She wasn’t particularly tall at 5’2 as she didn’t appear very frightening as she wore an outfit one wouldn’t expect from the leader of the demon realm and it certainly might not help get across this impression considering she had a man balls deep in her ass…

Or maybe what one would expect from the woman who aided in the literal birth of the vampires and devils – two of the strongest demons and her very own children. The male who helped with such being used as a d**** for herself right at that moment.

Black crosses made from two band-aids sticking on the very tip of her breasts to hide her cherry pink nubs.

Crimson sword belt underwear – set of belts strapped to her body – clung and supported those breasts from top to bottom that looked soft and just large enough to fill one’s palm nicely. A black iron ring just below her breasts to act as a core to her ‘bra’ that aided in controlling the bouncing of her soft mounds she abruptly used to smother Bloodleaf’s face as she pulled herself closer to him.

The belts curving around her breasts from the ring before seemingly curving back around into a thicker leather strap that ran from the bottom ring, between her breasts and then a black ring that encased her neck with seemingly no way to remove. On it was simply ‘私のチョーカーをスナップします’ written in the same crimson leather.

The ‘bra’ also had another section come off connected to another piece of leather that was just under her shoulder blades.

Another black iron ring rested between her shoulder blades (connected to her collar) and one significantly more stretchy ring between her almost intimidatingly large rear cushions to encircle another ring; impossible to actually make out though and not just because she was sitting down.

Rather it felt like even if she let you look you’d get lost in that massive ass as it seemed Bloodleaf’s p**** currently was.

In truth, despite her lack of full Oni children, her rear looked far more ready to please the large statured males of her species. With wide child birthing hips that may make a certain scaleless ‘lizard’ envious of how large they were in contrast to her slender waist.

Her front had another black band-aid that covertly hid her pink folds that were nestled between her plump white lower lips.

It was obvious to her that her partner was about to burst as she felt his girth throb inside.

This was her second favourite part except entry to her always tight holes. She felt it a shame she couldn’t keep his thick liquid love inside her this time however, making her pout and tighten her grip around his neck.

Her ass only pounding harder & harder against the poor man causing his grunts to become a mixture between pain and pleasure at the force passing through his c***, balls & thighs intensified.

Even though he was more than used to this kind of realm shaking power… One could swear the sound of cracking played through the hall.

Suddenly her thrusts stopped as she rested on his head – her muscles tightening on the already sensitive head was the last step as he let out a long groan. Feeling that satisfying heat shot inside her; stretching out her previously flat little tummy; she joined him as she felt her muscles spasm.

For most this was just an osgasm but for the denasigns of the {Demon Realm} this was a natural disaster due to the sheer level of power the muscles in her slender body represented.

The stages of this realm level natural diaster called ‘sex’ was split into three.

The ‘Violent Quakes’ that was a constant rumbling that only got more intense as time went on before abruptly going to stage two. The second stage is the ‘Violent Climax’ which was shorter but often was more intense. Lastly there was the ‘Violent Aftershock’ which was often rare due to her preference for keeping the ‘Violent Climax’ inside herself but she wasn’t a professional.

That’s what it meant to be {True Wrath – Violent}!

Not just anyone can punch a primordial god of war to death after all. But, you won’t find one to ask about that though!

Though, the black cat-kin didn’t seem to mind much as she simply walked up behind the destructive being in front of her. Already between her fingers she held a tied up condom that was bulging with thick white mixture of male and female love but didn’t seem content as she stretched out a second and caught the momentum Violet pulled off to hold it up to her gently gaping anus as proof of their love making came pouring out causing her another shiver. This is what the demons call a ‘Violent Aftershock’.

As previously mentioned, usually she disliked being ‘wasteful’ but this was the deal they agreed to. Two batches of rare ‘alchemic ingredients’ in return for a favour that went against the world itself.

As such, she didn’t react to the girl who placed the condom to her sensitive asshole but rather looked curiously at the girl’s appearance. Eyes wandering all over her which would make one feel awkward due to the intense and ‘rude’ stare but as the cat was already well are of Violet’s unique chara

As mentioned, this ‘Cheshire’ was a cat of some type with messy black hair that went beyond merely ‘bed head’.

Her vantablack hair was tangled and split ends were common but she didn’t care.

In fact, it was hard to find an area of her body which didn’t have a scar on it so hair was the least of her womanly worries.

Her left ear had a full bite out of itself while a bloodied gause was wrapped around her face to cover her eyes. The centre on the bridge of her nose it would be dyed to have an simply designed eye with three black triangles surrounding the oval shaped eye from above and below – pointing away from the eye.

Nonetheless on her dry, crackling lips was a constant grin that she was synonymous with.

A cheek to cheek grin that could instil fear in a dragon – the Cheshire grin.

It didn’t take long for Violet to ‘empty herself’ into the plastic as with expert grace Cheshire concluded the shadiest but weirdest deal in the history of {The Three Realms} as she tied up the condom. Looking on as Violet lowered herself to rest her face on Bloodleaf’s shoulder as she continued to study Cheshire without much blinking.

The other two didn’t seem to mind though as they continued to speak to her, Bloodleaf moving his left hand to gently rub Violet’s hair.

“I know I can at least trust the bitch-” <Bloodleaf>

“Actually I’m considered a ‘Molly’ or since I’ve given birth perhaps a ‘Dam’?” <Cheshire>

“But humans and those surrounding them are just unreliable, Violet…” <Bloodleaf>

Bloodleaf ignored Cheshire with similar experience but Violet obviously didn’t like hearing he didn’t agree with her plan as she began to grind her teeth. Her usual way of peacefully showing displeasure but many just found confusing if they weren’t experienced as this pair.

Bloodleaf merely sighed dotingly.

“At the end I’m your sword – I won’t disagree if you really want to go through with this. While you have your fun in the {Mortal Realm} as a normal Oni once more I’ll acquiesce – just be careful about the trickiness of the Mortal Races. They know no respect for others…” <Bloodleaf>

Cheshire just chuckled as she threw the two outrageously ‘about to pop’ condoms up into the air only for them to vanish into a crack in space that suddenly appeared then vanished.

“Well then, shall we get to it? This is sure to annoy Jeeves with major digestive pains~♥” <Cheshire>

Violent heard this and gave a little grunt while lowering her head in worry only for the other two to have… Quite the opposite reaction – seemingly curing all Bloodleaf’s doubts in this plan.


Somewhere on the ‘eastern side’ of the world in the {Land Abandoned by The True God} was a large village hidden deep in the dark woods often referred to as the {Forest of Mortality}.

It was a strange term for a place located near the {Central Continent} which are where powerful cultivators all coalesce – a place where powerful cultivators aren’t exactly common but not impossible to see in a few Mortal Generations (about 70-100 years). This was due to the high Qi of Heaven & Earth as expected. Otherwise it wasn’t all that special

Of course, truly powerful cultivators were rare regardless.

It was a common act on a continent this close to the ‘centre’ to measure time in terms of ‘Mortal Generation’ which is the length of one mortal’s life at 100 years. A bit morbid for some but for cultivators of immortality that hardly mattered – what were the mortals going to do, fight back?

In these lands, cultivators were beyond mortal comprehension and were terrifying even at the early level.

No matter which race one was, their cultivation level was measured as their ‘existence rank’ and split into 9 tiers of ‘existence’. This ranking refers to their ability to manipulate ‘Qi’ and the phenomnom around it.

Afterall, it was to cultivate some form of qi whether to refine your body or dantain/core or face the alternative of being weak thus below those who can.

But, this forest was different from the continent and the village was different.

The forest itself had thin amounts of qi due to the huge, thick, crimson tree that absorbed the qi into their leaves and passed it between themselves in a net underground. This led in turn to the herbivores absorbing a lot from the plants to cultivate quickly with large amounts of qi stores to counter the lack of qi in the surroundings while being able to defend themselves. In return, the predators grew strong bodies resistant to all regular forms of qi to counter the herbivores they ate…

This all came back to create an area with minimal qi in the air for cultivators (who required qi to extend their lives as well as defend) to recharge while losing battle of attrition easily to the least dangerous but very vigilant herbivores. This makes even them even harder to kill than normal Magic-Beasts (who already have natural advantages over ‘Mortal Races’). Then, you have the predators who have to hunt those beasts and have already grown very good at it as well!

This makes it basically inhabitable to just about every other race due to simply not being able to contend…

But in this forest was a village of people who were different from all others.

A race who couldn’t cultivate Qi in any form – unable to really ‘sense’ it in any fashion with no qi meridians which makes them unable to be poisoned by them but also unable to use any techniques. Though they can use some pills they find them not very useful as in return they’ve mastered something else.

Their physical bodies, although not very resilient to qi based attacks, far outweigh even a body-cultivator.

A race who in return are discriminated against and feared for their impossible to understand strength, appearance and also for their matriarchal society. They aren’t the smartest race either, suffering from common ‘muscle-brain’ tendencies that cause them to become a strength based society but having stronger females on average who rule through violence which is intern sex-apeal.

Their women tend to be about the size, if a bit shorter but more mature bodied, than human women with crimson tipped horns upon their head. Having a type of beauty which has long been considered exotic & ancient by the wider world. Usually slender but with a mature aspect along with that ‘exotic’ charm thus making them popular ‘slaves’ among those with money. This isn’t even concerning their natural advantages with their uniquely strong muscles, endurance and recovery meaning they can take a beating as well as ‘abuse’ but remain ‘tight’.

Children produced from them are the same race as them due to their ancient bloodline being overpowering to those of a mere ‘Mortal Race’. It makes them very profitable for slavers.

The men on the other hand are giants with crimson tinted skin & horns. They are far stronger than even a giant of the same size as them but tend to be slower witted than a race – they also tend to be more commonly seen than the female variants but are far less popular. This isn’t because they’re harder to control – in some ways this is the opposite – but rather the obvious one.

They are men at the end of the day and the one with money 80% of the time tends to be a man.

Of course, even if one was a woman they’d have to be very depraved in order to consider using them as sex slaves. Not only are they large, girthy and unbelievably musky but their p****’ actually have ‘spikes’ that would lead to quite a lot of damage to a little mortal’s holes. Of course, it’s not like they’ve never been used for that but they are so looked down upon by cultivators it would be more highly looked upon if a woman was f***** a goblin.

Though, their body has other uses for a cultivator even if they can’t cultivate themselves.

There is also the debate of whether they’re a type of Beast or Demon despite being a race more ancient than either. Of course, they’re prideful and find most pride in their contributions in the {Second Great War} along with their legendary ancestor {Violet Indigo}.

Despite all of their pride only in places like the {Forest of Mortality} where they could truly thrive.

They are only half accepted in the wider society but they are held in contempt as one can guess – seen as low class creatures or demons needing to be exterminated. It’s often not to the level where they will be killed in overtly public places but no one would blink and eye if one walked into a forest and a few moments later a cultivator walked over and sold their heart to the mercenary guild.

Though this is somewhat true for any race that doesn’t belong to the ‘dominant race’ of that area in truth.

But additionally; if they are involved in a fight; due to their aggressive nature and easy to flare temper, they will often be blamed for taking the consequences. This is a mixture of them not only being hot tempered though but also being ‘high quality items’ alive or dead.

This race is the Oni.

And, in places like this forest however they are king!

A place where no one can use qi except some peaceful herbivores with only the aggressive creatures that put up a good fight being the predators? Mix this with the race of people who are unbeaten in physical strength even with just their base strength whose only weakness could be said to be their lack of defense to ‘qi cultivators’ what would you expect?

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A place of pure domination  where they can truly prosper!

The tree’s around them not only are stronger than the average wood by a lot but even grow incredibly fast within the forest (though not outside) thanks to the network of roots. The beasts tend to be larger with more fat and muscle to store more qi leading to them being the perfect prey for the giant male Oni. And, most importantly, no cultivators would dare try to compete with the Oni within the bounds of the forest.

Not only do they have advantage in the bounds of the forest but their ‘village’; which is more like a giant city in an eastern village style, is deep in said forest so the cultivators will often have died along the journey due to losing the battle of attrition with the forest!

So, in this forest, Oni are truly allowed to thrive and grow.

Only allowed on

And, in this forest, a very important event is occurring.


A beautiful lady with larger than average breasts and mid length black hair was currently sitting back with a somewhat antsy face. In her left hand she held a shallow bowl with a crimson liquid that radiated a vicious heat from it – this being a type of alcohol produced using the fruits of the giant trees deepest in the forest. The Oni being the ones who originally planted the damn things!

It was the most expensive by the tribe’s standards but for her it wasn’t much.

Though, when they brought it out to the outside world or gave it to their old comrades they were always very pleased with it so it became their number one gift!

Something about ‘cutting off hundreds if not thousands of years of cultivation with the qi content’ or something about ‘helping refine the meridians with the unique quality from the fruit’ but both things are somewhat irrelevant to the Oni.

To the women specifically it was just a fruity wine which produced a lot of bubbles that seemed to swirl while also being scorching hot – filling them with a heat that wasn’t fully sexual… Though it was also aphroditic as well.

They weren’t too good at naming them so they just called the fruits [Oni Fire Fruits] as they gave the ‘heat’ and ‘aproaditic’ while only growing in places with them. It wasn’t out of pride but laziness that has lasted for millennia and with how only they can really get the fruits nobody could stop them…

The wine itself, popular among women more than the men who simply enjoyed the more initially impactful options such as the [Oni Earth Vodka] produced from their [Oni Earth Potato]’s. This compared to the more refined and smooth flavour provided by the [Oni Fire Wine]…

Of course, most women wouldn’t be able to handle the intense temperature of the wine but to the Oni this was a matter akin to ‘growing old enough to enjoy coffee flavour’.

They were an intense race afterall!

So intense and a bit female leaning due to natural advantages that the woman who had a very clear baby bump on her usual slender stomach had her feet up on the back of a 10 foot red bodied man who was lying on the floor in half press up – another would have those feet in his big hands to gently massage her muscles while two more held large leafs to fan her.

Of course, she had one to pour more wine into her bowl when needed.

Even surrounded by particularly giant Oni who were nearly twice her 5’5 height and pregnant she was being fawned on in an Oni fashion.

To her side there was an older looking wine haired Oni who crossed her arms under her flattered chest as she glared enviously at the woman’s chest instead of doing her job as a deliverer. Preferring instead to snatch the bottle from the man beside her – the poor man tried to growl but just got his foot stomped on causing him to whimper softly as she slugged the wine in a very unlady-like manner.

Something you sure as hell wouldn’t see in public from a ‘respected female elder’ of most races.

“Oi, granny, are you sure everything is fine…” <Matriarch>

“Don’t keep asking the same question – you may be the matriarch but never seen an Oni so fidgety!” <Granny>

“The turtle reader person said that I’d be blessed with a gifted daughter you hag, of course I’m worried something’d go wrong!” <Matriarch>

“They’re called a seerer or something!” <Granny>

“Hey, hey! Even you second guessed yourself you double backer!” <Matriarch>

This was how conversations between female Oni tended to go.

Another reason why Oni’s likely aren’t widely accepted as a group is because they aren’t really as good as their ‘old comrades’ at the whole ‘peace talks’ thing. Get a Oni in a conference room and the male would lose their patience and smash the desk or the woman would call them all out from being ‘double backers’.

This is also a reason why nobody knows how their strength works… Because they don’t know!

A group of people who can be said to be simple and find pleasure in simple things without worrying about details… That in itself could be another reason for discrimination. Nobody likes someone who gets things easily and doesn’t even pretend they didn’t.

Ironically this simplicity also causes them to be more open and trusting which has often led to ‘mistakes’… Though they are hardy people who have lived longer than most other races so changing isn’t something that’s easy to accomplish. Though, not to say they are wholly good – they have their own systems that work for their people that they don’t really impose heavily on others so the Phoenix certainly had no grudges against them!

While the two ‘respected leaders’ were having a calm discussion (for their race) they were interrupted by a younger slate haired Oni girl who spoke up with a purple haired baby in her arms.

“Er Matriarch, Granny Wine – the child is born. It’s-a girl with blue-ish red hair!” <Slate>

“It’s called purple you dumb child – I’ll name her violet after our legendary Ancestor who gifted us our legendary hearts that all those races want to dig out from our bountiful chests!” <Matriarch Ebony>

“Aren’t the little brats meant to be waling ‘n’ all that?” <Granny Wine>

“Oi oi oi, you don’t know anything do you! Why are you even here if you can’t even-!” <Matriarch Ebony>

“Oi oi oi, don’t you cuss at me you fat chested f*****, I just had a bit too much to drink!” <Granny Wine>

“You swore first and it was my wine you swiped!” <Matriarch Ebony>

“I only swore just there!” <Granny Wine>

“That’s the first time!” <Matriarch Ebony>

“That’s what I just said bimbo!” <Granny Wine>

Slate was just left there looking at her far older elders – only allowed to be here due to being an exceptional youth – she couldn’t help but feel like she was the only one doing anything. Looking down she saw the newly named Violet looking back at her with unblinking violet eyes.

She had a childlike curiosity buried deep in her eyes that was healthy… Though that childishness was pretty much an inherent trait of the Oni, not that one could guess…

Not at all.

Looking between the curious but peaceful baby that didn’t seem a little bit phased despite just going to the pain of being birthed and the two mature elders who were still discussing peacefully.

“I’ll’ave you know I graduated at the top of my class in thinking stuff!” <Granny Wine>

“We don’t have rankings for knowledge!” <Matriarch Ebony>

“It’s why it’s impressive!” <Granny Wine>

She decided to smile back down at the child who she expertly managed to saddle up to the Matriarch while she was arguing with their elder in order to have her fed…

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