Chapter 113: Unexpected

I opened my eyes as I felt the gentle touch of the morning sun on my face. I sat on the side of my bed as I stretched my arms and walked outside the terrace.

“Good Morning, world!”

I stared at the scenery of the peaceful town in front of me. From afar, I could see life starting to move throughout the vicinity of the town. The roads were full of people and carriages passing through the road. They were preparing for our victory celebration that would take place tonight.

Yep, the battle is finally over, and fortunately, we actually won! Talk about immense luck!

However, as I shifted my gaze towards the forest surrounding the town, I instantly narrowed my eyes while putting my hand on my cheek. “Hmm? Is that big ass tree always there?”

I rubbed my eyes and looked closer.

It really is there! I’m not seeing things! There’s a giant freaking tree that suddenly appeared out of nowhere!

Apparently, the giant tree was far from the town, and in the middle of the vast forest, but it was so huge that it was completely visible from afar! It’s like a freaking sore thumb! A giant green sore thumb that could reach the freaking sky!

I don’t have an idea that the f****** Yggdrasil exists here!

I walked downstairs and found the 3 girls eating in the kitchen.

“Good morning, Mister Casimir!”

“Good morning, Big bro Casimir.”

I stared at them with confusion. “Ahm… am I the only one bothered that there’s a big ass tree sprouted in the forest just overnight?”

“That’s the tree of Erela,” Tanya answered and extended her hand. “You should eat your breakfast now.”

I sat on my seat next to Misha. “Tree of Erela? Does that mean it has something to do with the kingdom of Erela and elves? Are they trying to show off their big ass tree?”

Half of Tanya’s lips rose as she put her tea over the table. “As much as I hate elves, I still know that they are not that egotistical. It is surprising to say this, but their pride has limitations and they still have cautiousness in them. Exposing the Tree of Erela is the last thing that they would do.”

I grabbed one of the pieces of bread and took a bite. “Eh. Then why show it now though?”

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“Try the chicken soup, Mister Casimir. Misha cooked it.”

I shifted my gaze to Misha and smiled. “You did?”

She smiled and nodded. “We did. Big sis Karoon helped me.”

Karoon shook her head. “The only thing I did was to check the tenderness of the chicken meat.”

I poured the chicken soup and rice onto my plate and tasted the food. And of course, it tastes heavenly! As expected!

I raised my thumb and smiled. “It tastes so good!”

“See? I told you, he will love it.” Karoon winked at Misha while expressing a big smile.

Misha smiled brightly at my comment. “Eat more. Eat more.”

I chuckled and patted her head. “I will, I will,” I said as I took another bite of her cooking.

On the other hand, Tanya remained silent while just watching us and sipping her tea. Her face wasn’t expressing anything but I could see in her eyes that she wanted to tell me something.

After having our breakfast, we went outside and walked on the massive grassland in front of the mansion. The giant tree was completely visible from afar, but as of that moment, the top of the tree was concealed in the thick white clouds.

I followed Tanya while she was slowly walking, her hands were connected to her back. She stared back at me and slowly nodded. “It seems, the kingdom of Erela has lost their battle against humanity.”

I stopped. “Ha?”

“That’s the only reason I could think of… because the visibility of the tree of Erela means only one thing… The barrier that protects the kingdom has collapsed. But I will say that even I was surprised upon seeing the tree of Erela again. It’s been a long time since the last time I have seen it.” She shifted her gaze to the giant tree. “Even in the previous 7 years of war, the kingdom of Erela didn’t even come close to falling despite the fact that it was one of the main priorities of attacks coming from the forces of humanity, it still ended up being victorious. It’s one of the most powerful kingdoms in the entire Ulterra after all. But now…”

“Does that mean the elven kingdom has been conquered?”

“No. I don’t think it is, at least not yet. The tree of Erela is still standing high. That means the elves are still fighting as of this moment.” She flicked her hair. “Regardless, you should never think about such things that much. We have a celebration tonight, you should prepare.”

“Are you not concerned about them? You are an elf too, right?”

She veered her body towards me and stared directly into my eyes. “No. Not even a little. Even if all of the people in that kingdom fall, it will never concern me.” She slowly exhaled. “After all, I am not an elf. I never was.”

She walked past me and I just followed her with my eyes. After a few steps, she stopped and stared at me. A gentle smile occurred on her beautiful face, but her eyes were full of pain.

“You will have everyone worried if they see that concerned expression on your face. We’ve just won a war under your command, so you should act like one.”

I scratched the back of my head and chuckled. “Yeah, right. My bad.”

However, the next thing I felt was a soft hand on my forehead gently pushing me back. I found her tiptoeing in front of me while expressing a gentle smile.

“Silly, there is only one thing that matters the most to me… and that’s the only thing worth my concern.”

She doesn’t need to say it, I know exactly what it is.

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I smiled. “Yourself?”

I screamed as I felt the intense pain of being flicked on my forehead! It was so painful I immediately covered my forehead while jumping!

“Damn it! I should have seen that coming!”

But the beautiful egotistical gothic fairy who did it to me was already walking away from me while clenching her fists and banging her feet to the ground.

I’m not gonna lie, she’s really fun to watch acting like that.

Before following her, I looked back at the visible tree of Erela.

Now that a powerful kingdom is in the midst of losing battle. What will happen now? Compared to one of the most powerful kingdoms in this world, what could a town do against the entire humanity?

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