Chapter 114: The Gentle And The Giant

The whole day, the entire town was quite busy as they prepared for the celebration that would take place tonight. I, on the other hand, stayed in my office and did my paperwork and just came out when the night arrived to prepare for the celebration.

The entire town was full of light, but the majority of the people were in the very center of the town in front of the municipal hall where our main venue was.

I leaned my back on the backrest of the throne I was seating on, put my hand on the armrest, and leaned my face in it. I wandered my eyes throughout the place, all I could see were the smiles of the people while dancing and drinking the booze in their hands. Most of them were jumping while laughing. Thanks to the light coming from the lamps scattered throughout the area, I could clearly see them even though I wasn’t that close to their location because I was currently sitting on top of a platform that for some reason they created for me. Behind me was the municipal hall.

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I shifted my gaze to my left and found Misha swaying her feet while sitting on her golden-colored throne that had a similar design to mine. The only difference was my throne was quite larger.

And I hope to God that these things are not made of real gold!

Upon seeing me looking at her, she smiled and waved her hand at me.

Even though I want to say that this throne thing is quite over the top and probably unnecessary, I can say that Misha is extremely adorable while sitting on that throne, she looks like a real princess! Kudos to them!

“Boss!” Leo waved his arms while holding his usual comically large bottle of booze.

I smiled and nodded.

He rushed towards me. “Boss, I want you to meet some people.”

Thank goodness, I was just waiting for a good reason to leave this ridiculous throne!

“I see.” I stood up.

“Just stay in your seat, I will bring them here.”

Please, don’t.

I shook my head. “Bring me to them.” I shifted my gaze to Misha. “Let’s go.”

She immediately stood up and held my hand.

Leo scratched the back of his head and nodded. “If you say so.”

He walked ahead and guided us towards the crowd. As we walked through them, the crowd gave us the way while bowing their heads.

We stopped at the crowd where Mehrad, Mister Rudwick, Emily, and 2 familiar faces were standing.

Upon seeing me, both Mister Rudwick and Emily bowed their heads. “Lord Casimir.”

I nodded at them and shifted my gaze at the 2 people standing next to Leo. He waved his hand and smirked before introducing them.

“Boss, these 2 are the best members of Fang faction security personnel. I’ve known them for a long time now, so I can assure you that they are reliable.” He raised his thumb. “These 2 did a great job back in the recent war.”

As I stared at the 2, both of them instantly kneeled before me and bowed their heads in the most dramatic way possible!

The f***? I lived my whole life as a cringe chuuni, but these guys are on another level of cringe! Stand up, people! I’m not a god or even a freaking king to kneel before on!

One of them was a massive minotaur, so massive that even though he was kneeling, he was still taller than me. A literal giant!

I have seen him multiple times now, of course, he’s familiar to me.

“The name is Rumble Galaramoth, it is my greatest honor to be recognized by our ruler, Lord Casimir himself.”

And the other one was a demon with a single pointy, red horn on his forehead and light blue hair that resembled the color of the daytime sky. He’s familiar to me because I remembered him for having an extremely innocent face that was full of kindness, but what was coming out of his mouth were sadistic and dreadful words.

“Lord Casimir, my name is Jabez Lateef. Please, employ me as you see fit. And I will assure you that I will follow your every command to the best of my ability.”

I stared at Leo and found him smirking at me. As if he’s really proud of the people currently kneeling in front of me.

Even I would if I were him. I had a glimpse of how these 2 fought in the recent battle against the legion, they were powerful, to say the least. Also, it surprised me to know that there are people like these 2 hiding in the ranks of the Fang faction security personnel.

The ferocious giant and the sadistic demon assassin.

I crossed my arms and gazed at them. “Very well. I saw how the 2 of you fought, you 2 did well in the battle that took place yesterday.” I raised my gaze. “Now, stand up, and show me your pride as 2 of the recognized warriors of the town of Agrona.”

All at once, both of them stood up and raised their heads high up while expressing great satisfaction in their smiles.

“I am looking forward to seeing both of you live up to my expectations.”

“Yes, Lord Casimir!”

“Look at you 2!” Leo joined them and tapped Rumble’s arms and put his arms on Jabez’s shoulder. “You know what to do, don’t let our Boss down.”

“We will never.”

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“Here you are, and I was wondering why you are not sitting on your respective chair.”

Do you mean an overly extravagant throne?

I looked back and found Tanya walking towards me, next to her was Karoon who immediately ran to hug Misha.

“Yeah, I just thought, it would be great if I join them.”

She nodded and stood beside me.

I wandered my eyes and furrowed my eyebrows. “By the way, where are Kuro and Leal?”

I looked at Tanya but she just looked down and didn’t say anything. Even Mehrad stayed in silence. The only one who responded to my question was Leo while shrugging.

“I think he’s not going to attend. He has been in a very bad mood since morning, he even kicked me out of his mansion. Maybe because of that…” Leo pointed his index finger in the direction of the massive tree from afar.

Even in the darkness of night, the giant tree was still visible, due to the lights glowing in its trunk.

The tree of Erela.

“I see.”

Before I realized it, deafening silence instantly shrouded our group, no one talked and just looked at each other, as if they were conversing with their eyes and body language.

I silently watched until one of them finally decided to move.

“What’s up with the silence? We are celebrating here! Hand over your cups! And let’s start the party!” Leo unleashed an obviously forced laugh while raising the comically large bottle in his hand.

“Yeah!” All at once, the people around us shouted and started to dance and drink their booze.

“Oy, Old h- Tanya, here’s your drink… and this is for you, Hyper girl.”

“What’s in this drink this time?”

“What do you mean what’s in it? I didn’t put anything in it. Rig- right, Mehrad? Oy! Don’t laugh like that! You’re making it look like I really put something in it!”

I see now. Everyone is affected by it. And just don’t want me to see it. However, I can clearly tell that their concern is not for the kingdom of Erela itself, not at all. But for the 2 people who are currently in the midst of enormous pain due to this unexpected event.

Kuro and Leal.

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