Chapter 115: Little Chef

The party continued until dawn, all I did all night was dance and drink till I got knocked out before sunrise. The moment I woke up again, it was already noon and I slept all day long.

I yawned as I sliced the radish into small pieces. As I shifted my gaze to the people standing in front of me, they were looking away to avoid my gaze. The 2 of the many maids of the mansion. We were currently in the kitchen and I was helping someone with her cooking. For some reason, both of their faces were red and I could feel that they were trying their best not to smile or laugh.

What? This is the only way I know to cut radish, aesthetic doesn’t matter, what matters is it will taste good.

“Let me see.” Misha climbed up to the chair next to me to see what was happening above the island where I was sitting.

Her hair was in a ponytail while wearing a pink apron with an embedded yellow cat in the chest area. It had the same design as the one I was wearing.

Yup, we’re wearing the same design of aprons. Pink apron with cat embedded in it.

She smiled and looked up at me. “It’s perfect!”

I smiled and patted her head. “Thanks.”

She climbed down from the chair and climbed up to another chair next to the stone stove currently with the fire. She grabbed a ladle and looked back at me. “Help me, Big bro Casimir.”

Look at this little one, she’s growing up really fast.

“On my way.” I stood up and joined her.

I checked the pork’s tenderness with a fork while the water was currently boiling.

That’s the only thing I could do, I’m a shitty person when it comes to cooking.

On the other hand, Misha moved so swiftly as if she knew exactly what she was doing. It’s actually fascinating to watch, especially in her size.

After chopping all the vegetables that we needed and poking the pork meat a few times, we’re finally done. She put some soup in a mug and handed it over to me.

“Taste it, Big bro Casimir.” She said with such an angelic smile on her adorable face.

I took a sip from the mug and immediately closed my eyes upon tasting it.

“What do you think?”

I shook my head. “It’s no good… Because it is the best!”

“Yay!” She clapped.

I smiled at her response, but a sudden chuckling from behind got my attention. As I shifted my gaze, one of the maids covered her mouth while looking down.

I smiled at them. “I heard that you 2 are the ones teaching Misha. Come join us and taste it for you to judge.”

The both of them stared at me with surprise. Both of them were demons, both with violet hair and eyes. Maybe they were sisters.

“They are shy around you, Big bro Casimir.” Misha waved her hand. “Big sis Mia and Big sis Atty, taste the food I cooked. Big bro Casimir loves it, you will too!”

“You 2 did a very good job teaching her.”

Both of them bowed their heads. “It is our pleasure to.”

All at once, a wide smile emerged on their faces. They walked towards Misha. I gave them the way and watched them as they tasted the soup on another mug Misha gave them.

One of them immediately nodded upon tasting the food. “As always, you are improving a lot.”

“Yay! Thanks, Big sis Mia!”

I removed my apron and hung it on the wall. “My job here is done, so I’ll take my leave now. I’m still tired due to the celebration last night.”

The 2 maids bowed their heads. “Yes, Lord Casimir.”

“Just wait for a while, Big bro Casimir, it will be ready soon.”

“Yeah, I’m excited to eat it.” I waved my hand at them before leaving the kitchen.

I yawned as I walked toward the living room and found someone sitting on one of the sofas. She was looking up while holding a bag of ice cracks in her forehead. I stared at her as I sat on the same sofa where she was sitting. Her face moved as she stared at me.

Just like me, she got knocked out last night, even though she drank way less booze than me. The next thing I knew, Karoon was already carrying her on her back and taking her home. While the person who was responsible for all of those was just laughing at us as he watched us all fall one after another, like the literal villain that he was.

I stretched my arms as I leaned my back on the backrest. “Ah, I’m beat up!”

“How’s your cooking?”

“It’s not mine, it’s Misha’s cooking, I just helped.”

“It’s her’s? Oh, thank goodness.”

I narrowed my eyes and stared at Tanya’s smirking face while the bag of ice crack was still on her forehead. “Wow, thanks. Welp, there goes my self-esteem.”

To take my revenge, I veered my body in her direction, I raised my hand and poked her cheek using my index finger a few times. 

And as expected, she immediately reacted, she removed the bag of ice from her forehead and glared at me while furrowing her eyebrows. “How bold of you.”

I leaned back and ignored her sharp glare while smirking. “That’s my revenge. Your cheek is completely open for an attack, all I did was grab the opportunity in front of me. However, I will say, you have a very soft cheek. It’s quite addictive to poke so I ended up poking it multiple times even though I intended to just poke it once.”

“I don’t remember asking you how it felt.”

I just chuckled and faced her again. But what I found was her red face while looking directly at me.

Sheyt… Did I just piss her off?

I sat properly and scratched my cheek. “My bad.”

She remained silent for a few seconds while looking down. She’s shivering in anger!

She slowly exhaled. “Perhaps you have been forgetting something really important, Casimir.”

“Ah… yeah? What is it?”

She stood up and turned her back on me. “You promised me that you would tour me around the town, remember?”

Man! I got nervous for a second there, I thought she would beat me to death, or worse, scold me!

“Yeah, I remember, why?”

“How about we do it tomorrow?” She stared at me, her face was no longer red and her relaxed demeanor returned.

She finally calmed down! I am safe!

I nodded and smiled. “Sure, let’s do that then.”

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