Chapter 139: Underestimation

Right in the middle of the town of Agrona, in front of the soon-to-be-built municipal hall, beneath the sun currently on its peak. I put my hand above my eyes to block the blinding ray of sunlight. I narrowed my eyes and wandered my eyes throughout the massive swarm of people standing in front of me. Their eyes were directed at me while I was standing on a wooden platform that helped me see all of them.

I looked back to the people behind me and found Leo and Leal standing while staring at the massive crowd in front of me. As I returned my gaze to the crowd, I found Misha and Karoon waving their hands at me while standing in front of the crowd. I waved my hand at them and smiled. I also saw Rumble and Jabez in the crowd, I mean who would not notice them? They’re awfully sticking out from the crowd.

I cleared my throat and walked towards the edge of the platform. “Good afternoon everyone, I’m glad that an astonishing number of you came to answer my call.” None of them replied and just continued staring at me. “I know that we all have things that we need to do so I won’t waste your time and go through this matter as quickly as possible. I have an announcement I want to make… Yesterday, we had a meeting and we talked about the situation of a certain kingdom.” I pointed my index finger towards the massive tree from afar.

All at once, their eyes darted towards the tree of Erela and after a few seconds, darted back at me.

“Yes, I am talking about the kingdom of Erela. Maybe most of you already know that the kingdom of Erela is currently in the middle of a great crisis after losing its barrier and most of you if not all, know that we are concerningly close in distance to that kingdom… if they lose their battle, there is a good chance that the same force that they are fighting right now will come for us next.” I raised my index finger. “So, I just thought… Why wait for it and fight on our own against a powerful force if we can just destroy our potential enemy by just helping the current enemy of our potential enemy?” I crossed my arms. “It’s like hitting 2 birds in one stone, eliminating the threat in this town with much lesser risks and at the same time, preventing a potential conflict with the elven nation in the future by putting the kingdom of Erela in great debt with us… because I think forming an alliance with them is not a bad idea.”

The silent crowd started to make sounds. The entire place was filled with their noise as they talked with each other. Some of them were staring at me while conversing with each other. I couldn’t hear what they were saying but I could easily tell that most of them were not showing any positive response.

Welp, I have seen it coming. I can’t blame them though, my plan is to try to save the kingdom of Erela and ask them if we can be friends with them in a nutshell.

I raised my hand, and all of them turned silent and stared at me.

“Don’t worry, I will understand if many of you don’t agree with my decision. Fighting for the sake of other kingdom is not something one can easily consider-“

One of the people in front raised his hand. A demon. “Forgive my intrusion, Lord Casimir. I want to ask something if I am allowed to.”

“Yes, of course.”

“So… our goal is to meddle in other kingdom’s affairs and make them form an alliance with us in exchange for helping them?

I slowly exhaled and smiled. “Yes. We’re going to crash into a party we are not even invited to and use this opportunity to form a good relationship with them.”

Sounds ridiculously awful, I know.

It won’t be a surprise if little to none of them agree. Welp, I can’t force them to.

“Even though the kingdom of Erela is near us, the real issue here is how long before all of the preparation that we need will be done… given that it’s an urgent matter… we need to move fast,” Rumble said while crossing his massive arms. He stared at the people behind him. “We should prepare for this expedition right away.”


“Don’t forget that although we still have some of the weapons and armors we had back when we fought the kingdom of Milana, most of them were already worn out… or sold.” Jabez raised his hand. “If our departure depends on how fast the preparation will be. I hate to say this but based on the situation we have, it will take at least a few days or even weeks for it to be completed.” 


“Oy, Hyper girl! Do you think we can increase the speed of production of the armors and weapons?” Leo stood beside me.


“Uhm… We can, but for the cost of the quality,” Karoon answered.

“That would be a huge problem.” Leo scratched his head. “Damn it! It’s your fault, you dumb morons! It just has been a few weeks since the recent battle against the kingdom of Milana and you idiots already sold your armors and weapons? I’m gonna beat the hell out of all of you!” He exclaimed while pointing his index finger to the crowd.

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What came next was a burst of synchronized laughter coming from the crowd beneath me.

“But recent waves of tourists have been willing to buy our armor and weapons for an absurd price! We can’t let such an opportunity just slip away!”

“Who said that! Can someone find that bastard so I could teach him a lesson!”

But what Leo received was just synchronized laughter coming from the massive crowd.

“Oy, Leal. Tell your voluptuous marionettes to secure our routes while we’re still in preparation.”

“I already did. And don’t call them that, you idiot!”

“Ha? It’s a compliment!”

“It doesn’t sound like one!”

As I stared at the huge crowd in front of me, all I could see were eagerness on their faces while talking to each other. 

I slowly walked forward while staring at them. “Wait… wait…”

“Is there a problem, Boss? Yeah, I know it’s disappointing that we can’t go right away, but don’t blame me, I’m not the one who sold their weapons and armors they got for free.”

I slowly shook my head. “All of them agreed to join?”

Leo tilted his head sideways and furrowed his eyebrows. “What do you mean, Boss? Wasn’t it already decided the moment you came up with your plan? Your decision is everyone’s decision and the only thing that needs to be discussed is how fast we can make your plan happen.”

It’s all already decided? 

My decision is everyone’s decision?

I stood up and faced the crowd currently looking at me. “Everyone… I’m looking forward to seeing the success of this mission.”

What came next was the roaring sound of the screams of the people in front of me, some of them were jumping and waving their hands.

Ruler of the town of Agrona. The weight of that role has finally started to sink in me.

Leo raised his hands. “This is the start of our ruler’s conquest to dominate the world! Warriors of the town of Agrona, our ruler wants to hear our determination to fight under his command! Show him what we’ve got!”

Much louder roaring screams resonated throughout the area as everyone shouted a certain name in synchronization.

“Lord Casimir!”

“Lord Casimir!”

“Lord Casimir!”

Yep, I just realized. I f****** underestimated the weight of being the ruler of this town!

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