Chapter 140: Secret Features

I put my hand on my chin while leaning on the armrest of the golden throne I was sitting on while narrowing my eyes. I stared at the back part of the mansion while trying to focus my concentration on the throne.

I was in the quadrangle behind the mansion, beneath the noon sun.

Slowly, the throne I was sitting on rose up and floated into the air. I smiled as I gradually moved away from the ground. 

Just like I thought, levitation is possible! All I need is the perfect skill to make it happen!

After countless trials and errors, which actually not that many, to be honest. I have finally found the perfect skill that can grant me flight! Not just a stepping stone while jumping up b*******, but literal flight!

I tried to do it with other skills, most of those trials were with the Earth magic because I noticed that with my Mana manifestation area I could create floating things… just like what I did when I first fought Tanya. However, floating and having a one-time momentum are the only things they could do.

For a proper elaboration, thanks to my massive Mana manifestation area, I can create the elements of my skills and make them float mid-air and throw them to my target as projectiles. However, complete manipulation of aviation is extremely hard when it comes to solid elements like Earth magic, and maintaining them to achieve flight is ridiculously difficult, or maybe I’m just not that skilled to make it happen. It’s only an option for me if I want to fly like a bullet with little to no control of where I would go. Welp, good luck with that.

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On the other hand… behold! The prestigious, the marvelous, the outstanding! Synthetic Blacksmith!

With this excellent skill, not just I can create the things I touched! I have full control of their movements! This skill is the embodiment of perfection!

As if this skill and I were a match made in heaven!

Although nothing about the manipulation part was mentioned when I got the skill. Welp, it’s not new to me anymore, I have a skill that its ability is to copy other skills as long as I see them getting activated by the user, but can’t copy summoning and taming skills and just like the manipulation part of the Synthetic Blacksmith, this restriction wasn’t mentioned when I got the skill.

Maybe some skills have secret features in them and the Synthetic Blacksmith and Jack of all trades, master of none, are just 2 of the examples that have.

Or maybe, the phrase ‘Master of none’ has something to do with it.

Welp, all in all, there are things that have never been told but actually part of the advantages and restrictions of the skills. That’s life I guess, you can’t expect to get everything in life.

The golden throne moved and slowly traveled around the quadrangle while I was sitting in it.

“Praise me, mortals! Who’s in front of you right now is the greatest man in existence! Kneel before me!”

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“Big bro Casimir! So cool!” Misha clapped her hands while sitting at the tea-table.

I shrugged. “I indeed. I am.” The throne landed on the ground. I extended my hand toward Misha. “Let’s go, Young Lady. Together, let’s conquer this flawed world and burn everything to ashes! Once we’re done… let’s use the ruins of their world to build a greater new one… a paradise.”

Misha jumped and ran towards me. “Yay!”

I moved and gave her a space to sit. As the golden throne slowly floated, I put my hand on my forehead and did a not-so villainous laugh. “Onward!” I raised my right hand and the golden throne flew in the direction of the front side of the mansion.

As we reached the front side of the mansion, we found Tanya sitting on the patio in the middle of the grassland while sipping her cup of tea, standing next to her was Gareth. As she veered her eyes towards us, her eyebrows instantly furrowed upon seeing us floating around.

“Big sis Tanya!” Misha waved her hand at her.

Tanya responded by smiling at her and waving her hand back.

I smiled at her, but what I received was a narrowed side-eyed stare.

On the other hand, Gareth waved his hand at me while smiling.

“Hmph!” She returned sipping her tea and looked away from me and talked to Gareth.

What’s up with her bad mood lately? Monthlies?

Girls really are hard to read, aren’t they?

“Let’s go to the other side of the mansion and conquer this place, My little general.” The golden throne flew towards the other side of the mansion. I stared at Misha and just found her staring at me while smiling. “What? Is there something wrong?”

She shook her head and leaned her head on my arm.

As we passed through the garden on the left side of the mansion. The maids currently taking care of the garden waved their hands at me.

I waved my hand back and smiled at them and pointed my gaze back to Misha. “I’m surprised you’re no longer that worried about me even after hearing about my plan.”

She shook her head. “Because I know now that Big bro Casimir is strong and no one can defeat you. Even if you leave… I know that you will be back as a winner.”

That’s an overestimation but sure.

“I heard the kingdom of Erela is a beautiful place. Too bad, I can’t bring you there right now for you to see it with me. But someday, it would be great if we tour around that place together.”

Misha raised her head and stared at me. “I will be strong… just like Big sis Tanya and Big sis Karoon so you can bring me with you everywhere.”

I chuckled and patted her head. “Silly, even if you become the strongest girl in the world, I won’t let you fight. That’s not part of the options and never will.”

Her lips pouted as she narrowed her eyes while staring at me. “Hmm.”

“But there’s nothing wrong with it. To want to become strong I mean. That’s one of the best ways to protect the ones who are important to you.” I patted her head. “If you want to become strong… I can’t stop you. But don’t aim to be strong just because you want to fight. Aim to become strong because you want to protect something important to you.”

She smiled at me. “I want to protect you.”

I could not help but smile upon hearing what she just said. “Hmm… how sweet. I feel a lot safer now for my future because I have an adorable girl who wants to protect me.” I chuckled.

“And Big sis Tanya, Big sis Karoon, Japheth, Shelly, and everyone in this town! All of my friends! I want to protect them all!” She raised both her hands and smiled at me.

I slowly exhaled. “Of course… you have tons of people you want to protect.”

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