Chapter 1: Flaming Turkey

I open up my eyes and frown as I don’t remember the ceiling above me. I try to move my body, but for some reason, I cannot do that. I try to speak, but for some reason, it comes out weird.

“Congratulations, my lady. It is a boy.”

“Please give him to me.”

I look at the giant woman taking me from the other giant woman. The one holding me is a giant woman with golden drill hair. She gives me a tired but kind smile, and she has beautiful blue eyes that shine with kindness.

“Riser. He will be known as Riser Phenex.”

Before I could process what she was saying, the darkness consumed me.

~3 Years Later~

I frown a little as the demonic energy inside my hand starts to disappear. It has been three years since I was born into this world—the world of DxD, the place where a pair of tits can boost your power.

However, instead of being born into an unknown support character, I’m born into the Phenex family. More specifically, born into Riser Phenex, the first villain of the DxD story, flaming Turkey, the so-called immortal flaming turkey.

I don’t know who is the one sending me here, but I want a refund. I know that I already died in my previous but come on! I want to meet my parents in heaven, dammit! I’m a devoted Christian in my previous life.

However, instead of sending me to heaven and reuniting with my family, R.O.B decided to send me here. The place where God….


Dammit! I forget that mentioning the Big G will cause me some pain. Anyway! This is the place where Big G did not exist anymore. He is gone because he is sealing away the apocalypse beast, and in his weakening state, the Four Original Satan successfully kills him.

However, because the Big G is so badass even in his weakening state, he brings down the satans with him to the grave.

Anyway, here I am in a world filled with danger. In a world filled with beings that can destroy a country with ease. Lucky for me, I’m a Phenex, a phoenix knock-off. An almost immortal being.

I was also born into a high-ranking family and rich family. The Phenex family is one, if not the richest in the underworld. A single vial of Phoenix Tear is worth ten million dollars or maybe even more.

Even one of the devil pillars cannot buy our Phoenix Tears in bulk. They only buy three or ten at maximum for an emergency.

Anyway, I go back to my training. While my parents did not allow me to play with my inheritance power, like testing my immortality or my Pyrokinesis, they allowed me to test my demonic power with the servant watching over me.

While I have a huge amount of Demonic Power, I did not have enough control of it. I have too much Demonic Power that makes me have a hard time controlling it.

“Young Master, you don’t need to train your Demonic Power, you know? Your control will increase the older you are.”

I look at the maid that pointed to look after and frown a little.

“You are right. However, I want to do it now. The more I train, the more perfect my control over my demonic power, no?”

“That… is true.”

“Beelzebub-sama is the individual that continues to practice his control over Demonic Power, and it pays off. Now he has one of the most powerful powers in the world that can rival the Power of Destruction of Bael Clan.”

“That is true. However, Beelzebub-sama is a special case. He is a genius after all.”

This is what I don’t like about all the servants in this household. I don’t know if the other devil outside our territory is like this, but all the people here are too pessimistic. They think that hard work will not give a result. They thought that a powerful individual is born, not made.

They think that only a certain individual can reach the likes of Ajuka and Sirzechs. They did not think how much tear and blood both Ajuka and Sirzechs had shed. They thought that both Satans were born with that power.

While that is true, both of them are born with talent and massive demonic power reserves, but they also train hard to control their power.


That is my only answer after being told I cannot reach where Ajuka is standing. Right now? Yes, I cannot reach where Ajuka and Sirzechs currently stand. However, in the future? I will make sure to reach that place.


|Hadrius Phenex POV|

Hadrius Phenex, the current lord of the Phenex Clan. The father of Riser Phenex. He is a kind yet strict father. He loved all his children and his wife. He will give his life if that to protect his family.

Hadrius is so protective of his children because he lost all his family in the Devil Civil War. He has to fight against his family members because they decide to side with the Old Satan War.

He did not want his children to experience what he experienced. That is why he doted on all his children. People said that his doting behavior would negatively influence his children, but Hardius did not see it so far.

All of his children are hard-working individuals. They did not become arrogant children because they were born with massive demonic power and born into the Phenex Clan.

While all of his children are hard-working individuals, they cannot be compared to his youngest child, Riser Phenex.

Hardius looked at his youngest child struggling to do what he called the Demonic Power exercise.

Among his children, Riser is the one that has the most Demonic Power out of them all. The only one that can beat Riser’s demonic reserve when he is born is Sirzechs Lucifer. After sensing the Demonic Energy of Riser, Hardius immediately creates a barrier around the room not to let the other sense his demonic energy.

While many people will boast their son if they have the same reserve as Riser, Hardius decides to do the opposite. While the devil race is currently in a peaceful state, if there is news of other Sirzechs getting out, Hardius knows that many people will send an assassin to kill Riser.

If another Sirzechs is born, the power balance will be tilted to the devil race side. That is why Hardius uses his demonic power to conceal Riser’s demonic power reserve. The only one that can see through it is a high-level being like the Gods of Pantheon or the Satans. Even then, they need to look closely before they notice it.

Hardius snaps from his thoughts when he sees Riser grow a tree from the ground. He raised his eyebrow in confusion. This is another thing that Hardius finds confusing. Riser is a unique child. Since he was a baby, he has never cried unnecessarily.

The only time he cries is the time he s*** himself, or it was time to eat. Not only that, but Riser is also a rather quiet child. He did not talk much, but every time Hardius or his wife decided to talk to him, he answered their questions as if he understood them.

When Riser reaches three, he begins to ask both him and his wife about Demonic Power. He asks us how to control it, how much Demonic Power is required to cast spells, or how much demonic power is required to have Evil Pieces.

After giving him a book explaining how the Demonic Power works, he spent two months reading all of them. He then asks Hardius for permission to use the training ground to train his Demonic Power and Phenex Power.

While Hardius did not permit him to train his Phenex power just yet, Hardius allowed him to train his Demonic Power.

So here they are, Hardius watching his youngest son use a weird training method. The first one is how he uses a piece of paper and places it on his forehead. Riser uses his Demonic power to make the paper stick on his forehead and make it a spin.

While the method is weird, Hardius must admit that it was working. He already tried this method, and he is impressed by his son’s new method. Not only does this technique increase the concentration of the practitioner, but it also increases your control over Demonic Power.

Hardius is really proud of his son. While he did not know about the future, he was really looking forward to the future.

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