8th Story 10

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8th Story 10

[So, what do you mean, a logistics soldier who has never been on the battlefield and has no battle plan, really wrote such a battle plan in two days? Do you think I’m stupid? 】

【For one person, punishing more than 100 people is really powerful. (Applause.jpg)] [What is Major Lin dissatisfied with the Empire? She didn’t hurt the empire and betrayed the empire. Could it be that she doesn’t allow to be unhappy? 】

【Genes are so important, I can understand that what kind of character quality can be ignored in the face of double S+. 】

【As far as I think, there is something wrong with the military’s brain? Have their executives taken any illegal drugs recently? This is too wrong…] [Wait for another day, let’s see what the official will say during the interview, maybe there really is something hidden here. ] [There are hidden feelings +1] [Yes, I’m still curious, double S+, this is the highest gene level in more than a thousand years, I don’t know how strong Lan Yue is, and it can make the official biased like this… …]

Maybe it’s because netizens have been taken to a rhythm before, and in the face of the news released by the military, the trend on the Internet has not changed suddenly.

On the contrary, many netizens have discovered that the military wants to resolutely protect Lan Yue.

Various remarks surfaced, some still stood by Lin Xiaotang, and some began to trust the official.

But there are two points that all the people of the empire are curious about –

how defiant is the legendary double S+ gene?

And what kind of person is Lan Yue, who is protected by the government?

The changes in public opinion on the Interstellar.com were naturally expected by the military.

After all, this is how the world is.

Since the state forced all newborns to undergo genetic testing, and since genetic theory became popular, the genetic hierarchy has divided everyone into three, six, and nine.

People with high genetic level will have a promising future, while people with low genetic level are destined to be in the middle and lower classes of society and will never have a chance to turn over in their lifetime.

Poor character can really affect a person’s reputation.

But as long as he can show enough strength, as long as his appearance is handsome and his personality is gentle and calm, there will be countless admirers who will be convinced by him and stand for him unconditionally.

[Major Lin is indeed worthy of admiration, but after all, she is a cripple, and she will no longer be able to fight in the future. There is no problem with the military abandoning her, right? 】

【People always do wrong things, didn’t you copy other people’s homework when you were young? As long as Lan Yue can create greater value for our country after this, I think it is not impossible for the military to protect him. ] [We have already lost a double-S genius. Could it be that this once-in-a-lifetime double-S+ genius has to be kicked out of the army because of this stupid thing? People always have to look to the future. I sympathize with Major Lin, but I don’t think it is necessary to punish Lan Yue severely. ] [That’s right, as long as Lan Yue grows up, his future record won’t necessarily be any worse than Lin Xiaotang’s. ] [More than 100 ordinary soldiers, I don’t think it’s a loss for a double-S+ genius that can only be encountered once in a thousand years. 】

“Have you seen these comments?” In the training ground, the instructor pointed to these comments on the Interstellar website and asked.

Opposite him, Lan Yue, who was training, nodded and said in a low voice, “I see.”

These days, because of the instability of his genes and the conscious or unintentional exclusion of those around him, he has become more and more silent.

Looking at these few comments speaking for him, Lan Yue’s face didn’t show any slack and gratitude, instead it became more gloomy.

“All your current glory is because of your talent,” the imperial instructor said with a serious face, “whether it’s the military sheltering you or the favor of the people outside, it’s because you’re a double-S+ genius.”

“So , No matter what method or means you use, tomorrow afternoon, you must stabilize your state and show the strength of a double S+ genius! Do you understand?” He said sharply.

While the instructor was talking, a cold mechanical sound also came out of Lan Yue’s mind:

[Host, your prop ‘Protagonist Halo’ has been used up, whether you can continue to stay in the army depends on you. . ] [I’m not here to do charity, I chose you as the host, I asked you to complete the task,] it said coldly, [Before tomorrow afternoon, you must plunder the luck of a favored man, understand? 】

Do you know?

At the end, these two voices gradually merged into one, smashing towards Lan Yue ruthlessly.

Feeling the invisible pressure from the military and the system, Lan Yue gritted his teeth.

In his heart, the jealousy towards Lin Xiaotang, the dissatisfaction with the high-level only looking at the genetic level, and the aggressive resentment towards the outside world netizens… All erupted in this short moment.

He doesn’t really want to do this, he actually wants to be a good person with integrity.

They forced him, they harmed him!

Lan Yue clenched his fists tightly, his fingernails deeply embedded in the flesh, leaving bloodstains.

“I see.”

Under the arrangement of various people in the military, the work of “clarifying the rumors” was carried out in an orderly manner.

In one afternoon, they had made appointments with four or five authoritative media in advance, selected the reporters to interview, and set the initial interview draft.

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At the same time, some senior military officials who had a good relationship with General Lin Yuan also appeared one after another to speak to General Lin Yuan and Lan Yue.

In order to whitewash the two of them as much as possible, they also slandered Lin Xiaotang, saying she had bad behavior, to prove that Lin Yuan was a good father.

“What a gloomy character, arrogant, what kind of b******* he is talking about!”

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Inside a starship in the cosmos Xinghai, looking at the Xingbo content just sent by Admiral Shen, the black crow leader Vincent couldn’t bear it anymore so he come out and sneered.

This old guy who has no outstanding achievements at all and can only become an admiral thanks to his family, even said that Lin Xiaotang played with his son’s feelings, that Lin Xiaotang once promised to marry him, but in the end he went back on his word and escaped to Xinghai!

This is a big joke!

“Even if Lin Xiaotang is blind, he won’t look at your mediocre and incompetent, with only a B gene level, and raising five or six lovers’ sons!” Vincent rolled up his sleeves and commented unceremoniously, “And playing tricks with his feelings? He doesn’t even deserve to be played with by her, okay?”

After typing this paragraph, Vincent angrily pressed the “publish” button and posted it to General Shen’s Xingbo.

It was not until his comment was liked by more than 1,000 people that he felt a little relieved.

In the past few days, Vincent, like most of the people of the Empire, was addicted to the interstellar.com, tearing up with netizens of different positions.

In order to get his comments to the front row, he even ordered the pirates on the ship to like him.

It’s just that, unlike what the outside world thinks, almost all of Vincent’s comments are speaking for Lin Xiaotang.

It stands to reason that he, who was robbed by Lin Xiaotang, should hate Lin Xiaotang very much.

In fact, Vincent really hated Lin Xiaotang, and he added the reward for Lin Xiaotang’s head on the black market to 200 million Empire Coins.

But for some reason, when he saw those people in the military slander Lin Xiaotang, and when he saw those who didn’t know the truth scolding Lin Xiaotang on the Internet, he felt very upset.

As if the person who was misunderstood was himself.

Lin Xiaotang was the enemy he identified as someone who had successfully defeated the Black Crow, how could they be so disgusting in their mouths!

You people who only hide behind the army and rely on her and her soldiers for protection, how can you judge her arbitrarily? !

With such a delicate mind, Vincent went from a lazy pirate boss to a standard Internet troll.

Some netizens who often surf the Internet almost remember the ID of their account.

[Hahahahaha, Major Lin’s true fan is here again! ] [Before I clicked into the comment area, I was still thinking about whether I would see you again this time. 】

【Little brother, you are really a big fan of Major Lin, are you like me, you have been rescued by her before? 】

Looking at these comments, Vincent’s eyelids twitched.

His typing hand slowly stopped, and his mood became quite complicated.

Have you been rescued by her?

He must have been tricked by her.

But, come to think of it, that’s really not right.

He, the (self-confessed) enemy, is speaking for Lin Xiaotang, so what about Lin Xiaotang him?

Facing all kinds of comments on the Internet, what is she doing?

Thinking of this, Vincent’s mood is even worse.

He took out the terminal, hesitated for a while, or sent a message to Lin Xiaotang: [Where is yours? What are you going to do with those comments on the Internet? Should you do nothing and let others scold you? 】

【I have a way. 】

Soon, Lin Xiaotang’s reply popped up.

Does she have a way?

After Vincent saw it, he suddenly became curious.

He sent another message to ask Lin Xiaotang what she planned to do.

But after he sent it, and after a full half an hour, he did not wait for Lin Xiaotang’s reply.

Vincent: “…”

He gave her the starship! Just so indifferent! ?

Out of anger, Vincent simply quit Xingbo and casually browsed the Internet.

At this time, he accidentally discovered that a strange live broadcast room suddenly appeared on the homepage of a live broadcast platform of Interstellar.

The anchor of this live broadcast room is a pure newcomer. His account is newly registered, and even the live broadcast was only opened 10 minutes ago.

But for some reason, his live broadcast room has steadily appeared on the homepage of the website, and everyone can find it by simply entering it.

And the name of this live broadcast room is called “Explore the true colors of General Lin Yuan and Lan Yue”.

Under the camera, a young man in an imperial uniform is standing outside the gate of the military hospital with a determined face.

Looking at the audience that kept pouring in, the youth in military uniform spoke up.

“Hello everyone, my name is Xiao Bei, and I’m an ordinary soldier in the imperial army.”

“You may not know me, but you should have an impression of me, because I was the one who spoke for Major Lin in the original post, and I was also attacked by the he military has been expelled from the military and is about to repatriate the offenders to their hometown.”

“I know that tomorrow afternoon, many media will go to the military to conduct live interviews with General Lin Yuan and Lan Yue,” Xiao Bei said slowly. , “But I think this so-called interview has been rehearsed in advance, and such a live interview is very misleading and is very detrimental to Major Lin.”

“Tomorrow morning, I’m leaving the military, where I’ve lived for five years,” he said. “So, I decided to take this last chance to start a real live broadcast for you to see for yourself. General Lin Yuan and Lan Yue, what kind of people are they?”

After saying this, Xiao Bei stretched out his hand and turned the camera to the gate of the military hospital.

Under his camera, everyone in the live broadcast room saw that the legendary double S+ genius Lan Yue hurriedly walked into the hospital with a food box.

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