8th Story 4

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Eighth Story 4

Zhu Paner’s situation was really miserable. The little nurse came out of the intensive care unit and began to think about helping her.

“Sure enough, it’s a child…” said the doctor who saw everything in the ward, but did not object.

The little nurse thought about it, and soon helped Zhu Paner to contact a TV station in the province. After hearing that the TV station would not be able to come over until tomorrow, she took a picture of Zhu Paner with her mobile phone, and also took a picture of Wu Yunyun. , and then covered Wu Yunyun’s appearance with a flower and posted it on Weibo.

This little nurse usually uses Weibo to just read news and the like, and doesn’t know much about what to do, but she wanted to help Zhu Pan’er, so she checked some information, and then gave some famous women’s rights protection The blogger sent a private message.

This Weibo of hers has pictures and truth, and was immediately forwarded by one of the bloggers, which also attracted the attention of many people. Seeing this, the little nurse went to the police to learn more about Zhu Paner It’s a pity that the police didn’t know much about it, but the police officer who came to the hospital the next day to find out about Zhu Paner’s situation happened to be the one who sent Wu Yunyun home yesterday, and immediately told what happened yesterday.

“Why didn’t she ask for help yesterday?” The little nurse’s name was Ni Shishi, an only child who grew up in the county seat. Hearing what happened yesterday, she couldn’t help but feel a little hated towards Zhu Pan’er.

“I guess it’s because he is afraid of being beaten again.” The policeman said without thinking. He is old and has seen many things, so his reaction to Zhu Pan’er is not surprising at all.

There is a preference for sons over women in their place. The county town is not bad, and there are not many people who beat their wives, but at least one of the three families in the surrounding countryside can beat their wives.

Of course, there are very few wives who beat their husbands. He saw a man beaten by his wife last year, and he didn’t dare to say a word even when his wife brought his lover home.

However, in general, there are very few serious people like Zhu Paner.

“Then you should get a divorce sooner!” Ni Shishi said.

“Do you think it’s that simple? How will you live after you get divorced? Although this woman lives in the city, she has a rural hukou. I think their family is also doing things in the countryside.” The police explained.

The countryside, especially the countryside here is different from the city. Every family in the countryside wants to have a son. Since they have a son, the family business is naturally all for the son. The daughter is raised and received a dowry. After getting married, the parents feel that they have done what they should do, and will only treat their daughters as relatives in the future. Some of them go too far, even scraping money from their daughters and sticking them to their sons, but they don’t care about the daughter’s life or death, because she belongs to someone else’s family. .

The fields and houses in the countryside are the collective property of the village, and are divided according to the household. Women cannot take them away from their homes when they get married, nor can they be separated from their husbands’ homes when they get divorced. They cannot even set up a household in the village alone. , that is really going out of the house, so many women do not dare to divorce unless they are forced to.

“This woman’s husband has a formal job anyway. If she really wants to get a divorce, it is estimated that the alimony will be sentenced a little more. Some women… Those men are all working outside, and they don’t have any formal jobs. They say they have no income. , the alimony awarded by the court is only three or four hundred per month, and even only two hundred a few years ago. What can I do with that little money? But now there are too few women in some villages, and many people can’t even marry wives. Divorced women think It’s easy to find someone to marry, even if you bring a tow bottle, someone wants it, but it’s better than a few years ago.”

Ni Shishi listened with anger.

The policeman smiled and said, “Don’t think too much. She begs you to help her, so you can help her.”

Ni Shishi finally felt a little better when she heard this, and then went to see Zhu Pan’er again. .

Although Zhu Paner was seriously injured, because the treatment was timely, there was no danger to her life. When Ni Shishi went, she had recovered a little, and then continued to complain: “I ran away before… Kill my sister… If I run away again, he will kill all my family…”

“There is such a thing? This is too hateful!” Ni Shishi gritted her teeth and whispered, she was about to explode with anger, but she didn’t dare to show too much excitement in front of Zhu Pan’er, for fear of being scared to follow her now. A rag doll-like Zhu Paner.

“Please help me, and my daughter.” Zhu Pan’er whispered, and then looked straight at Ni Shishi, she felt a little guilty, because she asked Ni Shishi to help, it might hurt Ni Shishi, she didn’t want to be involved before. Others will not ask for help, but she has no other way.

It is difficult for her to even stand up now. As Mu Ling said, what else can she do other than ask for help?

When Ni Shishi heard Zhu Pan’er’s words, her heart felt as uncomfortable as being pressed against a big rock. She wanted to speak, but her throat felt sore, so she just nodded and changed the infusion bag for Zhu Pan’er.

Wu Yunyun slept in the nurse’s duty room last night. Ni Shishi had to leave work at 8:00 in the morning, but she was worried and stayed.

“Auntie, I want to pee.” After Wu Yunyun woke up, she looked at Ni Shishi cautiously.

Ni Shishi took her to the toilet, helped her to pee, and asked, “Are you hungry? What do you want to eat?”

Wu Yunyun asked, “Where is mother?”

“Your mother is injured and is treating a disease, Auntie take you to see her first, and then let’s eat, okay?” Ni Shishi asked.

Wu Yunyun nodded obediently, and after seeing Zhu Pan’er in the ward through the window, a smile finally appeared on his face.

Ni Shishi has always disliked children, thinking that children are very noisy, but now seeing Wu Yunyun, she feels that her heart has melted – well-behaved children are always love and like.

It’s just that if she has children of her own, perhaps she would prefer her children to be noisy, instead of being so young like Wu Yunyun who dare not even express her own preferences.

Bought porridge from the hospital cafeteria, Ni Shishi thought that her cousin’s son was a head taller than Wu Yunyun and was chasing after him to feed him, so she planned to feed Wu Yunyun, but Wu Yunyun took the spoon by herself and quickly gave her a portion of the porridge. After the bowl of porridge was finished, Ni Shishi allocated some more to her, and she finished eating again.

Ni Shishi didn’t dare to give Wu Yunyun too much food, and was about to lead her back when she saw a nurse who was on duty with her last night. It

is reasonable to say that the child is to be handed over to her relatives, and they cannot be taken by strangers like them, but thinking of Zhu Paner’s previous instructions, Ni Shishi gritted her teeth, turned around and walked to the pediatrics department with the child in her arms: “I will take her with me. The child is going to hide.”

“Can you hide? Shishi, the Wu family made a fuss, saying that it was illegal for the hospital to hide their child, and they must take the child back.” The nurse said again. .

“There are police there,” Ni Shishi said. “I’ll call the TV station again. When the people from the TV station come, they should not dare to do anything.” After thinking about it, Ni Shishi posted another Weibo, saying that Wu The family is coming to rob the child.

Nowadays, many people have followed Ni Shishi. When they saw her posting on Weibo, some netizens immediately told her that those people must not be allowed to take away the children.

Wu Guangyan even beat his own children, who knew the other people in the Wu family would do the same? If the three-year-old girl is taken away by her cruel elders, who knows what will happen?

Ni Shishi also felt that it was reasonable, and sent another message, saying that the child’s mother begged her to protect the child, worried that the child would be taken away and used to threaten her.

Those netizens heard what Ni Shishi said and sent more news, so that Ni Shishi must not let the Wu family take away the child.

Originally, if you just saw a domestic violence news on the Internet, the netizens would be outraged at the time, and they would not feel too much. However, Ni Shishi is doing this now, and she has used a method similar to live broadcast to hang the hearts of many netizens. In this matter, more and more people began to pay attention to this matter.

Ni Shishi herself didn’t think it was anything, but Mu Ling, who came to check the situation, saw the situation on her mobile phone, but his heart moved.

Originally, although she planned to use the power of the media to let Zhu Paner get rid of Wu Guangyan and protect Wu Yunyun, she really didn’t dare to make a deal, but now, she thinks things should be much simpler.

Ni Shishi hoped that the police would stop the Wu family, and the police did it—the Wu family were aggressive, and they didn’t go to see Zhu Paner after they came, and they wanted children. Everyone could see that there was a problem. Of course the police wouldn’t let them make a fuss in the hospital.

“What child do you want! The woman is about to be beaten to death, and the child is also injured and will be hospitalized. You want the child now, so that the child will not be treated?” The leading police officer said: “If you continue to disrupt the hospital order like this, I’ll detain you all!”

Wu’s family was called by Wu’s father. They wanted to help Wu’s father, but they had no intention of being detained by the police for Wu’s father’s sake. Seeing the firm attitude of those policemen, they no longer wanted to. He insisted on having a child, and turned around and said to Father Wu, “Isn’t it just a little girl’s film? If they want to raise them, let them raise them. What do they want to do when they come back?”

Father Wu had always disliked Wu Yunyun, and felt that this was reasonable. But this is what Wu Guangyan explained: “Guangyan told me to take that girl’s film back.”

“Is Guangyan soft-hearted? Just a little girl, what do you care about?” said Wu’s father’s brother.

“That’s right, what’s so good about that Zhu Pan’er, who wanted to run away before and sneaked into the ring… What’s the use of such a woman coming?” said a nephew of Wu’s father.

“Yeah, uncle, there are people outside who say that this girl’s film may not be widely spoken.” Another humane said.

Father Wu didn’t like Zhu Pan’er at first, and when he heard these people say that, he was even more embarrassed to ask these people to bring Wu Yunyun back, so he asked about Wu Guangyan: “Those police detained Guangyan, What should I do about this? Xiao Liu, isn’t your cousin-in-law at the police station? Can you help me ask and get Guangyan out first? Can people live in the police station?

” I’m going to ask my brother-in-law.” The person called Xiaoliu said, and the others started talking.

“Uncle, don’t worry, isn’t that just beating his wife? The state doesn’t care about this, and Guangyan will definitely be released soon.

” I know how much.”

“This Zhu Pan’er is too innocuous.”

These people complained about Zhu Pan’er, but they didn’t think Wu Guangyan would have an accident. In the countryside, there are many such things as beating women. They have seen divorced because of this, but they have never seen any jailed because of this.

The wife and children belong to their own family. If they are beaten, they will be beaten. What can happen?

Mu Ling listened to all of these people’s words, and at the same time they felt a little uncomfortable because they didn’t plan to rob Wu Yunyun anymore. She listened for a while, then went back to Zhu Pan’er, and after Zhu Pan’er woke up, she told Zhu Pan’er what those people said, and said, “If you want to leave with your child, then go on. You have to be more decisive, you know?”

“I can kill Wu Guangyan.” Zhu Pan’er said.

“I’m not referring to this… I have read some legal books, you can sue Wu Guangyan for abuse, although Wu Guangyan can only be sentenced to seven years at most, but after doing that, the Wu family may threaten you as if they want to hurt your parents, you can’t give up on Wu Guangyan just because you sympathize with them.” Mu Ling said.

There were tears in Zhu Pan’er’s eyes again. Her parents treated her very badly, but they were her parents after all… Zhu Pan’er’s mood was extremely complicated. After a while, she said, “Okay.”

When I was a child, I once thought she was a girl, so naturally she couldn’t compare to a boy. She should protect her younger brother, so that she would have a support in the future.

But after she was beaten by Wu Guangyan, she went to her parents’ house to ask for help, but her parents kicked her out and let her go back to Wu’s house, and her brother was indifferent, her thoughts became less and less

… The most impressive thing is what happened last year during the Chinese New Year.

They usually live in the county town, but they go back to the countryside during the New Year’s Eve. Wu Guangyan didn’t know what was going on last year’s New Year’s Eve, and suddenly caught her and beat her hard…

She didn’t want to be beaten on the happy New Year’s Eve. , and ran out of the door with Wu Yunyun in his arms. Wu Guangyan is a face-saving person and usually doesn’t beat her in front of people, but she didn’t dare to go back, so she went to her parents’ house not far away, and wanted to stay at her parents’ house for one night.

This was nothing at first, but her parents didn’t let her in, saying that if a married woman went to her mother’s house for the night during the Chinese New Year, it would bring bad luck to her mother’s house and make her mother’s family unhappy for the whole year.

Zhu Pan’er stood outside the door with her child in her arms, blowing the cold wind, and when she heard the mother in the room scolding her for a lot of things, her heart was really cold.

She stayed at the door of her parents’ house for a long time, worried that the child would be frozen and had to choose to go back. The next morning, she was woken up by the open fire and returned to Wu’s house. Fortunately, the next day was the first day of the new year. Wu Guangyan said that he could not see blood, but Wu Guangyan finally didn’t beat her.

With those incidents, Zhu Paner’s original relationship with her parents was almost wiped out.

At first, when Wu Guangyan threatened her to kill her parents and her entire family, she was too afraid, but now she doesn’t care much, and occasionally thinks of herself, since her parents asked her to give her brother the dowry and even all her pre-marriage wages , all because her mother’s family can rely on her, so let Wu Guangyan and her brother fight…

Mu Ling saw Zhu Pan’er’s expression and smiled at her: “Have a good rest.”

Zhu Pan When the child fell asleep, Mu Ling went to Ni Shishi again, and followed behind Ni Shishi to watch the progress on the Internet, and at this time, the people from the TV station that Ni Shishi looked for also came.

The reporter from the TV station was a young man in his twenties. He interviewed many people, especially those from the Wu family, and finally asked to see Pan’er.

Zhu Pan’er’s condition has stabilized. In fact, she can be transferred to a general ward now, as long as some monitoring equipment is placed next to her, but considering the special situation of Zhu Pan’er, the hospital did not do this.

Now hearing the reporter’s request, the hospital agreed to his request after thinking about it.

Zhu Pan’er had heard about this reporter from Mu Ling long ago. She had never seen anything in the world. After hearing that people from the TV station could help her, she was a little excited. Talk: “Can you help me? Please help me, I always wanted to get a divorce, but they locked me up and beat me… I don’t want to go on like this anymore, I will be beaten to death…

” When the reporter saw Zhu Pan’er’s miserable appearance, an unbearable expression inevitably appeared on his face, but he remembered what the Wu family had said before and asked again, “I heard that your daughter is not your husband’s, so your husband beat you, is it true? Is that so?” Zhu Pan’er’s current appearance is really miserable, although he is a man, he also feels that Zhu Pan’er’s husband is not a person, but… Zhu Pan’er’s husband beat her so badly, and there should be a reason for even beating your own children, right?

Thinking of the people in the Wu family who swore that Zhu Pan’er usually likes to hook up with each other, he can’t feel sympathy for Zhu Pan’er.

Zhu Paner has great hopes for this reporter. Although she has used a computer, she has never had the opportunity to surf the Internet since she married Wu Guangyan, so she has no knowledge of the Internet at all. After looking for the media, she pinned all her expectations on the TV station, but…the TV station actually said that?

Zhu Pan’er was stunned, and Mu Ling’s face was not very good-looking, so she could only remind: “You let them do the paternity test!”

Zhu Pan’er had also heard about the paternity test, and she was so angry It fluctuated, but the words were more coherent: “You can… do a paternity test. If Yunyun is not his son, I willing to die.”

The reporter’s expression was a little embarrassing, and Ni Shishi suddenly became cold. Zhang Lian: “The patient is going to rest, you go out first!”

After the reporter went out, Ni Shishi put an oxygen mask on Zhu Pan’er, took a few photos of Zhu Pan’er, and edited the reporter’s interview. On the Internet, of course, she didn’t forget to complain about the reporter.

That night, the TV station released the interview video. When they broadcast the news, they were unbiased, but the Wu family’s sophistry would always make the real insiders feel disgusted.

But no matter what the facts are, it’s good for this news to be on the TV station, at least let more people know about such a thing, combined with Ni Shishi’s Weibo on the Internet, the whole incident immediately attracted the attention of many people.

Most people sympathize with Zhu Pan’er. After seeing that the photo of Zhu Pan’er that Ni Shishi posted on the Internet has been diagnosed by the hospital, they scold Wu Guangyan, but some people think that Zhu Pan’er has a problem herself – if she doesn’t have a problem herself. Question, how could her husband hit her? And those Wu family members also said that the girl was not Wu Guangyan’s daughter at all!

This kind of comment made Ni Shishi so angry that he didn’t even dare to tell Zhu Pan’er, but Zhu Pan’er actually knew something from Mu Ling and didn’t care.

She has been criticized by too many people in her life, and now she really doesn’t take it seriously when she is said by irrelevant people on the Internet. What’s more, Wu Yunyun is 100% Wu Guangyan’s child and the Wu family is now trying to pour dirty water on her, and they were the ones who couldn’t get off the stage in the end.

Of course, Zhu Pan’er doesn’t care about this now. Now she just wants to get rid of Wu Guangyan quickly: “Shi Shi, you are a good person. Do you need a lawyer for divorce or prosecution? Can you help me find a lawyer?”

” I was contacted by a lawyer on the Internet, saying that if you need it, she will come over immediately and help you to file a lawsuit for free!” Ni Shishi said, although some people on the Internet think that Zhu Paner’s beating is her own fault, there are many people want to help Zhu Paner.

Seeing Ni Shishi rushing for him, and learning that there are still people willing to help him with a lawsuit for free, Zhu Pan’er was enthusiastic.

In fact, she never dared to trouble others. When encountering problems, she would only find a solution by herself, and before, no one would really help her.

But now, some people are willing to help her, some people are willing to be busy for her…

Zhu Pan’er suddenly has infinite courage, under the circumstance that Mu Ling and others are trying to help her, she must not back down, she must get rid of Wu Guang completely Word.

She must never let her daughter suffer like her.

I don’t know if she was beaten too much, but Zhu Pan’er’s wound actually healed very quickly. Of course, her foundation needs to be brought back slowly.

Another day passed, and Zhu Paner no longer needed to wear an oxygen mask all the time. At this time, she met the lawyer who was willing to help her, as well as several people from organizations that specialized in helping women who were victims of domestic violence.

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