8th Story 5

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Eighth Story 5

In Zhu Pan’er’s eyes, Wu Guangyan is a devil, a mountain that cannot be overthrown, an existence that cannot be defeated, but this is not the case.

Wu Guangyan was detained and could no longer hurt her. At the same time, a lawyer would help her sue Wu Guangyan. According to the lawyer, Wu Guangyan would definitely go to jail later.

While transferred to the general ward and finally completely out of danger, Zhu Paner is full of hope for the future.

Of course, although she is full of hope for the future, it doesn’t mean that she has nothing… In fact, she soon encountered another problem.

She has no money to pay for her medical bills.

Zhu Pan’er had no money since she was a child. When she was still studying, her parents would not give her even a dollar more. When she started to work, her parents took it away without hesitation thinking that she was saving her dowry. her pay card.

Sometimes, the more children neglected by their parents, the more eager they are to get their parents’ love, and the more they want to make their parents value themselves by giving for their parents. Zhu Paner had such a mentality at the beginning.

Her parents are so kind to her brother, and if she wants to get that kind of favor, she tries her best to be a good child and listens to her parents everywhere… On the contrary, it is her brother, who can always get his parents unconditionally. For the sake of love, he would never understand the difficulties of his parents, and would only make various demands on them.

No matter what kind of mentality Zhu Paner had at the beginning, she gave her salary card to her parents, and when she got married, in addition to the dowry, such as quilts, toilets, boxes, tableware, etc., which local married people must have, She had only a few hundred dollars on her.

That’s fine but after getting married, her salary card still fell into Wu Guangyan’s hands. Later, because Wu Guangyan often beat her, she had to ask for leave, and she didn’t even have a job…

She was in the nursery during this time . Wu Guangyan accompanied her to find her job, and she asked about the salary. Then, every time the salary was paid, Wu Guangyan would take her money as soon as possible. Or if the lady boss deducted her salary because she asked for leave, Wu Guangyan would take the opportunity to beat her.

Of course, she also secretly saved a little money, but a few hundred yuan is enough for what?

“What should I do?” Zhu Pan’er asked worriedly, she had forgotten about the medical expenses before… She was beaten and hospitalized before, and the medical expenses were all paid by the Wu family at that time.

“I’ll ask the dean to see if I can let you owe it first.” Ni Shishi said, when Zhu Pan’er was sent, Wu Guangyan once paid her 2,000 yuan for medical expenses, but such a small amount of money It’s already been deducted…

“Thank you.” Zhu Pan’er said.

“This is not a long-term solution. Although the lawsuit should eventually allow Wu Guangyan to pay for the medical expenses, Ms. Zhu can’t afford it… Maybe we can organize a donation.” The lawyer who is willing to help Zhu Paner in the lawsuit is surnamed Ye, She specializes in divorce lawsuits, and she also helps women who have been abused to defend their rights. Although she has encountered many setbacks during the period, she has never given up.

“Organize donations? Can you?” Ni Shishi asked.

“Of course, I will find all the materials to help Ms. Zhu apply, and then ask netizens to donate money. Maybe the donation will not be too much, but it can also solve the urgent need.” Lawyer Ye said.

Zhu Paner’s situation is really not very good, she is also really poor, and it is understandable to organize donations.

Lawyer Ye has been in touch with some matters in this regard, and quickly collected Zhu Paner’s case, hospital receipts, and other required materials, put them on the Internet, and then initiated donations.

There are more people who donate than Ni Shishi imagined. Maybe people don’t donate too much money, but you have ten dollars for one dollar, and the number of people is very impressive.

Ni Shishi’s Weibo account is now followed by many people, and many of those people have donated money to Zhu Paner. After one night, they have already received 20,000 donations.

This amount is not much, and it is not even possible to pay all the medical expenses up to now, but with such a start, Zhu Paner doesn’t have to worry as much as he started at the beginning, and lawyer Ye quickly helped Zhu Paner Filed a lawsuit to the court, suing Wu Guangyan for the crime of abuse, demanding the dissolution of Wu Guangyan’s Zhu Paner’s marriage, and requiring Wu Guangyan to compensate for medical expenses, nutritional expenses and mental damage.

Before lawyer Ye sued, Father Wu completely ignored Zhu Paner.

In the eyes of the Wu family, Zhu Paner is Wu Guangyan’s wife, and even if Wu Guangyan beats him, it is not a big deal. Under such circumstances, of course, they would not plan ahead, and even feel that as long as they don’t help Zhu Paner pay for the medicine Fei, then I am afraid that Zhu Pan’er will come to beg them…

As a result, Zhu Pan’er, who they thought was going to beg them, not only didn’t come to beg them, but even went to sue Wu Guangyan!

These people were stunned, and kept scolding Zhu Paner for not knowing what to do.

When Father Wu arrived at this time, he realized that he couldn’t deal with the situation, and he didn’t care about his wife who was always fainting on the hospital bed for some reason, and hurriedly went to find his son.

Father Wu met Wu Guangyan in the detention center, and after seeing it, he told him what Zhu Paner wanted to sue him.

Wu Guangyan’s face changed a little at the moment: “Didn’t I ask you to take Yunyun back?” Wu Guangyan knew the law, so he told his parents that they must grab Wu Yunyun.

“What are you doing to take her back?” Father Wu frowned. Seeing that Wu’s father seemed to be angry, Wu Guangyan swallowed and waited for a while, and then saw that Wu’s father had calmed down before saying: “Wu Yunyun is in our hands, and Zhu Paner will definitely not dare to sue me.”

With the child in their hands, Zhu Paner will definitely throw the mouse away.

Father Wu didn’t think of this before. He suddenly realized when he heard his son’s dish, and then regretted a little: “What should I do now?”

“You go to Zhu Paner’s parents.” Wu Guangyan said.

Father Wu thought about it and quickly understood what his son meant.

Now there are people watching Zhupaner all the time, but he wanted to make trouble, but the security of the hospital would stop him, and those nurses were still looking at him like a thief. It’s just that he can’t do anything, but Zhu Pan’er’s parents can…

Wu’s father doesn’t look down on Zhu Pan’er’s parents. He makes a lot of money by running long distances, but Zhu Pan’er’s parents can farm and fight. Part-time jobs or going to the factory to be the most common car driver, these are all fine, and the two parents have raised a useless son. His son is very good. He is the first college student in the village. He works in the county town. What about the health of the Zhu family?

Zhu Pan’er’s younger brother, Chu Jiankang, has been a worry-free child since he was a child.

Although the learning environment in the countryside is a little worse, but in this day and age, people of Chu’s age should be able to use a computer to type after finishing compulsory education. Chu Jiankang skipped school since he was a child, and he couldn’t even learn pinyin well…

Last year in their village There was a story about Chu’s Jiankang.

The fathers and mothers introduced a partner to Chu Jiankang, Chu Jiankang chatted with the object on QQ, but Chu Jiankang couldn’t type on a computer, but could only write by hand on a mobile phone… Finally, Chu Jianjian couldn’t take it anymore, and he refused directly. Chu is healthy. It was like this, and the matter was over, but the parents and mothers were not convinced, and said in the village that the girl was looking for rich people outside to look down on Chu Jiankang… In a fit of anger, the girl put the Chu Jiankang advertised that he couldn’t even use a computer.

These days, elementary school students can use computers, but Chu Jiankang can’t use them… At that time, all the families were the targets of jokes in the whole village.

It’s just that Chu Jiankang is ignorant. He still doesn’t work, and he spends all day in various chess and card rooms in the county town, and even goes to those “underground” casinos in the countryside where there is a huge flow of funds.

When Chu Jian’an’s parents married Zhu Pan’er to his son, they pointed out that they would use the dowry gift from their family to marry a daughter-in-law to Chu Jiankang. It’s a pity that by now, those dowry gifts have long been used by them to pay Chu Jianan’s gambling debts. !

Father Wu knew everything about the situation of the families, so he didn’t worry that the parents and mothers would be unwilling to help him – as long as he gave money, the parents and mothers would definitely listen to him.

That afternoon, when Zhu Paner was talking to her daughter in the ward and thanking the nurses for taking care of her daughter, she was told that her parents and brother were coming.

Those nurses would guard the Wu family, but they couldn’t stopped the parents and mothers at all. They even brought the parents and mothers to Zhu Paner’s ward very enthusiastically.

It should be a happy thing for parents to come to see him when he is sick, but when he sees his parents and mothers, Zhu Paner is not happy at all, instead his face is pale.

“Ms. Zhu?” Attorney Ye was just asking Zhu Pan’er about all the things that happened during her and Wu Guangyan’s wedding. Seeing that Zhu Pan’er’s face changed, she called out immediately.

“My parents are here.” Zhu Pan’er said, with a flash of fear in his eyes.

Lawyer Ye was stunned for a moment, and almost immediately guessed the whole story.

Nowadays, girls in cities, or girls in wealthy and well-to-do rural areas, are basically loved by their parents and raised in the palms of their parents’ hands. However, in rural areas in remote areas, people generally prefer boys young girl.

They may have many children, or they may abort a female fetus to give birth to a boy, and then treat their son as a treasure, but they will raise their daughter very casually.

It is not uncommon for a daughter with good grades to drop out of school to work, and then pay a lot of money to send her son to a regular high school.

When lawyer Ye heard Zhu Pan’er talk about some of her previous experiences, she knew that Zhu Pan’er’s parents probably didn’t care about Zhu Pan’er at all. Now, seeing Zhu Pan’er’s expression, she was more certain of this.

“Give me the child.” Lawyer Ye suddenly said to Ni Shishi.

Ni Shishi wanted to help Zhu Pan’er, so she asked for leave to stay with Zhu Pan’er and help Zhu Pan’er take care of Wu Yunyun. She and Lawyer Ye were already familiar with her, so she immediately gave Wu Yunyun to Lawyer Ye at this time. Then she asked inexplicably, “What’s wrong?”

What else could be wrong? Zhu Pan’er’s parents are here to snatch the child!

As soon as the mothers came in, they went directly to Wu Yunyun, and wanted to hug Wu Yunyun from lawyer Ye’s hand: “Good Yunyun, come, let grandma hug!”

The mothers didn’t care about the seriously injured daughter, but Just thinking about hugging her granddaughter… Even Ni Shishi, who didn’t think of anything before, now feels that something is wrong. Of course, what makes people feel that this is wrong is Wu Yunyun’s reaction.

Ni Shishi has always liked her grandmother the most, because her grandmother loves her very much, but Wu Yunyun… She saw the mothers, but instead digged into Lawyer Ye’s arms.

Such a reaction, Wu Yunyun only had when he saw Wu’s father!

“I’ll just hug Yunyun.” Lawyer Ye said.

“Yeah, Auntie, look at Pan’er first.” Ni Shishi also said.

The mothers are just a country woman, so naturally they can’t hold their breath. Seeing that lawyer Ye is protecting Wu Yunyun from hugging her, she is immediately unhappy: “What do I need you to teach me? That’s my granddaughter!”

“Yunyun is afraid of you, how can we give her to you? Who knows what you want to do to her?” Ni Shishi said angrily

“I am the grandmother of the child, what’s wrong with me hugging the child? You guys Why don’t people let me hold the child?” the mothers asked.

She has been looking for a partner for Chu Jiankang recently, but unfortunately she couldn’t find a suitable one. After all, it was because the family had no money.

This time, Father Wu agreed to them, saying that as long as Wu Yunyun was sent back so that Zhu Paner would not sue Wu Guangyan, he would give them a house in the county town. A set of houses in the county seat will definitely be able to find objects!

“Who knows what you’re thinking about hugging? The child just can’t be hugged by you!” Ni Shishi competed with the mothers, and the voice attracted the security guards who had been staring here.

Ni Shishi was dressed in fashionable clothes and was still very delicately dressed. The mothers did not dare to do anything to her, but now that they saw the security guard, they did not dare to rob her directly, so they turned around and reprimanded Zhu Pan’er: “Pan’er, Why are you so ignorant? Isn’t it just a fight between husband and wife? You even called the police, Wu Guangyan was arrested by the police, what’s the benefit to you?”

The mothers were used to reprimanding Zhu Pan’er, saying After finishing one sentence, the second sentence came immediately, and in the end, everything was smashed on Zhu Paner’s head: “You’ll have a husband who has been in prison, don’t you think it’s shameful? She has such a father. , aren’t you afraid that she won’t be able to marry in the future? And how good is Guangyan’s job now, how will you live after he loses his job?”

Zhu Pan’er looked at his mother and suddenly said: “I divorced him, In this way, he will not be my husband.”

“You want a divorce? Zhu Pan’er, how will you live your life if you are divorced, don’t think about relying on me!” The mothers said angrily.

“I’m not relying on you.” Zhu Pan’er looked at her mother and suddenly remembered what happened when she was very young.

She was really very small at that time, and that incident was the first memory in her life.

She remembered that at that time her mother’s belly had grown bigger and her attitude towards her was better. She hugged her and told her that there was a younger brother in that bulging belly.

She was looking forward to her brother very, very much, but she didn’t expect to see her mother’s belly missing before long. She asked her mother where her brother went, but her mother gave her a backhand slap: “What brother…. brother, another loser, why am I pregnant with your stuff?”

In fact, she knew from a young age that she was unpopular and unloved, and she was naive, so she wanted her parents to take care of her…

The mothers originally thought that it would be easy to convince Zhu Pan’er, but they did not expect that Zhu Pan’er would be so insufferable, and her face suddenly looked ugly.

“Why did you tell her so much?” Chu Kangjian, who had been standing beside her all the time, suddenly glared at Zhu’s mother, and then looked at Zhu Pan’er: “Zhu Pan’er, you were beaten at home and raised. That’s alright ? What are you doing in the hospital? I heard that you asked people to donate money? Where is the money? Bring it to me.”

Chu Jiankang called Zhu Pan’er by name, and took the matter of asking Zhu Pan’er for money for granted. He has done this since he was a child. No matter what his two sisters have, as long as he speaks, it will definitely become him in the end.

Ni Shishi was so annoyed by Chu Jiankang’s natural appearance that she wanted to slap Chu Jiankang. Zhu Pan’er lay still on the bed and couldn’t move, and her chest heaved up and down when she saw the appearance of her parents and younger brother.

“Don’t be angry, it’s not worth it for these people and bad health.” Mu Ling said.

Zhu Pan’er finally calmed down, yes, why should she be angry for these people? She should have known long ago that they never cared about her…

“Lawyer Ye, can you drive them out?” Zhu Pan’er said suddenly.

“Okay, you’ve gone against the sky and let others chase us!” The mothers said angrily, and after Ni Shishi really pushed her out, she said again: “Pan’er, don’t do stupid things, the Wu family’s side. I said, as long as you don’t sue Wu Guangyan, then they will give your brother a house in the county town…”

The mothers have been saying good things for the Wu family, Chu Jiankang is more direct, he will rob Wu Yunyun when he comes up – Wu family There is an explanation over there, even if nothing else is possible, Wu Yunyun must at least bring it back!

Mothers have always felt that a fat son is capable of raising a chubby son, so Chu Jiankang has never lost weight. Now he is a fat man of 1.7,180 pounds. He is very big and quite deterrent. However, …

Lawyer Ye did not put down Wu Yunyun, but suddenly raised one leg and kicked it two inches below Chu Jiankang’s navel.

Chu Jiankang is a little fat, so his movements cannot be too agile. Lawyer Ye’s kick just hit him, that’s all, today Lawyer Ye is still wearing high heels with pointed heels…

Although Chu Jiankang is not like the one on TV rolling all over the ground exaggeratedly, and covering his key parts with a twisted face, so that others can’t help but feel pain for him.

“It was you who did it to me first. I’m really self-defense.” Attorney Ye said, hiding a bit of discomfort in her heart, and rubbed her heels on the ground with disgust. She actually didn’t know how to fight. One kick was also a conditioned reflex after seeing Chu Jiankang wanting to grab the child, but he didn’t expect it to have a miraculous effect.

However, her behavior also annoyed the mothers who regarded their sons as treasures.

“You prostitute…” The mothers scolded and rushed towards Lawyer Ye. Fortunately, the hospital security stopped her at this time. The mothers were healthy, and together with the fathers who barely existed, they were invited, out.

Zhu Pan’er finally breathed a sigh of relief when the three members of the family were invited away, and Lawyer Ye accelerated the prosecution of Wu Guangyan.

After that day, both the Zhu family members and the Wu family members came here many times, coercing and enticing everything. Wu’s father even offered to ask that as long as Zhu Paner didn’t sue Wu Guangyan, then let her divorce Wu Guangyan and a house for 200,000 yuan.

The conditions of the Wu family are very favorable, but it is impossible to get so much compensation in a lawsuit. Therefore, when Lawyer Ye found out, he specifically sought out Zhu Paner—among the people Lawyer Ye had helped before, it was because of the man’s family. People who are willing to give some compensation and eventually drop the lawsuit.

“Lawyer Ye, I have to sue him. I almost died, so I can’t let him go unpunished.” Zhu Paner said, she hated Wu Guangyan so much that she would rather not have a penny in compensation and let Wu Guang go. Go to jail.

Of course, this is also to prevent Wu Guangyan from finding her and continue to hurt her…

Mu Ling said that her top priority is to divorce Wu Guangyan as soon as possible, leave here to take care of her health, and then plan for the future, no matter what, She must never let Wu Guangyan hurt others again.

“Okay.” Attorney Ye looked at Zhu Pan’er with satisfaction. Those who helped others for free, the most feared thing was that the helper ended up with the perpetrator again, and they felt that they were nosy, and Zhu Pan’er was so determined, so she is more willing to do more things for Zhu Paner.

The Zhu Paner incident has been a big deal, because Ni Shishi has been broadcasting the process all the time, and occasionally puts some materials on the Internet. Although the initial enthusiasm has subsided, there are still many people who are paying attention to the progress. Even these people who have been keeping an eye on the progress are getting more and more…

In such a situation, the court will soon open.

In order to clear the Wu family’s slander, Zhu Paner asked Wu Yunyun and Wu Guangyan to do a paternity test, which confirmed that Wu Yunyun was Wu Guangyan’s daughter, and also provided a lot of evidence of Wu Guangyan’s domestic violence, such as her previous police report records etc.

Of course, it doesn’t really matter, because she was beaten to such an extent that Wu Guangyan was sentenced.

Zhu Paner’s leg was broken and her health was not well, so she did not attend. Instead, she entrusted lawyer Ye with full authority, and lawyer Ye lived up to her expectations and finally won all the medical expenses for her, plus 50,000 yuan in compensation. At the same time, Wu Guangyan was also sentenced to six years in prison, and the two officially divorced.

In the court, of course, some things happened. For example, when the Wu family could not say that Wu Yunyun was not Wu Guangyan’s child, they also raised the matter that Zhu Paner’s parents had asked for a high price, and demanded the return of the gift…

Fortunately , which the judge considered irrelevant to the case.

After the verdict, both Wu’s father and Wu’s mother wanted to appeal, but Wu Guangyan was very calm, knowing that the verdict might not be changed, and there was no appeal in the end, which made Zhu Pan’er relieved.

With the medical expenses paid by the Wu family, Zhu Paner donated all the money donated by netizens after she was almost in good health, and then took Wu Yunyun out of the city and followed Lawyer Ye to live with Lawyer Ye in big cities.

Next, she has to take care of her body as soon as possible, and then move on to the next thing.

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