8th Story 6

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Eighth Story 6

The big city where Lawyer Ye lives is the provincial capital of the big city where Zhu Paner grew up.

This city is not small, and the expenses in all aspects, especially the cost of renting a house, are of course not low. After thinking about it, Zhu Paner chose a single apartment on the edge of the city to live in.

This kind of single apartment is for both commercial and residential use. A house is only 20 to 30 square meters, but it has a toilet and a bedroom. It is very comfortable to live in. Because everything is not complete, the monthly rent is only 800 yuan.

When Zhu Paner was in the hospital, she was helped by the medical staff. Simple daily necessities such as tableware, washbasin, towels, etc. were all complete. The bedding was given to Zhu Paner, and these things were packed up, and this newly rented house gave people a feeling of home.

However, since there is nothing else in the house, I have to buy some things.

Zhu Paner went out with Lawyer Ye and bought an induction cooker and rice cooker plus some missing daily necessities, which cost about a thousand yuan.

“You should also buy a refrigerator.” Lawyer Ye said.

“No need…” Zhu Pan’er immediately refused.

“The next day will get hotter and hotter. You don’t need to install an air conditioner. You must have a refrigerator. Well, I’ll give you one.” Lawyer Ye said.

Zhu Pan’er was really embarrassed to take Lawyer Ye’s things, and quickly refused, Lawyer Ye saw what she was thinking, and smiled: “My income is good, and I only intend to give you a small refrigerator of a thousand dollars, you don’t have to refuse. , I won’t give you anything else in the future.”

Attorney Ye likes Zhu Pan’er very much, and she is not short of money, so she wants to give Zhu Pan’er a refrigerator, and there will be nothing else.

It is impossible for Zhu Paner to live on others all the time.

As expected, lawyer Ye only bought a very small refrigerator for Zhu Paner. Zhu Paner breathed a sigh of relief and silently took this matter to heart. She will always remember these people who helped her.

Take the things you bought home and pack them up, and Zhu Paner has a home of her own. Although the house is rented, her legs hurt a little after a long day of work, and her body feels a little uncomfortable, but Zhu Paner still happy.

She used to dream of wanting a home of her own, and once thought that Wu Guangyan could give her a home, but Wu Guangyan threw her into the abyss…

“Mom, do we live here?” Wu Yunyun looked at Zhu Zhu curiously with hope.

“Yeah, mom and Yunyun will live here together in the future, okay?” Zhu Pan’er hugged Wu Yunyun, her eyes moist.

“Okay.” Wu Yunyun responded and laughed.

Although Zhu Paner did not have a job, Wu Yunyun was sentenced to Zhu Paner because Wu Guangyan abused his children and Wu’s father also committed domestic violence, and the family had to pay 600 yuan in alimony every month until Wu Yunyun adult.

Originally, according to Lawyer Ye’s idea, they wanted the Wu family to pay all the alimony at one time. After all, the monthly payment is likely to be impossible. However, the Wu family insisted that they had no money in their hands, and they did not have any money in their accounts. .

The judge took into account that Wu’s father was not too young, Wu’s mother did not have a job, Wu Guangyan, who was supposed to be the support of the family, was about to be imprisoned, and Zhu Paner’s medical expenses were so expensive that the Wu family had to pay a lot of money, and finally sentenced him. paid monthly alimony. At the same time, because Wu Guangyan has been expelled and has no financial income, the amount of child support is very small.

This is because Wu Guangyan has real estate in his name, so he can get such a judgment.

Zhu Paner didn’t dare to go to Wu’s house to get this money, so she could only treat it as non-existent. Fortunately, for her, being able to escape from Wu’s house was a great surprise to her, so she didn’t care about it.

As long as she lives and is with her daughter, it doesn’t matter if she is poor – she has hands and feet, so she won’t starve herself to death.

According to Zhu Pan’er’s idea, after arriving in a big city, he would like to be a nanny for others, or just do his own job to help people take care of the children, but Mu Ling did not agree.

“The most important thing for you right now is to take good care of your body, to sharpen your knives without accidentally chopping wood. If you don’t even take good care of your body, go to work, and it will be hard work in the future!” There are many secret injuries, and the legs that were broken before have not been fully taken care of. If I go to work as a babysitter, I am afraid that my foundation will be ruined soon.

Zhu Pan’er also knew this, but she didn’t have a lot of money on her body. After paying for the medical expenses, the Wu family only had 50,000 left. Even if you add the donation from the hospital to her, the total was only in the early 50,000. Although the money is a huge sum of money for her, thinking about her daughter’s kindergarten tuition, rent, and other miscellaneous money, she doesn’t dare to spend it at all.

She wanted Wu Yunyun to go to university, which would cost a lot of money, and she must start saving money from now on.

Zhu Paner has always lived in a small place, and his vision is naturally narrow, so for the future, all he can think of is to work hard and save money to save money, but Mu Ling’s idea is completely different: “You should rest at home first. For a month, accompany Yunyun, I will take care of your body, and then we will think about what we want to do.”

“Are you giving me needles?” Zhu Paner asked, Mu Ling once gave her a needle when she was still in the hospital.

“You still need to take medicine.” Mu Ling said, she had drawn a lot of medicinal herbs by lottery before, but now it is useful.

Those medicinal materials are mainly used for beauty and beauty, but they can also be used to nourish the body, and the quantity is still very large… Mu Ling asked Zhu Pan’er to buy a special pot for boiling medicine, and also asked her to buy a cheap one. A desktop computer, and a smartphone that costs a few hundred dollars.

Nowadays, expensive computers and mobile phones are still very expensive, but cheap ones are already very cheap. Zhu Paner bought a mobile phone and a computer, and only spent more than 2,000 in total, but this amount of money has already made Zhu Paner feel very distressed-she looks like this Big, I have never spent so much money at one time.

It’s just that Mu Ling, who saved her life, asked her to buy it, and she couldn’t help but buy it.

“You need to learn.” Seeing the appearance of Zhu Pan’er, Mu Ling gave Zhu Pan’er an explanation, and then asked Zhu Pan’er to pull the network cable.

Zhu Pan’er did as Mu Ling ordered, and made another mobile phone card. Seeing that the money in her hand was getting less and less, she felt as if blood was dripping in her heart.

But lawyer Ye, who came to see Zhu Paner, was very satisfied: “Yes, that’s how it should be. You haven’t been in contact with the society very much before, and you have been out of touch with the society, so you should look at the computer and mobile phone.” If Zhu Paner bought the She probably won’t help Zhu Pan’er with expensive computer and mobile phones in the future, but what Zhu Pan’er bought was cheap and cost-effective, which made her look at Zhu Pan’er in high regard.

Only those who are willing to make some necessary investments can make themselves better and better.

Lawyer Ye took Zhu Pan’er’s mobile phone, helped Zhu Pan’er download several useful apps, and introduced some usage to Zhu Pan’er.

Zhu Pan’er looked at Lawyer Ye gratefully, and then went online according to Lawyer Ye’s instructions.

“What’s your plan next?” Lawyer Ye asked.

“I want to take a month off to get used to it, and then look for a job.” Zhu Paner said, speaking carefully, lest Lawyer Ye feel lazy.

Lawyer Ye looked at Zhu Pan’er’s over-washed wrists and sallow complexion, but felt that Zhu Pan’er’s rest time was too short: “You should rest for two more months, your body should be well maintained, and so on. Also pay attention.” The average person has suffered such a serious injury as Zhu Pan’er, and will be raised for at least three months after being discharged from the hospital… and Wu Yunyun, has become more obedient after Zhu Pan’er suffered a great disaster this time. Now, looking like she doesn’t look like a child, Lawyer Ye inevitably feels sorry for her.

“One month is enough.” Zhu Pan’er looked at Lawyer Ye gratefully, the corners of her mouth curved.

After Lawyer Ye left, Zhu Paner boiled the medicine for herself under the guidance of Mu Ling, and then poured it into her mouth with gritted teeth. After drinking the medicine, she simply made something to eat with her daughter.

She was finally free, which made Zhu Pan’er extremely excited. After Wu Yunyun fell asleep, she couldn’t sleep, and then she took her mobile phone and checked her news online.

Because she divorced very easily and donated all the donations she received before, almost no one blamed her on the Internet. Most people are blessing her. Of course, there are people who still don’t like her.

Because the Wu family disclosed that her parents had asked for a high dowry, some people felt that she deserved to be beaten like this. Who made her so greedy and demanded so much dowry?

Seeing such accusations, Zhu Pan’er felt a little uncomfortable. Those dowry gifts were not for her, even if they were for her… If Wu Guangyan didn’t want to give them, he could not marry her at all, but he didn’t have to give her money to marry her, but beat her.

“You will fall to this point, and it has a lot to do with your parents.” Mu Ling said.

Zhu Paner fell silent. She sometimes hated her parents, and even wished that her parents would beat her up just like her sisters, instead of giving birth to herself…

“You can’t interfere in your parents’ affairs in the future . The 250,000 betrothal gift from the Wu family is enough to pay off your parents’ kindness for raising you.” Mu Ling said again.

From childhood to adulthood, Zhu Paner never spent much of her parents’ money, but her parents “sold” her for a good price. Since the fathers and mothers had already sold her, and when she was suffering, she wanted to shave a layer of skin off her without saying anything at all. Mu Ling didn’t think that Zhu Paner would need to take care of the couple in the future.

After a while, Zhu Paner finally nodded.

“Go to sleep.” Mu Ling reassured.

The medicine that Mu Ling asked Zhu Pan’er to drink before had a sleeping effect, and Zhu Pan’er fell asleep not long after laying down. Together with Wu Yunyun, the mother and daughter were indescribably alike.

The next day, Zhu Paner took Wu Yunyun to get to know the surrounding environment, and then went to the supermarket after dinner.

They don’t have a vegetable market here, they go to the supermarket to buy food, and the food that cannot be sold in the supermarket that day will be discounted after dinner.

“Yunyun, carrots are cheap. Mom will make fried rice with carrots and eggs for you tomorrow morning.” Putting a bag of carrots that were extremely cheap because they were broken into the shopping cart, Zhu Pan’er kissed Wu Yunyun who was sitting in the shopping cart, and then went back to the shopping cart. In my shopping cart, I put squeezed broccoli, some shriveled green vegetables, and a bag of unsightly apples left after being picked.

Finally, she also bought two boxes of chicken breasts.

Meat is very expensive. She didn’t want to buy meat at first, but she didn’t expect chicken breast to be surprisingly cheap…

In Zhu Paner’s opinion, chicken breast is definitely better than chicken wings with bones in it, but the price of chicken wings is many times that of chicken breasts… Also, Wu Guangyan like to chicken wings.

Chicken breast is almost used by Zhu Paner as shredded pork, and it will be added when cooking. In fact, this kind of food is worse than when she was in the Wu family, but Zhu Pan’er is happy that she can choose what to eat tomorrow.

After the meal, Zhu Pan’er began to boil the medicine again.

“Mom, what is this?” Wu Yunyun looked at Zhu Pan’er curiously.

“This is the medicine that my mother took, the kind that Yunyun used to take when she caught a cold.”

“Mom has to be obedient, so she has to take it.” Wu Yunyun tilted his head and looked at Zhu Pan’er.

Zhu Pan’er kissed her again, her eyes crooked with laughter, Wu Yunyun has always been very good, but she doesn’t like to drink medicine. She said this at the beginning, but she didn’t expect her daughter to remember it.

Suddenly leaving home and coming to an unfamiliar place, Zhu Pan’er has been worried that Wu Yunyun will be unhappy and will feel scared. Unexpectedly, Wu Yunyun adapts very well, and is even more cheerful than before, which is even more unexpected for Zhu Paner The thing is, Wu Yunyun didn’t even ask about Wu Guangyan at all.

In fact, Wu Guangyan also had a good time with Wu Yunyun, and even took Wu Yunyun to play, but Wu Yunyun didn’t seem to want to mention him at all… Perhaps she was really scared.

Zhu Pan’er couldn’t tell how she feels, but she inevitably regretted that she didn’t seek help from someone who could help her earlier and took her daughter away.

The medicine in Mu Ling’s pocket is almost inexhaustible. Zhu Paner drinks medicine every day, and often finds some common medicine stewed soup to eat with Wu Yunyun. Within a month, both of them are in good health. a lot.

Zhu Paner used to have many problems such as anemia. He was very thin, but now his complexion is ruddy. What about Wu Yunyun? She was also thin and had rough skin, but now she has become a very cute little girl with red lips and white teeth.

Ordinary traditional Chinese medicine does not have such a good effect. Seeing this situation, Mu Ling was impressed by the medicine in his pocket.

When Lawyer Ye saw them again after many days, he even couldn’t believe it: “You guys have a good foundation. After a little care, you will look so good.”

“I took some Chinese medicine.” Zhu Pan’er’s face flushed red.

“It is said that traditional Chinese medicine is very good for nourishing the body, but I didn’t expect such a good effect.” Attorney Ye said with a smile, and looked at Zhu Pan’er up and down again.

Zhu Pan’er was a little embarrassed by her, but fortunately, lawyer Ye quickly changed the subject and explained his purpose: “I came here this time to ask what you plan to do with Yunyun next? At her age, she should go to kindergarten, right?”

“In the second half of the year, she will go to a small class.” Zhu Pan’er said immediately, and she was a little worried. In the past, Wu Yunyun’s household registration was in the Wu family, so she didn’t have to worry about studying, but now she doesn’t know. Where should my daughter go to study?

“I’ve seen kindergartens nearby, and one of them is private in all aspects. The tuition fee is about 5,000 yuan per semester, plus food and so on.” Lawyer Ye said.

“Is the school okay?” Zhu Pan’er asked immediately.

“The school is very good, not as good as the best private kindergartens, but not much different from public kindergartens.” Lawyer Ye said.

“Then Yunyun will go to there!” Zhu Paner said, she has worked in kindergartens and knows that there are many differences between good kindergartens and bad kindergartens. Naturally, she hopes that her daughter can read a better one, even if it is more expensive. She’s willing.

It’s just that, she must work hard next…

“I wanted to help you find a job, but unfortunately the kindergarten has higher requirements.” Lawyer Ye said apologetically. She actually wanted Zhu Paner to work at that kindergarten, but that kindergarten didn’t want Zhu Paner. This is because Zhu Paner’s education is low, and it is also because they are worried that Zhu Paner, who has just been traumatized, will have psychological problems and will not be able to take care of the child well.

“It’s okay, I’ll definitely be able to find a job.” Zhu Pan’er turned her head to the side with a smile. She felt that Mu Ling was very powerful. Since Mu Ling said that she would definitely have a job, then she didn’t have to worry too much. .

After Lawyer Ye left, Zhu Paner took her daughter to the kindergarten. She looked in through the door and found that the facilities were good. Later, she found that when the parents picked up the child, there were two security guards and a teacher standing guard at the door. It’s even more satisfying to check in to get in.

She hadn’t been in contact with the society for a long time, and some were afraid to ask people, but when she saw the daughter beside her, she still went in with gritted teeth, and then asked the principal how to sign up.

This kindergarten is private, so you just need to fill in the form when you sign up. Wu Yunyun won’t be studying until the second half of the year, so she signed up quickly, which made Zhu Paner relieved.

It was at this time that Mu Ling suddenly said: “You go back.”

“Go back?” Zhu Pan’er asked in confusion.

“Yes, go back to the county seat.” Mu Ling said.

Zhu Pan’er’s expression suddenly changed, and her face paled: “I…” She was a little afraid of that place, and she didn’t want to go back after she came out.

“Don’t you want to make a lot of money? Go back and get something, and then you can find a way to make money.” Mu Ling said.

The Wu family almost beat Zhu Paner to death. In her opinion, the previous court sentence was a bit light… In this case, it is better to seek justice by yourself.

Of course, the most important thing is that Mu Ling has collected the breath of the Wu family and the other family members from the beginning. He has been observing them with a telescopic mirror these days, and it turns out that they are really unrepentant…

Father Wu has been looking for Zhu Pan’er.

Zhu Pan’er killed his excellent son in prison. He hated Zhu Pan’er to death, but after being discharged from the hospital, Zhu Pan’er disappeared…

Father Wu originally thought that Zhu Pan’er could not escape from his palm. , I didn’t expect Zhu Pan’er to run away, even when he was busy with a big relationship…

Wu’s father, who had beaten his wife less and less often because of his age, started to beat Wu’s mother again.

Wu’s mother has been over for half her life. Although she was crying, she didn’t take it seriously. When she was beaten seriously, when she went to the hospital, someone persuaded her to divorce her, but she only knew how to cry. ——Where can she go when she is divorced? And her husband will definitely beat her to death!

Father Wu was looking for Zhu Paner everywhere, and naturally he would not forget Zhu Paner’s parents, so he also asked specifically, but unfortunately Zhu Paner’s parents didn’t know about it at all.

Although Chu Jiankang is very heavy, he is really not very capable. After being beaten a few times, he screams like a pig that is being held down by the butcher and is about to get a knife, and his voice is extremely sharp.

Father Wu is still rational. In the end, he just beat the family members to vent their anger. He didn’t really beat the family members. It was just that he found more and more people to find Zhu Pan’er, and even said in front of the Wu family. , whoever catches Zhu Pan’er and brings Zhu Pan’er back to him, he will give him 100,000 yuan.

That’s right, it’s 100,000 yuan. Father Wu, who said in court that he had no money, actually had a deposit of no less than one million yuan.

Although it is tiring to run a long distance, it is very profitable. He started running 20 years ago, and now there are people who help him drive a lot.

This was suggested by Wu Guangyan after Zhu Pan’er ran once, in order to avoid any incidents in the future that need to be divided into Zhu Pan’er’s money.

On this day, Father Wu took a card to the county seat, and then went to the bank to transfer the salary of the previous month to the people under him. After finishing, he went to a restaurant to eat and drink.

Zhu Pan’er came down to the outside of the restaurant under Mu Ling’s guidance, and she couldn’t help trembling when she thought that Father Wu was still inside.

She was afraid of Wu Guangyan, but also afraid of Wu’s father. Zhu Paner even felt that Wu Guangyan was also afraid of Wu’s father. Wu Guangyan once told her that Wu Guangyan usually drives out of the car, but as long as he comes back, he will drink and beat his wife and children…

Sometimes Zhu Paner even wonders if Wu Guangyan beats her because he used to being beaten by Wu before.

Of course, Zhu Paner would be afraid of Father Wu, not just because of this, but mainly because of other things.

Father Wu drives a big truck, and the brakes can’t work well when it’s full of things. This kind of car is the only one that hits other people and no one else hits them. Father Wu has killed people before.

When Father Wu was at home, he was not shy about talking about things outside. Once, when he was just driving, he had no experience and killed someone, because human life was worthless at that time, and he only accompanied him for 50,000.

And later, according to what Wu’s father said, he was driving on a somewhat remote road in the early morning, and when he turned a corner, he suddenly found an old man riding a tricycle in front of him. He couldn’t dodge, and then he drove directly over, running over someone under the wheel, and then drove away without braking to see the situation…

Father Wu was always proud of the few cameras on the road in those days that let him dodge, He also mentioned something about not avoiding the car when he saw the car, which made Zhu Pan’er feel horrified.

She always felt that the Wu family would really kill her family, which was also related to this.

Father Wu blushed when he came out of the hotel, and just as he got into the car parked behind the hotel, he suddenly fainted.

Mu Ling pulled out the gold needle stuck on Father Wu’s body, and then motioned to Zhu Pan’er to get Father Wu’s wallet.

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