8th Story 12

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8th Story 12

“You… it’s you!”

Seeing this, what else did Lin Yuan not understand?

He hasn’t seen any improvement in his condition, and his gradually declining body these days is probably related to the food sent by Lan Yue!

He stared at Lan Yue stubbornly, his eyes almost popping out: “Why…you…why…”

He was so good to Lan Yue that he almost treated Lan Yue as his own son.

But Lan Yue actually poisoned him and wanted to kill him!

Thinking of the various preferential treatment he has given to Lan Yue these days, and of his appreciation and praise for Lan Yue, Lin Yuan only felt a surge of vigor and blood rushed to the top of his head, so angry that he couldn’t even utter a complete sentence.

Feelings of regret rushed up like ants, biting his heart fiercely, causing him to die.

“Don’t blame me, I don’t want to do this either. You all forced me! You asked for it yourself!”

Looking at Lin Yuan’s pale face, Lan Yue thought he would be afraid, flinch, and could not help but wants to run away.

After all, this was the first time in his life that he had personally killed someone.

But until now, Lan Yue suddenly realized that his mood was unexpectedly calm.

In addition to the calm, there is a trace of indescribable excitement and excitement.

“It’s all because of you, everyone is talking about me behind my back and looking down on me…” he murmured, “My mother and you are all known to the Internet!”

“If only you were to die . Now, if you die, there will be nothing left!”

Perhaps, from a long time ago, he had been looking forward to it in his heart, hoping that all these people would die.

Whether it was Lin Yuan, who had dirty thoughts about his mother, or Lin Xiaotang, who was unattainable, or the ordinary soldiers who pushed him away.

Perhaps, from a long time ago, he had been looking forward to it in his heart, hoping that all these people would die.

Whether it was Lin Yuan, who had dirty thoughts about his mother, or Lin Xiaotang, who was unattainable, or the ordinary soldiers who pushed him away.

Looking down at Lin Yuan condescendingly, Lan Yue slowly took out a knife from his pocket.

In the dim light, the white blade reflected Lingling light.

“Goodbye, General Lin Yuan.”

From now on, he is a true double S+ genius.

He will have countless glory, and he will have a supreme status. All those who look down on him will be completely trampled under his feet!

After that, Lan Yue waved the knife and stabbed Lin Yuan’s heart ruthlessly.

It was at this time, outside the door of the ward, there was a low gasp!


Hearing this movement, Lan Yue’s movements suddenly stopped.

He suddenly raised his head and looked out the door, but saw a person appeared outside the originally empty ward door!

This person, he remembered, was a soldier named Xiao Bei.

Lan Yue had a bit of an impression of him because Xiao Bei had always looked down on him, and the two of them had a lot of friction on weekdays.

Three days ago, Xiao Bei was still posting on the Interstellar website, exposing the private relationship between his mother Lan Qingya and Lin Yuan, which directly caused Lan Yue’s bad luck.

But at this moment, the person who was supposed to leave the military area quietly appeared outside Lin Yuan’s ward.

For some reason, he was not confused by the props of the Luck Plundering System, but stood here dumbfounded, witnessing Lan Yue’s murder with his own eyes!

“How did you come in? Why did you come in!?”

After seeing Xiao Bei, Lan Yue’s heart skipped a beat, and he had a bad premonition.

He swallowed and began to call the system frantically in his heart: “System, what the hell is going on? Didn’t I exchange the item?!”


“Hello? System!?”


No matter how he called, the system did not reply to him.

An unexplained panic attacked Lan Yue, causing him to take a step back, and the hand holding the handle of the knife trembled.

It was at this time that he suddenly discovered that Xiao Bei was holding a camera in his hand.

The dark red lens is like a cold eye, which is quietly facing his face.

[…] [? ? ? 】

【This, this is too hot, right? ! 】

【My God, that’s Admiral Lin Yuan, right? Am I not mistaken? ! 】

【I am speechless, I am stupid. ] [This is the double S + genius? Is this the “pillar of the future of the empire” that the military would rather give up over a hundred soldiers and maintain? ? ? 】

After witnessing the scene of Lan Yue poisoning Lin Yuan, the barrage in the live broadcast room went crazy.

Because Xiao Bei’s live broadcast room has always been on the homepage, there are still a lot of viewers who come in to watch.

Some people feel sorry for Xiao Bei’s experience, but some people think that Xiao Bei is too extreme.

Under the previous official statement, many people have begun to believe in the military and feel that the revelations on the Internet are all rumors.

In the face of Xiao Bei’s rash action, they didn’t think he could come up with anything, but thought that Xiao Bei was struggling to the death.

“Laughing to death, I thought the anchor had some evidence, it turned out to be a secret filming in the past,” they sneered, “If you do this, you won’t be afraid of putting yourself in prison?”

“I see, maybe the anchor’s post The content is all fake, he was jealous of Lan Yue’s talent and deliberately made it up.”

But now, they only felt that their face was slapped twice, and it hurt so hot.

After drinking the soup, Lin Yuan fell on the bed and twitched, as well as Lan Yue’s ruthless face, they were all in their eyes.

For Lan Yue’s double S+ talent, they can accept that Lan Yue’s morality is a little flawed.

But they absolutely cannot accept that Lan Yue is a murderer!

[Sorry, I take back what I said before and apologize to the anchor. ] [I’m really disappointed, for I still believed him so much before! ] [Laughing to death, didn’t he rely on his mother as a mistress to join the army? Why is he still reluctant? When the son of X wants to set up an archway? 】

【Let’s not say anything else, is Lin Yuan good enough for him? Even his biological daughter, Major Lin, can’t compare, but he actually wants to kill Lin Yuan? He also said that Lin Yuan forced him? ? ] [Such a person is so cold-blooded, I’m afraid. 】

【Lin Yuan also deserves it. In such a crisis, he leaves his own daughter alone and saves the son of true love, karma! ] [Suddenly nostalgic for Major Lin, she would be fine if nothing happened…] [Nostalgia +1]

There are all kinds of strange comments on the Internet, but one thing is certain – Lan Yue is finished.

As a soldier, to poison an imperial general, this is a very serious crime and cannot be forgiven, even if he has the rare double S+ gene.

“Why can’t it be closed! Hurry up and block his live broadcast for me!”

In a high-level office in the military region, a middle-aged man was pacing the room constantly.

His face was gloomy, and his voice was extremely anxious: “Hurry up! Can’t drag it on any longer!”

Ever since he found out that Xiao Bei had started the live broadcast, the middle-aged man couldn’t sit still.

The outside world doesn’t know what kind of person Lan Yue is, but these officers know very well!

If Xiao Bei really photographed something, the whitewashing plan they had carefully prepared before would be completely ruined!

Under the arrangement of the middle-aged man, many subordinates began to contact the live broadcast platform and asked them to seal Xiao Bei’s live broadcast room.

But for some reason, no matter how hard they tried, Xiao Bei’s live broadcast was still hanging on the homepage of the platform.

“We didn’t find his account in the background data at all,” said the official staff of the live broadcast platform blankly, “We can’t handle his live broadcast room at all.”

How could this be?

The middle-aged man did not believe in evil, so he contacted the people in the military hospital and ordered them to drive Xiao Bei out.

As long as Xiao Bei can be stopped from continuing the live broadcast, there is still a chance to recover!

However, at this time, there was a problem with the signal of the military hospital.

No matter how the middle-aged man’s communication was sent, he couldn’t send it.

“What’s the matter…”

As time passed, the middle-aged man’s heart beat faster and faster, and he became more and more uneasy.

But now, after seeing the video of Lan Yue’s murder, his body froze and he slowly collapsed on the chair.

It’s over…

it’s over.

This time, their military has really lost all face!

The middle-aged men can even imagine what the current public opinion on the Internet will be like.

Discredited the former major, punished more than 100 soldiers, and expelled a senior soldier from the military…

They paid so much, but in exchange for a murderer!

“Quick! Add some more people, delete all those videos, and don’t let them spread!”

Thinking of this, the middle-aged man’s face sank, and he tried to make a final struggle.

However, at this moment, the door of his office was opened.

“Old Liu, stop.”

With a sigh, an old man dressed in simple and plain clothes walked in surrounded by a group of soldiers.

The old man is very old, his face is full of wrinkles, but his eyes are full of calm and wisdom.

“You…you’re here…”

The moment he saw the old man, the middle-aged man’s face turned pale and his voice trembled.

The old man gave him a deep look, shook his head, and said disappointedly, “Lao Liu, you did something wrong in this matter.”

Did he do it wrong?

Where did he go wrong? !

Lin Xiaotang has become a crippled person and can no longer go to the battlefield. With Lan Yue, who has the talent of double S+, he can continue to contribute to the country.

Why did he give up Lin Xiaotang? He is clearly thinking about the future of the army!

The old man’s voice was very soft, but like a big mountain, it pressed heavily on the middle-aged man, making him unable to understand.

And now, there is no extra time for him to think.

“Take him down.”

It’s time for this farce to end.

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