Fifth Story 7

7. Physics Exorcism

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The final version of the hell APP has added a lot of new features, such as Feng Shui monitoring.

While monitoring the feng shui in the house, it can also give users reasonable renovation suggestions to adjust the feng shui in the house.

Of course, this feng shui function is very simple, and at most it can only make ordinary people’s homes more comfortable, such as being warm in winter and cool in summer.

If you want to set up a more complicated Fengshui Bureau, you still have to find a serious master of metaphysics.

Including the talisman, there are only three types of talismans in the final version of the APP: amulet, talisman, and shattering talisman.

For a higher-level spell, you still have to ask the Taoist priests for it.

Although she was a little disgusted with the lofty appearance of those metaphysics masters in this world, Lin Xiaotang never thought of exterminating them all.

This design will prevent them from losing all their financial resources.

In the lower left corner of the APP, there is also a quick alarm function.

This function can help users, so that when they encounter danger, they can contact the nearby public security bureau as soon as possible, and dispatch special police to come and solve the ghost.

These special police officers were secretly cultivated by the state two months ago.

Since there are not many supernatural cases, their number is not large.

After taking office, as ordinary people, they will download a more comprehensive official internal version of the hell APP on their mobile phones, in which there are all kinds of talismans, and the feng shui monitoring function is also more sophisticated, allowing them to easily deal with various dangerous situations.

From then on, the safety of more than one billion people across the country will be guaranteed.

However, because of the national conditions, the country has been vigorously advocating scientific civilization and resolutely resisting feudal superstition.

Taking this into consideration, the state, with the permission of Lin Xiaotang, did not directly announce the fact that there are ghosts in this world, but changed the name of the ghost app to “radiation scanner”.

At the same time, the propaganda slogan about the APP is also quite positive –

“Life is only once, safety is with you for a lifetime, download a radiation scanner, and keep our lives away from new harmful radiation.”

Netizens: “…”

Although, why? This app called “Radiation Scanner” has the word “Damn” on the icon? !

I don’t know why, the official people changed the name of the APP, but the icon of the APP has not changed at all.

This small error, coupled with the overwhelming official propaganda, made this APP completely popular on the Internet.

Countless netizens flocked to download the so-called “radiation scanner” APP into their mobile phones.

After they downloaded it and clicked in to watch it, they were immediately shocked by the simple and rude functions in the APP.

【Why is there a dialogue function? Could it be that the government and producers think we can talk to Fallout? ? ? 】

【What does the spell function mean? It turns out that the old Taoist priest who sold the “computer radiation protection charm” at our street was not a liar? (Earthquake in pupils)] [If nothing else, why does this radiation look so similar to my deceased grandfather? ! [Picture][Picture][Picture]] [It’s a good coincidence upstairs, the radiation in our house also has a face of my grandma, not only that, it will scold me and tell me not to stay up late…] [This may be It’s called “new harmful radiation”. Funny.jpg]

In order to let the general public realize the importance of APP, the official did not hide it, but revealed the difference of APP in a subtle and euphemistic way.

Fortunately, after realizing the importance of this APP, most people did not have much resistance, but even ridiculed the official behavior.

Living in a world of ghosts and ghosts, most people have heard some urban anecdotes more or less, or have experienced certain things themselves, which is why they are more superstitious.

Therefore, their responses were all quite good, and some were even glad that their safety was guaranteed.

As for those who firmly do not believe in the existence of ghosts, the name of this app is called “radiation scanner”.

Those black things they scanned must be radiation!

Even if there are people with conspiracy theories, that there is something wrong with this app that the state is trying to manipulate them.

However, the country has done a good job in the follow-up publicity of the APP.

“Twenty-five years of unsolved cold cases, the truth was found under the action of radiation scanners! “

“Our city found a large human trafficking group, nearly 100 people were arrested, and the radiation scanner “recorded first-class merit”! “

The husband killed his wife and hid the body and hid the truth for 14 years. He has been arrested. 》


Only a week after the APP was launched, seven or eight shocking cases were exposed on the Internet.

In front of a lot of heavyweight news, no matter how daring people are, they don’t dare to slander them again.

Yes, the reason why a person will become a ghost after death and leave it in the world is mostly because of obsession.

And among these obsessions, the most persistent one is hatred.

Taking revenge, redressing injustice, and letting the wicked get what they deserve are dramas that everyone loves to watch.

This APP can give those innocent people a chance to rehabilitate, which is the luck of the deceased and everyone’s luck.

Because they know that if they die unexpectedly one day, they will also not be forgotten.

They can also avenge themselves in another way.

As a result, under various thrusts, the downloads of Lin Xiaotang’s APP quickly exceeded 100 million.

As time passed, everyone gradually accepted its existence, and it became one of the must-have software for everyone’s mobile phone.

As a major contributor to the production of the APP, the state has not disclosed Lin Xiaotang’s identity for various reasons, and has also kept her personal information confidential.

But in normal life, in order to remunerate her, the government gave the Lin Group a lot of convenience without leaving any trace.

Lin’s father and Lin’s mother’s business is booming, and soon surpassed the Xiao family. There is a faint trend of becoming the No. 1 wealthy family in Huaihai City.

Those around who like to talk about them behind their backs and think they are “stubborn and ineffective” also shut up.

Indeed, the Lin family just believed in science, what did they do wrong?

And now, science can study metaphysics, and it seems that there is no problem with believing in science.

It’s just that the outside world is cheering, but in the metaphysics circle, many people’s hearts are quite heavy.

In other words, since the ghost app became popular, their mood has not been better.

Some masters with high morals and good character are not bad.

In the face of the birth of this APP, they are not only shocked, but also grateful for the general public.

As metaphysicians with real skills, they very much hate those liars who pretend to be Taoist priests and goddesses to cheat and smear their metaphysics circle.

After this APP appeared, it was clear at a glance whether those liars had real skills.

Furthermore, with such a software in hand, even ordinary people can easily survive in the hands of ghosts.

Those ghosts who died unjustly can also make their grievances prosecuted before they commit evil.

But another part of the people did not have such good self-cultivation.

As the saying goes, killing someone’s fortune is like killing one’s parents.

This operation of the state has completely broken the “monopoly” behavior of the metaphysics circle in the country.

Those who can become rich are not fools.

It is conceivable that these rich people will not spend hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars to find them to exorcise evil spirits from now on.

Among these people, Shen Shu was the most anxious one.

Shen Shu came to Huaihai City for only two years, and she didn’t have time to do anything major.

Therefore, even though she has recently gained fame and the limelight, her status in the local metaphysics circle is still in the middle class, and she does not have much authority.

In the past, she could conquer everyone with her natural Yin-Yang eyes and superb talisman skills.

But with the advent of Lin Xiaotang’s APP, these two advantages of hers can be said to be completely abolished.

Indeed, Shen Shu saw the APP in the hands of Lin Xiaotang at Chu’s house two months ago.

But she didn’t take this APP seriously. After all, the APP can only look at ghosts at most, or use talismans on ghosts. She can do such a thing.

Want to use a mobile app to compare with her? This is so ridiculous.

In Shen Shu’s eyes, these people are nothing but clowns who think they are capable, but they don’t know how high the sky is.

But she never expected that Lin Xiaotang and the others would be selfless enough to hand over this APP to the country!

Shouldn’t they be making money off it, and why should it be shared for everyone to have?

Do they have to mess with her like this?

In order to target her, they were so ruthless that they dragged the entire metaphysics circle into the water!

Only allowed on

Looking at WeChat, which had not had any new friends for more than half a month, she felt that the customers’ attitude towards her in the past was becoming more and more perfunctory.

She wanted to get out of this predicament, but after thinking about it for a long time, she didn’t know what to do.

Because she wanted to inherit the Shen family’s metaphysics and Taoism, Shen Shu never went to school and stayed at home all the time, being taken care of by an old servant.

After she was twenty-two years old, she came out of the mountain and came to the mortal world to experience.

It can be said that she is destined to become a Feng Shui master in this life.

Apart from the path of metaphysics, she has no other path to take.

In order to get to know more people and gain fame at the same time, Shen Shu has been down the mountain for two years, and most of the time she is chasing ghosts and exorcising evil spirits.

Now that the road is blocked, how can she not be angry?

But if she was asked to go back to her old job and set up a Feng Shui bureau, Shen Shu would feel a headache again.

There have always been few rich people and many poor people in the world. How can there be so many rich people who need to find someone to arrange the Feng Shui Bureau?

Even if there were, it would be difficult for Shen Shu’s turn.

She is too young to have any experience at first glance, and she is completely incomparable to other long-established Feng Shui masters.

The real wealthy family despised her, and she despised those families who would come over and ask her to take action.

Recalling the various experiences in these days, as well as the rumors from the Chu family, Shen Shu’s finger holding the pen was slightly hard, and the fingertips turned white.

For Lin Xiaotang and others, a resentment rose in vain from her always indifferent and calm heart.

How unfair…

Why did she study hard for more than ten years, and others can get it for free with just an APP?

Those mediocre people have never worked hard, why should they enjoy such benefits?

There are also countries, should they sacrifice their feng shui masters alive for the so-called safety of Mintai?

At this time, Shen Shu had completely forgotten that the money she had earned in the two years she left the mountain could almost be enough for her to eat and wear for several lifetimes.

And with her strength, as long as she patiently endures for a few years, she will sooner or later get ahead.

Looking at the scrapped talisman in her hand, Shen Shu pursed her lips, crumpled it into a ball, and threw it away.

At this moment, her phone suddenly rang.

Shen Shu picked up her phone and saw that it was her boyfriend Xiao Chen who was calling.

Speaking of which, she was so eager to become famous because she wanted to marry Xiao Chen.

Although her ability is outstanding and she makes a lot of money, it is not enough to join a wealthy family.

However, since the last time he met Lin Xiaotang at the Chu family, Xiao Chen’s attitude has changed a bit.

It’s not that he doesn’t love her anymore, he’s still kind to her, but he’s not as enthusiastic as before.

After Lin Xiaotang’s APP appeared, the relationship between the two dropped to a freezing point.

Yesterday, they had a quarrel, and Xiao Chen even said something like “I thought Feng Shui masters were so special, but I didn’t expect that they were no different from ordinary women”.

Shen Shu didn’t know what happened to him, but out of pride, she did not allow Xiao Chen to insult her like this.

The two broke up unhappily, and Xiao Chen never came to find her again.

It’s just, what did he call her today?

Shen Shu hesitated for a while, but chose to connect the phone.

“Achen?” she asked.

“It’s me, I’m here to tell you something.”

I don’t know if it was because of the microphone, Xiao Chen’s voice became indifferent: “Shen Shu, the Lin family has found the witch who gave Lin Xiaotang a ghost marriage… You have to do it yourself. Let’s go.”

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