Fifth Story 6

6. Physics Exorcism

“What? I can still watch it on a mobile phone?”

Hearing Lin Xiaotang say this, even Chu Xiaoxiao, who couldn’t stand Shen Shu and others, was stunned for a moment.

She walked to Lin Xiaotang’s side, and through Lin Xiaotang’s mobile phone screen, she saw the thick black mist that shrouded the living room at her house, and also saw the ominous red light that appeared and disappears on the Buddha statue.

What’s even more surprising is that these black mists are still flowing, and will change slowly with the movement of people in the room.

Seeing such a shocking scene, Chu Xiaoxiao couldn’t help widening her eyes: “It’s true…”

“What’s true?”

Hearing the movement on Lin Xiaotang’s side, Chu’s father, Chu’s mother and others also shifted their attention. come over.

They didn’t believe Lin Xiaotang very much at first, thinking they were cheating.

In particular, Shen Shu and others scoffed.

How obscure, mysterious, and unfathomable metaphysics is, does Lin Xiaotang want to solve metaphysics with mere science? This is simply delusional!

However, after seeing the contents of Lin Xiaotang’s mobile phone screen clearly, their expressions suddenly changed.

Especially Shen Shu, her eyes narrowed, and a look of consternation appeared on her always cold face.

“How could this be…”

The scene captured by this camera was exactly the same as what she could see with her yin and yang eyes!

“Master Shen, this… This seems to be no different from what you said?”

Seeing this, Chu’s father and Chu’s mother couldn’t help but ask.

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As a businessman, Chu’s father and Chu’s mother naturally value evidence more.

Moreover, even if they already believe that there are ghosts in this world, the deterrent power of metaphysics is still a little worse than that of science.

After all, they couldn’t see the situation in their own room, and they didn’t have the yin and yang eyes like Shen Shu.

As Chu Xiaoxiao said, what happened to their family depends entirely on Shen Shu’s mouth, how could Lin Xiaotang’s APP be so intuitive.

Why couldn’t Shen Shu hear what they were saying?

She pursed her lips and said lightly, “Tricks of carving insects.”

It’s just to see the yin in the house clearly. She can do it with just a single talisman.

Taking her eyes off Lin Xiaotang’s phone, Shen Shu looked back at the Buddha statue in the living room.

Although this Buddha statue is a bright instrument, it can also be regarded as a good instrument.

As long as it gets rid of the evil spirits on it, it can be used by her.

The reason why Shen Shu came to Chu’s house to help is because she figured that there would be a magic weapon suitable for her here.

As long as she solves the trouble for the Chu family and asks for it from the Chu family, they should not reject her.

Thinking of this, Shen Shu took out a piece of talisman paper and dipped some cinnabar with her other hand, she wanted to draw on the talisman paper.

As the tail of her brush fell on the yellow paper, the paper actually emptied into the air without any external force, and Shen Shu’s brush was as frightening as a dragon, penetrating the paper wall, and a few characters drawn in the faint , flashing a dark golden light.

The pen falls, the character becomes.

“This is a talisman for breaking evil spirits,” Shen Shu said indifferently, looking at Chu’s father and mother who looked surprised, “Attach it to the Buddha statue to remove the evil spirit in the Buddha statue.

” One of the geniuses, when Shen Shu draws a talisman, there is no need to set up an incense table or ask God, just recite the incantation in her heart and swipe it with one stroke.

This is what Shen Shu is most proud of, and it is one of the reasons why she can quickly integrate into the metaphysics circle of Huaihai City and become famous in it.

“Many thanks to Master Shen for helping me!”

Having witnessed such a miraculous talisman scene with his own eyes, Chu’s father and Chu’s mother could be said to be convinced.

The shakes and doubts that had arisen in their hearts had all vanished at this moment.

Even Chu Xiaoxiao, whose attitude was the most contradictory, was stunned to the side.

Could it be that this so-called Master Shen is actually a true master of metaphysics, not a liar?

She, she actually offended them just now…

——However, at this moment, Liu Yi, who was beside him, suddenly spoke up.

“Shattering talisman?”

He looked at the talisman paper in Shen Shu’s hand, and said casually: “This talisman is also available in our APP, you don’t need to draw it by hand, just click it and it will come out, and our talisman is not a one-off as long as your mobile phone has electricity, this charm can be used indefinitely.”

Yes, after Lin Xiaotang’s assiduous research during this period of time, the Hell APP has initially formed a set of charm functions.

As for the source of these spells, it was Lin Xiaotang who took advantage of the country.

After reaching a cooperation agreement with the relevant departments, the members of those special departments sent all the common spells they knew to Lin Xiaotang for her to study.

When people use spells, the magical effect that will be produced is actually a special energy body similar to ghosts.

After studying these spells, Lin Xiaotang entered the patterns of these spells into the APP and added the “Charms” function.

These patterns are processed with special converters. After being displayed on the mobile phone screen, they will show a specific wavelength of light, which cannot harm humans, but has a certain lethality to ghosts.

In this way, even ordinary people can obtain the ability to protect themselves in front of ghosts through the few talisman papers stored in their mobile phones.

“In addition to the breaking evil talisman, the common healing talisman, house-suppressing talisman, and insect repelling talisman are all available here, and ordinary people can also use it. It’s very simple.” Liu Yi added.

“how is this possible?”

After listening to Liu Yi’s words, Shen Shu sneered and immediately refuted it: “It’s just the same pattern, can this also count as a talisman?”

When their practitioners draw talismans, not only do they have to draw fixed characters, they also need to make use of the internal cultivators. To form a talisman by injecting it into the talisman paper.

Do these so-called scientific researchers think that as long as they copy the patterns of these spells, they can make real spells?

This is simply an insult to metaphysics!

Hearing Liu Yi introduce the functions of their APP there, Shen Shu only thought it was ridiculous.

When Xiao Chen next to her saw this, hhe even sneered directly.

He glanced at Lin Xiaotang, and there was a hint of boredom in his lazy tone: “Miss Lin, I know you don’t like Ah Shu because of me, but you can’t be so rambunctious, right?”

Lin Xiaotang: “?”

She was a little bit I don’t understand, everyone was talking about the APP, but Xiao Chen suddenly involved her when he was talking about it?

Seeing that she was still stubborn, Xiao Chen couldn’t help raising his eyebrows, and his voice became more and more impatient: “The person I really love is Ah Shu, she is the person I want to spend my life with in the future, I hope you can be a little bit more in the future. Self-knowledge, don’t let me look down on you.”

After speaking, he looked at the cold woman beside him with affection in his eyes.

Lin Xiaotang: “Oh.” I don’t know if the world consciousness is at work. As the villain, she always collides with the hero and heroine.

But she was too lazy to pay attention to them.

Since Shen Shu and Xiao Chen didn’t believe in the spell function of the APP, she would let them see it with their own eyes.

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In front of everyone, Lin Xiaotang stretched out her finger and lightly tapped the word “Charms” in the lower right corner of the Ghost APP, and chose “Breaking the Devil Charm” among a dozen more types of spells.

Soon, a pattern of a broken evil talisman appeared on the screen of her mobile phone.

Then, under everyone’s attention, Lin Xiaotang moved her wrist and pointed the Shasha Talisman on the screen of her mobile phone at the Buddha statue in the living room of Chu’s residence.

With the golden light flashing on the spell on the phone screen, a shrill scream came from inside the Buddha statue!

Without any expectation, there was a strong wind in the living room, and the Buddha statue began to tremble violently.

On its original clean and holy appearance, a layer of indescribable black mist and dirt gradually emerged.

But under the action of the Shattering Spell on Lin Xiaotang’s phone, the black mist only appeared for two seconds, and then dissipated in a blink of an eye.

At this time, everyone keenly felt that the temperature inside the Chu house rose by two or three degrees, and the originally cold room became warmer.

“It’s over.”

After looking at the Buddha statue and confirming that the evil spirit on it was gone, Lin Xiaotang put the phone back and calmly said, “Your home is safe.”

Her voice fell, and the entire Chu house fell into silence.

Whether it was the anxious Chu family, or Shen Shu and the others who spoke madly, their faces were a little different.

Especially Shen Shu, as a Feng Shui master, of course she can feel that the spell in Lin Xiaotang’s phone has a real effect.

Moreover, its effect is even better than the talisman she drew herself.

Facing this fact, and recalling what she just said, Shen Shu bit her lower lip, feeling extremely embarrassed.

Xiao Chen seemed to want to say something, but looked at Shen Shu, and then at Lin Xiaotang, he shut his mouth sullenly.

At the same time, he felt a little uncomfortable in his heart.

The mighty and indifferent Shen Shu turned out to be frustrated, she feel annoyed…

On the other hand, Chu’s father and Chu’s mother, who had once ignored Lin Xiaotang, and even said that she was “no three or four”, were a little embarrassed. She gave a smile.

Especially Father Chu, when he thought that these two people were found by his daughter Chu Xiaoxiao for free, he felt uncomfortable.

In order to invite Shen Shu, they spent a full three million.

Moreover, in order not to offend the Master Shen, he had no way to ask for the money back.

At present, the only person who will feel proud, I am afraid only Chu Xiaoxiao.

“I just said they are very powerful,” she said happily, “this is much better than those Taoist priests you just found!”

“I’m sorry, but we don’t know Mount Tai,” Father Chu nodded again and again, sincerely He said, “If you don’t mind, I’ll give you two million later as an apologize…”

“It’s fine, we don’t need money.”

Liu Yi was taken aback when Father Chu said that.

He waved his hand quickly and said, “We approached the Science Forum, which is an organization that cooperates with the state. The government will subsidize us. As long as they are citizens of our country, they can ask us for free help.”

For Chu Fu and Chu Mu first words were rude, neither Lin Xiaotang nor Liu Yi took it to heart.

Chu’s father and Chu’s mother have not seen scientific methods and do not believe them. This is also normal. What is there to be angry about?

Liu Yi has been scolded by many people by pointing his nose as a liar and even been kicked out of the house by his client. He is almost used to this.

Seeing Liu Yi and Lin Xiaotang talking so well, Chu’s father and Chu’s mother secretly breathed a sigh of relief.

At the same time, their favorability for approaching the scientific forum and the country has also increased a lot in an instant.

If you can, who wants to spend a lot of money and humbly ask a master to come?

Of course, they would definitely not dare to say this in front of Shen Shu.

“What should I do with this Buddha statue?”

Mother Chu hesitated and asked with a pale face.

After knowing that the Buddha statue was a bright weapon, Mother Chu’s expression changed.

She didn’t dare to put things used by dead people at home, even if there was no evil spirit on it.

Hearing Mother Chu’s words, Shen Shu’s eyes moved slightly.

Since Lin Xiaotang and the others are scientific researchers, they should not need magic tools.

Shen Shu just lacked an instrument in her hand, and this Buddha statue was very important to her.

Although she is not the one who removes the evil spirit, as long as she speaks, the Chu family will not refuse her request…

“Of course it is handed over to the country.” Lin Xiaotang said suddenly.

She glanced at the Buddha statue and said lightly: “It’s suffocating energy has not disappeared. It is estimated that it has just emerged from the soil and can be delivered to your hands. Eighty percent of the Buddha statue was dug up by tomb robbers.”

In this case, the most good option is to turn it over to the police for investigation.

It’s not bad to put it in the museum, and it can also leave a good name for Chu’s father and Chu’s mother.

“Well said,” Father Chu agreed immediately after hearing Lin Xiaotang’s words, “Let’s go to the police right now!”

Chu Xiaoxiao next to him even took out her mobile phone and started to call the police.

Shen Shu: “…” How could such a magic weapon actually be put into a museum to collect ashes?

She wanted to stop the Chu family, but Chu Xiaoxiao had already contacted the police.

Looking at the Buddha statue and then at Lin Xiaotang, a cold light flashed in Shen Shu’s eyes.

This person who should have died, as she appeared here, she deliberately targeted her again and again.

Even though she has always been indifferent, it is inevitable that she is slightly angry.

“Let’s go!”

Shen Shu’s face darkened, she said coldly.

Glancing at the Chu family coldly, Shen Shu pulled Xiao Chen together, turned around and left.

As a well-known Feng Shui master, Shen Shu also has her own pride.

Since she is not welcome here, there is no need for her to stay in their eyes!

Chu family: “…”

Chu family:? ? ?

Why is Master Shen so angry?

For Shen Shu’s sudden departure, the others present were a little confused.

Chu’s father and Chu’s mother couldn’t understand how they have offended Shen Shu.

Could it be because they didn’t talk to Shen Shu just now?

But it’s not them who helped them drive away their evil spirits.

To be honest, when Shen Shu came, Chu’s father and Chu’s mother could be said to be so respectful.

But what did she do?

She doesn’t seem to have done anything except draw a talisman in front of them, right?

Even the talisman was taken away by herself.

Looking at the backs of Shen Shu and others, Chu’s father and Chu’s mother were at a loss, and gradually became a little dissatisfied.

As for Lin Xiaotang, she directly ignored Shen Shu and the others.

What were they thinking, what was it about her?

If possible, she hoped that Shen Shu and the others would never come to trouble her.

The only thing that made Lin Xiaotang a little curious was the man with long hair and white clothes next to Shen Shu.

I don’t know if it was an illusion, but before leaving, he seemed to give her one more look.

Moreover, this person’s sense of existence is very low, Lin Xiaotang thought about it carefully, but he didn’t remember what he looked like.

However, she was just a stranger, and she didn’t pay much attention to it.

After chatting with the Chu family for a while and telling them that they could download the damn app directly from the software mall, Lin Xiaotang and Liu Yi left the Chu house.

After that, under the arrangement of the special department, she followed these people and solved several commissions.

In these cases, except for the two cases where the victims were innocent, in the remaining times, those victims more or less had some problems with themselves.

In the communication with the ghosts, they also unintentionally detected a case of intentional homicide, which made the grievances of the deceased clear.

Don’t do bad things, don’t be afraid of ghosts knocking on the door, this proverb actually makes some sense in this world.

After thinking about this, in order to facilitate the police to solve the case, Lin Xiaotang thought for a while, and removed some particularly lethal spells from the APP, leaving only some spells that were enough to protect oneself.

In these actual battles, the members of the special department confirmed through repeated reviews that there was no major problem with the APP, and that there were no sequelae and side effects. The country finally began to promote the APP.

Soon, advertisements about the ghost app appeared in front of the public.

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