Fifth Story 5

5. Physics Exorcism

Shen Shu also recognized Lin Xiaotang.

Her eyes swept across Lin Xiaotang, and she was suspicious.

Just like what Daochang He said, Lin Xiaotang’s body is too ghostly, which is obviously a sign of evil spirits.

Under normal circumstances, the average person would not live for seven days at all and would die at the hands of ghosts.

But for some reason, Lin Xiaotang didn’t die.

It doesn’t matter if she doesn’t die, the Yin Qi in her body is slowly fading away.

It is estimated that there is a high-level person behind her to help, and she is considered to be very lucky.

Shen Shu thought lightly.

She is not afraid of what the experts behind Lin Xiaotang can find out.

The last time I went to the Lin family to break off the marriage, after being scolded by the Lin family as a liar, Shen Shu’s face was calm, but she was a little angry in her heart.

A group of arrogant people who don’t know the heights of the sky, should let them hit the evil once and admit their mistakes to her.

But as a feng shui master of several generations of the Shen family, Shen Shu is proud of herself and can’t do things like harming people behind their backs and harming ordinary people with feng shui Taoism.

So, when she was just passing by a goddess who was collecting the birth dates of unmarried women and wanted to match her son with a ghost marriage, she casually asked her boyfriend Xiao Chen what the birth date of Lin Xiaotang was.

As the eldest lady of the Lin family, Lin Xiaotang’s appearance and luck are not bad. Her birth date is naturally more attractive than ordinary women.

Shen Shu saw that the witch’s eyes flickered, and she was already certain in her heart that the witch would attack Lin Xiaotang.

But what does this have to do with her?

It was this goddess who eavesdropped on her, and it was this goddess who went to attack Lin Xiaotang.

Even if the goddess was discovered later and confessed to her, the Lin family had no position to accuse her.

Yes, she can indeed get rid of this goddess in advance, abolishing the other party’s cultivation, so that this person can no longer shoot at Lin Xiaotang.

But why would she do this?

Lin Xiaotang’s parents called her a liar before, and then turned around and asked her to save their daughter without any regrets. Isn’t this a moral kidnapping?

Thinking of this, Shen Shu felt quite at ease about what happened to Lin Xiaotang.

Anyway, she just wanted to teach the Lin family a lesson.

As for He Daochang rejecting the request of Lin’s father and Lin’s mother, Lin Xiaotang might die, which Shen Shu did not expect.

However, this is probably Lin Xiaotang’s life, she is destined to have such a catastrophe.

Furthermore, it is not a bad thing to use her life to be vigilant against those ignorant people in the world.

Now that Lin Xiaotang is alive, Shen Shu has no other thoughts besides the accident.

She is a practitioner, she should stick to her original intention and not recite the past. These trivial matters should not attract her attention.

Lin Xiaotang didn’t know what Shen Shu was thinking.

She just felt a little headache after seeing the heroine and the hero.

Shen Shu came here this time and brought two people with her.

One is the male protagonist Xiao Chen, and the other is a gentle and unparalleled young man dressed in white.

Shen Shu was okay, the heroine had always been cold and arrogant, but Xiao Chen, the former fiance of the original owner, was already looking at her with disgust.

If it weren’t for other people around, Xiao Chen would have walked over directly and told Lin Xiaotang to stop pestering him.

These emotional disputes can be said to be the most annoying thing for Lin Xiaotang.

She took out her mobile phone and decided to solve this commission as soon as possible and leave as soon as possible.

“Master Shen, you are here!”

Seeing Shen Shu and others coming, Chu’s father and Chu’s mother ran over early and respectfully led them into the house.

As for Lin Xiaotang and the others whom her daughter Chu Xiaoxiao was looking for, Chu’s father and Chu’s mother did not like them at all.

Seeing Shen Shu’s displeased face, they even lost their temper at Chu Xiaoxiao: “Where did this person come from? I told you earlier, don’t ask for someone to come here, so as not to offend the master!”

“They’re not some kind of nonsense!” When

Chu Xiaoxiao heard what Chu’s father and Chu’s mother said, she was so angry that she jumped up: “You have found three liars these days, and you still want to continue to look for them? It cost 3 million to invite this Master Shen, but the two scientific researchers I hired didn’t spend a penny!”

Chu Xiaoxiao said that Chu’s had spent a lot of money to find liard some time ago. I hate it so much, I can’t help but reveal the short breath when I speak.


Chu’s father and mother’s expression changed when she saw her pointing at Shen Shu and scolding.

They spend a lot of money and begged a lot of feng shui masters who were hired by acquaintances. If they offended Shen Shu, their family would be over!

They turned their heads and hurriedly flattered at Shen Shu and others: “Master, our daughter is not sober, please don’t bother with her.”


Shen Shu shook her head indifferently.

The cold woman’s gaze skipped Lin Xiaotang and the others, her expression calm with a hint of arrogance: “Let these two so-called ‘scientific researchers’ open their eyes.”

After hearing her say this, Chu’s father and Chu’s mother’s complexion improved a little bit.

On the contrary, Chu smiled and sneered from the side, looking very disapproving.

“Three million…”

Lin Xiaotang noticed the amount, and his eyes moved slightly.

She knew that in the original plot, the heroine could make a lot of money as soon as she made a move, but she really didn’t expect that she could get so much.

The black figure in the Chu family’s dream, after more than half a month, could not cause substantial harm to the Chu family, but could only harm the surrounding plants, which showed that its degree of danger was not high.

Such an easy thing can be sought after by countless wealthy businessmen, and it is no wonder that the masters of metaphysics in this world have their eyes above the top.

“Master Shen, please,” Chu’s father and Chu’s mother were too lazy to care about Chu Xiaoxiao and Lin Xiaotang.

Seeing that Shen Shu showed that they didn’t mind, they took Shen Shu and others to their own room: “If you see any problem, please tell me directly.”

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Shen Shu nodded slightly when she heard the words.

Her eyes swept across the Chu family’s house, and followed the strong yin in the house.

As the heroine, Shen Shu was born with rare yin and yang eyes, which can see ghosts that ordinary people can’t see, and can also see the feng shui in the house.

Seeing that the feng shui in Chu’s house was disordered and the pressure was black, Shen Shu said lightly, “There is indeed something wrong with your house, and the yin is concentrated in the main house.”

She pointed her finger lightly and pointed to a Buddha statue in the main house of Chu’s house. : “There is a problem with this thing. If it is not unexpected, it should be a Ming utensil.”

Ming utensils, that is, Ming utensils, refer to some utensils that ancient people would bury when they were buried.

Almost all of the yin in the room surrounds this Buddha statue. It should have been dug out from the ground by tomb robbers, and there is still a trace of blood throughout its body.

Hearing what Shen Shu said, Chu’s father and mother’s eyes suddenly lit up.

They thought about it, and indeed, this Buddha statue was sent over by someone else exactly half a month ago!

Because it is a Buddha statue, Chu’s father and Chu’s mother never suspected it before, and even offer incense it.

Calculated the time when the Buddha statue arrived at their home and the time when they began to have nightmares matched the time.

This Master Shen has real materials!

Moreover, since Shen Shu can casually say what the problem is, it shows that she is confident that she can solve the troubles of the Chu family!

Thinking of this, Chu’s father and Chu’s mother were extremely excited.

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Behind them, Chu Xiaoxiao, not to be outdone, pulled Lin Xiaotang and Liu Yi into the room.

“How are you going to solve our family’s affairs?” Chu Xiaoxiao asked pointedly, “The name of your forum is Approaching Science, so what kind of scientific method should you use? Instead of just looking at it with your eyes. “

Her words “simply see with eyes” are obviously insinuating Shen Shu.

scientific means?

Hearing what Chu Xiaoxiao said, whether it was Chu’s father, Chu’s mother, or Shen Shu and others, there was some sarcasm in their hearts.

However, what they didn’t expect was that Lin Xiaotang actually nodded and said, “Yes, we do have scientific methods.”

She took out her mobile phone, opened the damn app, turned on the camera, and turned the All the scenes were shown to Chu Xiaoxiao.

“Look,” Lin Xiaotang said calmly, “the black qi in the camera is the so-called ‘yin qi’ in your mouth. As long as you swipe with the camera, you can see the distribution of yin qi in the room.

” Her camera showed that the black energy inside the Chu family was also wrapped around the Buddha statue.

Yes, yin and yang eyes are indeed rare, and it is difficult to find one in a hundred years.

However, under her APP, even the most ordinary ordinary people can have the ability similar to yin and yang eyes.

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