Fifth Story 2

2. Fifth Story

Niu Keer never thought that Ma Bohao and Zhang Jiayu would be related.

Just like when she was in college, she didn’t know how to dress up at all, so that a girl who could look at the most fat when she was tidy up was just disgusted by the scourge of sportswear and messy hair, Ma Bohao was actually quite at that time. normal. Zhang Jiayu is different. Zhang Jiayu has become a department flower as soon as she entered the school, and has always been sought after. She also has a very good boyfriend.

Zhang Jiayu and her boyfriend have been showing off their love in college for four years, and they got married just after graduation, which can be called envy. Although they are divorced now, no one would have thought of this before, right?

She and Zhang Jiayu live in the same dormitory, and they are together every day. She only sees Zhang Jiayu and her boyfriend Qingqing, but she never sees Zhang Jiayu’s connection with Ma Bohao. What about Ma Bohao? He would chat with her about Zhang Jiayu from time to time, but she always thought it was because Zhang Jiayu was her good friend, and even a lot of times the topic about Zhang Jiayu was directly brought up by her first…

She never thought about it . In this world, there would be a man who would marry a woman he didn’t like because of the persuasion of a woman he liked. Naturally, he would never have thought that Ma Bohao actually liked Zhang Jiayu.

Her husband, who she has liked for seven years, actually likes her good friend…

He even scolded her as a dead fat pig!

Niu Ke’er didn’t understand how all this happened.

“Little girl, are you okay?” Niu Ke’er was walking on the street blankly when a middle-aged woman suddenly asked.

“I’m fine.” Niu Ke’er came back to her senses and smiled ugly.

“Is it broken in love? It’s nothing to break up with, just go home and sleep.” The middle-aged woman said again.

Niu Ke’er smiled bitterly before saying, “Thank you.”

Although she said that, at this moment, Niu Ke’er had no idea where she could go.

Go home and sleep? Her parents don’t live in this city, and her sudden return now will only worry them, and where she and Ma Bohao live… Ma Bohao is like this, is that still her home?

“What’s the use of crying? If you have time to cry, you might as well think about what to do next.” Just when Niu Ke’er was in a trance, she suddenly heard a voice and saw the person floating in front of her. His eyes widened suddenly, and she was about to exclaim almost immediately.

“It’s shameful enough to cry on the street. Wouldn’t it be even more shameful to cry ‘there’s a ghost’?” said the floating beauty in ancient costume.

The voice that Niu Keer wanted to exclaim was suffocated in his throat. Of course, there are other reasons for this, that is, the person in front of him doesn’t look like a ghost: “Ghosts can’t walk on the road during the day, you’re not a ghost. Right ?”

“Of course, I’m actually an immortal, and I’m here to help you now.”

“…” Niu Ke’er really doesn’t believe that immortals will help him. She has grown so big, and everything she own she works so hard to gets depends on it. It’s just that she, a materialist who has always hated feudal superstition, can suddenly see ghosts, which is really weird, and even makes her forget to be sad.

But it was only forgotten for a while, and it didn’t take long for Niu Ke’er’s mood to drop again.

I still remember that on Valentine’s Day not long ago, she pestered Ma Bohao to accompany her to go out to eat, but Ma Bohao ignored it at first, and finally only said: “You are so fat, what else do you eat?”

At that time, she thought that Ma Bohao was joking, so she pounced on Ma Bohao’s face like a spoiled child: “You actually said that I was fat, aren’t you afraid that I would crush you to death at night?”

Looking back now, she felt that she was really stupid at the time.

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She always thought that Ma Bohao didn’t despise her being fat. In fact, she didn’t think she was fat and couldn’t see people. After all, she was like this since she was a child, and she was used to it.

Moreover, although she used to be unlikable because of her fatness and introvertedness, but after she learned clothing design, she knew how to match her clothes, and after Ma Bohao gained confidence in her response, her popularity became more and more popular. It’s better, a middle-aged woman like the manager even likes her quite a bit.

However, she originally thought that Ma Bohao said she was fat was a joke, otherwise Ma Bohao would not accept her, but in fact those were his true words, right?

“Are you going to cry on the street again?” said the woman floating in front of Niu Ke’er.

Niu Ke’er wiped her face: “I’m going home.” She was going back and smashed all Ma Bohao’s things!

She has been devoted to Ma Bohao for so many years, why should she give way to others obediently in the end?

“Go back, I’ll follow you, by the way, my name is Mu Ling.” Mu Ling smiled.

Niu Ke’er didn’t speak, and walked towards Ma Bohao and his home.

Niu Keer and Ma Bohao lived not far from the company, and the house was bought by the company’s owner, Ma Bohao’s uncle, who paid for Ma Bohao.

Ma Bohao’s father passed away early, and his mother did not have a good relationship with his sister-in-law, so Ma Bohao and his uncle had a very general relationship. If it weren’t for this, Ma Bohao would not have lived a life similar to an ordinary student when he was in college.

But they are relatives. Ma Bohao joined the company after graduation and was still well cared for by the company. Later, they planned to get married. Ma Bohao’s uncle gave Ma Bohao a sum of money so that Ma Bohao could take out a loan to buy the house.

The house has three bedrooms, two living rooms and two bathrooms, a master bedroom, a study, and a children’s room. It’s not too big or too small. When it was renovated, Niu Keer, who likes children, finished the children’s room and planned to wait for her and Ma Bohao to save it. Enough money to have a child, but unfortunately the two of them have not been well-off for the past two years, and Ma Bohao felt that they were too young, so he kept taking contraceptive measures.

Why the two of them are too young… No wonder she used to say that she wanted a son like Ma Bohao, Ma Bohao never answered, it turned out to be thinking about Zhang Jiayu…

And Zhang Jiayu, Zhang Jiayu knew from the beginning who Ma Bohao liked, why didn’t he tell her? This time, how can I use her design drawings with peace of mind?

Niu Ke’er gritted her teeth. Zhang Jiayu was a little squeamish and a little selfish. She had known it for a long time. She always thought it was just that Zhang Jiayu was spoiled because of her beauty.

“It’s very clean.” Mu Ling visited the house and sighed.

“…” Niu Ke’er, who was originally sad, was distracted by this erratic beauty, but the feeling of being betrayed was still there, so that she looked at the house in front of her and it was not pleasing to the eye.

The house was tidy up little by little.

Ma Bohao didn’t have much savings before buying a house, and because her father had an accident, she asked her family for money, so they had to save time and again when decorating. Many things were added later, and Niu Keer was often on weekends. When I went to the home improvement city for a long time, my legs were sore, just to buy a few cheap and easy-to-use things.

It’s just this house, I don’t know who will be cheaper in the future!

Niu Keer suddenly remembered what happened when Zhang Jiayu just got divorced. Zhang Jiayu’s ex-husband is said to have cheated and then divorced Zhang Jiayu. Zhang Jiayu’s ex-husband’s family is very rich, but all the property is pre-marital property, so that when Zhang Jiayu divorced, almost nothing was distributed.

Zhang Jiayu’s situation at the time was so embarrassing, so she found out that they wanted to live in her house. She had always been big-hearted, but she also felt that it was not appropriate for a girl who was not a relative or an ancestor to live in her house. Before her parents came to live for two days, Ma Bohao felt unaccustomed and unhappy, and immediately refused. As a result, Ma Bohao gave her a displeased look at that time. Later, Ma Bohao also paid Zhang Jiayu to rent an apartment.

At that time, she still felt that Ma Bohao valued herself and her friends. It turned out…

those two sluts!

Niu Ke’er was so full of emotions that she couldn’t express her emotions. After seeing the group photo of the college photography club on the coffee table in the living room, she almost immediately threw it on the ground and smashed the outer frame, and then took out the photo inside.

In the photo, Ma Bohao was standing at the end, she and Zhang Jiayu were standing on the left, Zhang Jiayu showed a small face and smiled happily, and she, half of her body was outside the frame…

She always felt that this photo took her very well ugly, but Ma Bohao above is very handsome, so when Ma Bohao wanted to put it here, she didn’t object, hehe, he said that he didn’t like taking pictures, how could Ma Bohao, who is unwilling to take wedding photos no matter how much she pestering, put this photo up? On the coffee table, it turned out to be for the beautiful Zhang Jiayu who was smiling.

Slowly shredding the photos little by little, Niu Keer began to pack up his things.

She is going to divorce Ma Bohao, no matter what, at this time, she will never be able to get entangled with Ma Bohao anymore. She is already a joke, and she can’t let herself be entangled with these two people, and it will eventually become a joke jokes!

If that’s the case, she doesn’t even look down on herself.

In addition to having a house, Niu Ke’er and Ma Bohao were married completely naked. Because of this, they didn’t have much at home. Niu Ke’er first found out her documents, then her clothes and stuffed them. Two suitcases are full, and then I find that I have nothing else to take.

Even if she took those electrical appliances, she had nowhere to put them.

As soon as she gritted her teeth, she carried the two suitcases and walked out.

However, when she walked to the door, Niu Ke’er felt a little unwilling…

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“Why don’t you smash the house?” Mu Ling gave Niu Ke’er an idea by the side. Since Niu Ke’er is angry, she will give this tone first. .

Niu Ke’er glanced at Mu Ling, then turned around and started smashing things. She didn’t have the strength to smash the house decoration, and she didn’t want to smash the TV, washing machine or something that she paid for, but she smashed the dishes in the kitchen. She smashed the photo wall that she carefully made with Ma Bohao’s photographic works, and even the shower room in the bathroom, she also smashed the pot in the kitchen, but she accidentally surprised herself.

These are things she has used before, but they can’t be used by others!

In the end, Niu Ke’er also carried her and Ma Bohao’s quilts in the bedroom into the living room and lit a fire. Seeing the thing turned into ashes, Niu Ke’er’s mood suddenly eased.

It is said that the heart is wide and the body is fat, and it is not without reason that she will be fat, at least she can regulate her mood.

Although the tone of Ma Bohao and Zhang Jia was overwhelmed, she didn’t suffer much, didn’t she sleep with Ma Bohao for a few years? If it weren’t for Zhang Jiayu, she would definitely not be able to sleep with such a handsome guy!

Having said that, Niu Ke’er’s tears fell again.

“Niu Ke’er! What are you doing!” Ma Bohao’s voice suddenly sounded, and Niu Ke’er raised her head, only to find that Ma Bohao was looking at her angrily, his eyes were like knives.

Niu Keer was a little stunned for a while. After she confronted Ma Bohao in the company before, she actually didn’t want to see Ma Bohao again. After all, she was really embarrassed before, but she didn’t expect that Ma Bohao came back before she got off work.

“Ke’er, how did you make your house like this?” Zhang Jiayu’s surprised voice sounded immediately.

“My home, I can do whatever I want, what’s your business?” Niu Ke’er immediately exploded when she heard Zhang Jiayu’s words.

“That’s not what I meant… Ke’er, we were wrong in the past, but you can’t be so angry.” Zhang Jiayu looked at Niu Ke’er tenderly, but there was gloating in her eyes.

When Zhang Jiayu met Niu Ke’er, she had just gone to college. It was the first time she left home, she was not used to anything, and learned from her experience of being accidentally pushed out by all the girls in high school, she attracted Niu Ke’er.

Niu Keer is a girl from a small county town. She was raised by her family very simply, and because she looks a little inferior and introverted, as soon as she shows her favor, she immediately sticks to her, and she also has a valet who can run errands and fetch water for her. .

Zhang Jiayu is very happy to bring such a follower who is not as good as her in every way. After knowing that this follower likes Ma Bohao who has confessed to him but was rejected by him, he tries his best to match the two, and talks a lot in front of Ma Bohao. If Ke’er is related, Ma Bohao must not refuse Niu Ke’er and make Niu Ke’er sad.

Every time she sees Niu Ke’er trying her best to pursue Ma Bohao, but she doesn’t know that Ma Bohao is disliked, she can’t help but secretly smug – it’s just a man she doesn’t like, that man still likes her now, Niu Ke No matter how much she chased her, she couldn’t catch her…

However, although she satisfied her vanity with this, she didn’t have much malice towards Niu Ke’er at that time. She would not look at Niu Ke’er until after her own marriage tragedy. It’s getting more and more unpleasant.

Before her marriage, her ex-husband was very kind to her. She loved all kinds of things. She would buy whatever she wanted.

She was too simple at that time. She wanted her husband to spend money, but she didn’t think deeply about her future, so that her husband became more and more impatient with her. Later, the fact that she didn’t want to get pregnant and take birth control pills became even more irritating to her mother-in-law.

Being pushed by her mother-in-law, she made trouble in front of her husband. At first, her husband would coax her, but later he became more and more impatient with her, and he didn’t even want to give her money.

She eventually got to the point of divorce, and because her ex-husband’s house and car were all pre-marital, she had no company shares in her name, and she only received some dead wages from her own company, so she couldn’t share any money.

Her ex-husband is only willing to give her one million as a breakup fee, but what can one million do? It was obvious that her ex-husband’s car was worth more than one million!

Zhang Jiayu was naturally unwilling, but she didn’t expect that because she was unwilling, in the end, she only got 100,000 in the court case.

Her life is like this, but Niu Ke’er’s life is getting more and more prosperous. Ma Bohao became the deputy manager of the design department at a young age. Not to mention, his original identity is not ordinary, but he is the nephew of the chairman of Jiaren Clothing. !

Jiaren Clothing is much bigger than the small company of his ex-husband’s house!

In the past, she was a person like Ma Bohao. It was impossible to buy a house in this city after graduation. What happened now? Ma Bohao and Niu Keer live in one of the best neighborhoods in this area!

In fact, all of Ma Bohao and Niu Ke’er didn’t like it very much before, but after a failed marriage and the few months of divorce, she still didn’t have any source of income, but she understood that, Ma Bohao is already her best choice now.

The only bad thing is that Ma Bohao and Niu Ke’er got married, but that’s okay. The two got a certificate before the wedding. They don’t even have children. As long as they get divorced, nothing will happen. It’s just Niu Ke’er. I like Ma Bohao, and it might not be easy to get her to divorce…

Zhang Jiayu knew that Ma Bohao still liked her, otherwise she wouldn’t be helping her everywhere, so she asked Ma Bohao to change her designs so that the cow Ke’er knew that Ma Bohao liked her instead of Niu Ke’er.

In fact, if she really just wants to gain a firm foothold in the company, how can she use this method? Just tell Niu Ke’er and let Niu Ke’er help her change the design! She doesn’t even care about design competitions or the like.

If it wasn’t for Niu Ke’er to retreat in spite of difficulties, she would not have done this.

Of course, she has another plan, which is…

“Ke’er, after you suddenly ran out of the company today, the general manager came here, do you know? He was very angry when he found out about you, saying that you didn’t give explaination to him by tomorrow. You don’t have to go to the company in the future, Bohao and I came back early for this.” Zhang Jiayu added.

The chairman of Jiaren Clothing, where Niu Keer works, is Ma Bohao’s uncle, and Ma Bohao’s uncle just dug back a general manager from outside a year ago, is the one in Zhang Jiayu’s mouth.

That general manager has always been strict. When he saw her running out of the company without saying hello, he would naturally have an opinion on her… Niu Ke’er thought of this level almost immediately.

Of course, she still thought too much about it. The general manager had an opinion on her, mainly because the works she had submitted before were too poor.

This time, the company wants to recruit people to participate in the design of the clothing week, and also to select people to participate in the design competition, so even the general manager pays attention to those design drawings, but Ma Bohao replaced Niu Keer’s original works with the ones she used to abolish. s work……

It was said that those pictures were useless, but it was conceivable how bad it was, and it naturally gave the general manager a bad impression.

If it wasn’t for Zhang Jiayu’s reminder, Niu Ke’er almost forgot about the company. Thinking of Ma Bohao helping Zhang Jiayu everywhere in the company before, Niu Ke’er suddenly felt that the company couldn’t stay.

Not losing the battle, Niu Ke’er smashed her suitcase directly in front of Zhang Jiayu: “You think, I don’t like this job, so I will resign tomorrow! And Zhang Jiayu, don’t be complacent, I will leave tomorrow and go to the company to help you two adulterers and prostitutes to publicize it, and let others see how the two of you hooked up to run against me and frame me!”

Niu Ke’er’s words changed Zhang Jiayu’s face, and Niu Ke’er’s temper has always been very good, Zhang Jiayu really didn’t think about this before, but she didn’t think about it for a reason – you must know that Niu Ke’er always listened to Ma Bohao’s words, and with Ma Bohao around, she would not be hurt.

Seemingly startled by Niu Ke’er’s behavior of smashing the suitcase, Zhang Jiayu took a step back and almost fell back into Ma Bohao’s arms. Ma Bohao subconsciously stretched out his hand to help, and then looked at Niu Ke’er coldly: “Niu Ke’er, have you had enough trouble! If you have the ability, come at me!”

It looked like Niu Ke’er was stunned subconsciously. She had been a low-lying girl in front of Ma Bohao for seven years, trying her best to please Ma Bohao. Even if Ma Bohao cheated now, she subconsciously didn’t want to make Ma Bohao unhappy.

It’s a bit silly to think like this, but she can’t help it.

“It’s too bad if you don’t want to work in your house, don’t just leave like this, don’t you know how to pay for mental damage?” Mu Ling asked coolly, patted Niu Ke’er’s face, the cold feeling made Niu Ke’er The child trembled subconsciously.

As if being empowered by it, Niu Ke’er suddenly woke up: “You asked me to come at you! Let’s do it, Ma Bohao, you and I go to divorce tomorrow, give me 200,000 compensation by the way, and I won’t make trouble in the company!”

“You want money from me?” Ma Bohao was stunned, he didn’t like Niu Ke’er. At first, he was with Niu Ke’er on the one hand because of Zhang Jiayu’s persuasion, and on the other hand because Niu Ke’er was too close to him. .

Anyway, he doesn’t like anyone except Zhang Jiayu, and it’s nothing to be with Niu Ke’er.

Later, he obtained the certificate with Niu Keer because he was stimulated by the news of Zhang Jiayu’s marriage.

Not long after getting the certificate, he regretted it, and felt that Niu Keer couldn’t be take out, so he chose to hide his marriage.

He wanted to divorce Niu Ke’er more than once, but he never mentioned it to Niu Ke’er… But now that Niu Ke’er took the initiative to divorce, he suddenly felt a little uncomfortable.

“Niu Ke’er, wouldn’t it be too much to ask for 200,000 yuan if you’ve been eating Ma Bohao or living in Ma Bohao in recent years?” Zhang Jiayu whispered, Ma Bohao gave Niu Ke’er 200,000 yuan, isn’t that her 200,000 less?

“What do you want to eat and live with? This house pays 7,000 yuan a month for the mortgage, and he gives me 10,000 yuan a month. After paying the mortgage, water, electricity, internet, and mobile phone fees, what else is left? Give him food and buy him clothes and flowers. Isn’t it all my money?” Niu Ke’er snorted coldly, Ma Bohao is a householder, and gives her 10,000 yuan a month, and then he doesn’t care about other things at home, not to mention buying clothes, he has no money for mobile phones. He doesn’t even know how to pay by himself. After she pays the mortgage, she has to add at least two or three thousand a month to cover the basic expenses for two people, not to mention other additional expenses.

Originally, she thought it was right. They were husband and wife. She had to pay for the family. In addition to living expenses, she also bought a lot of things into the family. Now that she thinks about it carefully, she feels that it is a loss.

This house belongs to Ma Bohao, why did she spend her own money to buy furniture and appliances for Ma Bohao? Thinking of this, Niu Ke’er has the urge to go back and smash it again!

However, if he can get 200,000 from Ma Bohao, then all the losses can be made up.

After Ma Bohao became a deputy manager, the salary was not low. He gave Niu Keer a lot of 10,000 yuan a month, and there was a year-end bonus. But before, he gave the house decoration big money, and he still had to send money to his mother. The money in hand is not much, just enough for 200,000.

Originally, he planned to give Niu Ke’er 100,000 yuan, but when he heard Niu Ke’er’s words, he was a little embarrassed, and it was hard to say that he should give less money.

“I’ll give you 200,000 tomorrow, let’s go… divorce.” Ma Bohao didn’t know what happened to him. When he said the word “divorce”, he felt a little uncomfortable in his heart.

“That’s it!” Niu Ke’er pulled her suitcase and walked out. She raised her head so high that her overly rich figure became taller.

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