Fifth Story 4

3. Fifth Story

Although she had already asked for compensation, and even though she told herself that she was not at a loss, Niu Ke’er was still not reconciled.

Those two people played her with applause, wasted seven years of her youth, and turned her into a second marriage… How could she not hate it?

But what if you hate it?

She couldn’t beat Ma Bohao, so she could only vent her anger by smashing things, and she still had a job…

Niu Ke’er was a little reluctant to take her job, because she likes designing clothes, and because the salary of beauty clothes is not low.

But there is Ma Bohao there… She likes Ma Bohao so much, even if Ma Bohao doesn’t like her, the seven-year relationship can’t be put down for a while.

Moreover, Ma Bohao can take her design drawings to Zhang Jiayu this time, who knows if he will do the same next time? In that case, what’s the point of her staying there?

As for making a big deal about Ma Bohao and Zhang Jiayu…

Ma Bohao is the chairman’s nephew, and he was the deputy manager at a young age. He is a proper husband-in-law in Jiaren Clothing, how about her? She has been working in the company for almost four years, and she has not been chased by anyone! If it really broke out, most people would think that she was not worthy of Ma Bohao and should have given way.

What’s more, she didn’t want to publicize her failures.

Carrying two suitcases and walking aimlessly for half an hour, Niu Ke’er was almost tired.

“There is a hotel in front of you, go and reserve a room.” Mu Lingpiao said beside Niu Ke’er. Mu Ling admired Niu Ke’er’s previous behavior, but after thinking about it, she still felt aggrieved for Niu Ke’er.

Seven years of time was wasted on two scumbags. If Niu Ke’er doesn’t make changes in the future, even if she works in another company, she will be an ordinary employee for the rest of her life. She has a short marriage history and now In this way, it is impossible to find a man who is better than Ma Bohao on the outside…

What about Ma Bohao and Zhang Jiayu? Ma Bohao can at least be the manager of the design department in the future, and maybe he can go up a rank. Zhang Jiayu is with him, and her talent and beauty will definitely make others envious.

Being robbed by Xiaosan, the man has to watch the sweet and sweet career of Xiaosan and the man flourishing… Mu Ling, a bystander, felt uncomfortable for Niu Keer.

Niu Keer wiped her face and walked to the hotel. She quickly opened the room. After putting her luggage in the bedroom, she flew downstairs and sat in the lobby to order food.

She is sad now, and only a big meal can comfort her to calm down her mood!

“Give me a duck and two, braised pork… oops!” Before Niu Ke’er finished speaking, he was stabbed with a needle by Mu Ling.

“Eat something light!” Mu Ling said.

“You also take care of me?” Niu Ke’er looked at Mu Ling depressedly.

“You’d better be quiet, or I’ll stab you, and don’t talk to me outside, or people will treat you as a lunatic talking to yourself in the air!” Mu Ling said again.

Niu Ke’er turned her head and saw that the waiter who was holding the menu and asked her to order was looking at her with crazy eyes, and her heart was suddenly filled.

“I suddenly remembered that I want to lose weight. I don’t want those two dishes just now. Bring me a fish-flavored pork shredded vegetable, a salad with artemisia, and a tomato and egg soup.” Seeing Mu Ling pointing the name of the dish with a golden needle, her eyes looking at her threateningly, Niu Ke’er finally obediently ordered these three dishes.

Her skin and flesh are very tender, and Ma Bohao usually pokes hard to get traces of bruises. If she gets stuck with a needle, she doesn’t know what it will look like…

Niu Ke’er reluctantly finished the meal and returned to the room feeling depressed.

“I’m not wronging you. Isn’t there another fish-flavored shredded pork? I tell you, you will rent a house tomorrow and cook your own meals. Don’t even think about eating out!” Mu Ling shook the gold needle in her hand.

“You want me to lose weight? I can’t lose it.” Niu Ke’er said, she also wanted to be beautiful. She had tried to lose weight several times before, but she had never been successful.

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The most powerful one, she worked hard for two months to lose more than 120 pounds, she lost a lot of weight, and her skin became wider. As a result, she fell ill, and even her “good friend” didn’t come for two months in a row. , Not only that, but she rebounded quickly and gained weight again.

Moreover, her whole body is soft and flabby contrary to those who are not underweight but so strong that they cannot be seen as fat, her appearance looks a little heavier than her actual weight, and then once she loses weight…

arms and the meat on the legs is gone, and the skin is really ugly. It’s not as good as the meat, at least it can be said to be cute.

“You can’t lose it because you don’t have enough perseverance, it’s just weight loss, as long as you persist, you can definitely lose it!” Mu Lingdao, she had seen Niu Ke’er’s life, this person used to lose weight, basically by eating less, Said to be with exercise, in fact, did not move a few times.

Just like this, it is strange to be able to lose weight successfully!

“I don’t look good after losing weight.” Niu Ke’er said again, Ma Bohao said that her weight loss was a tossing.

“Don’t worry, I’ll be there to watch, to make sure you look good enough after losing weight.” Mu Ling said again, Zhen Qing is a person who pays attention to health care, she followed Zhen Qing, and naturally learned a lot of knowledge in this area, of course, the more important thing is that she also knows that there is such a thing as a “gym” in this world.

“Can you really guarantee it?” Niu Ke’er was also interested.

“Sure, as long as you listen to me when the time comes, of course, it doesn’t matter if you don’t listen to me.” Mu Ling smiled and shook the golden needle in her hand.

Niu Ke’er froze all of a sudden.

After Niu Ke’er took a bath and lay down on the hotel bed, she couldn’t help but think of Ma Bohao again, but before she was sad, she suddenly felt a cold hand pat her face: “It’s still early, what are you doing in bed so early? Come on, let’s do some laps first.”

Mu Ling doesn’t know much about exercise. Among them, the yoga that Zhen Qing often practices is not suitable for Niu Ke’er who has too much meat, so she just let Niu Ke’er dance in place. Anyway, she is doing it for Niu Ke’er. Exercising to lose weight is purely because I don’t want Niu Keer to have time to think about things.

When Niu Ke’er got tired and lay down, she didn’t believe that Niu Ke’er still had time to think about Ma Bohao!

Niu Ke’er jumped up desperately according to Mu Ling’s request, and she was out of breath after a few moments. She wanted to rest, but as soon as she stopped, Mu Ling pricked her arm, and she could only continue to jump.

“Didn’t you say you were here to help me? How could you do this…” Niu Ke’er finally brought a cry.

“Acupuncture and moxibustion cost a lot of money these days. Wouldn’t you like me to help you with acupuncture for free?” Mu Ling looked at Niu Ke’er. She pierced Niu Ke’er. In fact, it was more symbolic. What’s good for Niu Ke’er, if Niu Ke’er is really tired, she will let Niu Ke’er rest for a while before continuing.

Niu Ke’er stopped talking. Although she didn’t know where this Mu Ling came from, she also knew that Mu Ling was actually doing her good.

I don’t know if I was too tired, but Niu Ke’er finally fell asleep and had no time to mourn the spring and the autumn.

Mu Ling looked at Niu Ke’er who was sleeping soundly on the bed, and was faintly proud. When she was with Zhen Qing before, she was always sad when she saw Zhen Qing, and she felt that Zhen Qing was actually too idle, so she thought about it all day. For a little matter, look at Guo Lianyun, they are too busy, so they have no time to be sad.

However, Zhen Qing was not in good health, so she couldn’t do anything except find something easy to do to distract Zhen Qing. Now it’s different…

Although Niu Ke’er is fat, she is young and healthy. There is nothing wrong with it, and it can even be said that she is as strong as a cow. Under such circumstances, she really has no problem to toss with Niu Ke’er!

When Niu Keer woke up the next day, her back was sore, and she found speechlessly that she was not too sad after deciding to divorce. Even in her dream last night, what she dreamed of was not being betrayed by Ma Bohao, but being betrayed by Mu Ling. Chasing, chasing, chasing with a needle…

Of course, she didn’t have time to be sad, but it didn’t mean she wasn’t sad anymore. After a while of psychological construction, Niu Keer took care of herself and went to the company.

Maybe Ma Bohao has already said hello, and Niu Keer’s resignation went very smoothly, and the company has not deducted her salary for this month because of her sudden resignation.

“Okay, I’ve quit my job, go to the Civil Affairs Bureau with me!” Niu Ke’er packed up her computer and other documents, and said to Ma Bohao.

Ma Bohao looked at Niu Keer with a complicated expression, nodded, and drove out his Volkswagen from the garage.

Ma Bohao’s Volkswagen model is a bit old. He didn’t buy it himself. It was also given to him by his uncle. He drives it every time he comes to work. Some time ago, he always went to pick up Zhang Jiayu. It is to concealed that the marriage of the two people has basically never taken this car, and they walk to work by themselves every day.

After Niu Ke’er sat in the co-pilot seat, Ma Bohao looked at Niu Ke’er again.

Niu Ke’er watched a touching TV show last night and couldn’t help crying. The next day, her eyes would swell up, so today he thought he would see a woman with swollen eyes and only slits left, but Niu Ke’er didn’t expect it. There ‘s nothing to see from her appearance…

Ma Bohao was inexplicably unhappy when he discovered this.

Niu Ke’er didn’t know what Ma Bohao was thinking, and the reason why her eyes weren’t swollen… Although she cried during the day yesterday, but it didn’t last long, she was stared at by Mu Ling all the time, and she had no chance to cry, her eyes were naturally good.

Niu Keer insisted that Ma Bohao stop at the bank and transfer the money to himself before going to the Civil Affairs Bureau.

In the past, of course she wouldn’t do this, because she believed that Ma Bohao was a man of his word, but now… Even if she subconsciously wanted to be courteous to Ma Bohao, she no longer believed in Ma Bohao’s character.

Ma Bohao gave Niu Ke’er a complicated look, and then did as Niu Ke’er asked, and the two entered the Civil Affairs Bureau.

Because the two of them were very persistent and there was no property dispute, the Civil Affairs Bureau persuaded them and quickly helped them go through the divorce procedures.

Walking out of the door of the Civil Affairs Bureau, Niu Keer shook her head and strode forward.

“Where do you live? I’ll take you there.” Ma Bohao said.

“No, you’d better go back and find your Zhang Jiayu!” Niu Ke’er said, and then she took out her mobile phone to read the information.

Her colleagues basically sent her messages, comforting her while not forgetting to complain that Zhang Jiayu was too abhorrent… Obviously, Zhang Jiayu and Ma Bohao were too high profile to be disliked.

Niu Ke’er didn’t reply to the information, nor did she answer the phone. She was really in no mood right now.

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“Go find a house quickly, don’t waste your time!” Mu Ling pinched Niu Ke’er’s face. Niu Keer’s skin is very good, and this face is really comfortable to hold.

Niu Ke’er pouted and stopped a taxi, then went to a real estate agent, and at the same time pondered how to use the 200,000 yuan.

The compensation of 200,000 is not a lot, but it is not too much. In this city with high consumption, it is not enough to spend too long, not to mention that she has to send some to her parents.

Niu Ke’er’s parents are ordinary workers. They supported their daughter to grow up and go to college. After buying a house, she didn’t have much savings. But her father also broke a leg, and her mother also retired…

Her parents were reluctant to bear it. Selling the house, and not used to borrowing money from people, life is naturally tight, Niu Keer loves them, this time I plan to send back all the 200,000 yuan, this money is enough for her father to install a good prosthesis to improve your life.

There are many kinds of houses in the agency. Niu Keer originally wanted to rent a three-bedroom north-facing room at a cheaper price, but Mu Ling refused. In the end, Mu Ling helped her choose a single apartment.

Although the single-student apartment is very small, only 20 square meters, the price is really not cheap!

“I don’t need to live in such a good place!” Niu Ke’er said. Although she has been in the big city for a long time, she has been in the hundreds of thousands of annual salary and tax before, but because she has not much money, her The consumption outlook has not changed much.

“It’s okay, even if you don’t have the money, I have it.” Mu Ling patted the small pocket around his waist. At the beginning, Guo Lianyun had put a lot of gold and antique jade in her small pocket.

In those war years, antique jade and other things were very cheap, but in modern times, they are very, very valuable.

How much money can a small pocket hold? Niu Keer’s face was tangled, but thinking that her previous savings were all there, she didn’t have to worry about her parents in a short time, and she rented the house as soon as she gritted her teeth.

Niu Ke’er stayed in a hotel that night. She was trained by Mu Ling for a long time. She was so tired the next day that she almost didn’t have the strength to clean up the newly rented apartment.

Of course, it was said that it was almost, which means that she finally cleaned up the apartment. Under the situation of being threatened by Mu Ling with a gold needle, she not only cleaned up the apartment she wanted to live in, but even cooked dinner. .

One-third of a chicken breast sliced, boiled in water, a fist-sized potato, an apple, and a small bowl of vegetable salad are Niu Keer’s dinner.

There is a lot of food, and I can barely eat it, but unfortunately the taste is not very good…

“I want to go to bed early today.” Niu Ke’er lay on the bed and didn’t want to move.

“Wait, are you feeling better now? Should you think about something else?” Mu Ling asked.

“Looking for a job?” Niu Ke’er asked, suddenly realizing that she had forgotten about it… She should quickly get her resume and look for a job!

“You can also take revenge on the woman who took your design.” Mu Ling said.

“Retaliation? How to retaliate?” Niu Ke’er asked puzzled.

“Do you still remember those designs? Why don’t you give them to others?” Mu Ling gave Niu Ke’er a crooked idea.

“This is not good for the company, and if you are not careful, you may get a lawsuit.” Niu Ke’er was a little worried.

“Then why don’t you just take two of them out? Take that you didn’t show to your department manager. Logically, only those senior executives who have seen the blueprints and Zhang Jiayu know the blueprints!” Mu Ling said about her career I don’t know much about things like that, like letting Niu Ke’er breathe out.

“This… In fact, Zhang Jiayu handed it in before, and I have changed several drawings that are sure to be produced. I also remember that I took out two of the design drawings for the clothing week this time, and I have all of Zhang Jiayu’s drawings. How about taking them out? These drawings are not suitable for the rival company, maybe Ma Bohao will come to trouble me, but they can be given to those ordinary garment factories…” Niu Ke’er suddenly got a little excited.

In China, there are already many well-known domestic clothing brands like Jiaren Clothing, but there are also many small clothing factories. They will produce their own brand clothing, and they will also produce … ahem, many imitations of big-name clothing.

Some powerful small companies can even make imitations similar to big-name clothing!

When Niu Keer was in college, she sold her design drawings to some designers, and also to such small companies. She still knows a little about such small companies.

“Okay, that’s it!” Mu Ling said, in this way, it will block the shameless Jiayu. At the same time, because this is an unavoidable thing. If you want to come to beautiful women’s clothing, you will be investigated, but it will never go a long way to investigate Niu Ke’er who has resigned.

“I’m going to contact the contact right away! There is still a job, and I have to find it. It’s better to participate in that design competition!” Niu Ke’er rushed to the computer, and couldn’t care about her muscle soreness.

She suddenly had a fighting spirit, and she decided that she must win Zhang Jiayu and Ma Bohao!

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