C13 – That Is a Set-off of Your Debt

And yet, You Ze remained calm, just pinched her cheek and blamed her, “Why don’t you tell your colleagues it was me?”

Ji and Lu were stupefied.

They looked at You Ze, realizing that his back looked very much like the man in the photo!

Shiyao paused for a moment, and soon responded, with grievances in her eyes, “I was afraid to involve you, who knew that you would be photographed and sent to the group.”

“I’ll give a call to your company to clear it up.”

Ji Manqing tried to hide her long face, but could only force a reluctant smile, “Ah! He is your boyfriend. If you had told us, you wouldn’t have been misunderstood.”

“I was not a bit worried.” Shiyao ventured a shy smile in You Ze’s arms, “I knew my boyfriend would settle it, nevertheless, sorry to have worried you.”

It was asking for trouble to stay any longer, so Ji Manqing took Lu Xiaolin away on the plea of having something to do.

Mr. Lin also scurried away.

As soon as they were gone, Shiyao breathed a sigh of relief.

Awkward to realize she was still in his arms, Shiyao quickly stood up, fixed her hair, and said sourly, “Don’t expect my thanks; I wouldn’t be like this without you!”

She asked You Ze to secretly clarify it, because it would be really embarrassing if her colleagues knew she slept with the CEO, besides, she didn’t want to lose her job.

You Ze glanced at her, “Clarify what? Why should I help you?”

“Are you kidding me?” Surprised by his denial, Shiyao glared at him, “How can I be like this if you didn’t pull me into the toilet?”

“I thought that was a set-off of your debt.”

Looking at Shiyao’s increasingly fierce stare and swallowed anger, You Ze laughed and said, “Relax, it’s a joke. I’ll ask someone to solve it.”

“Here you are!” Shiyao rolled her eyes, handing him some shopping bags.

“Never mind, it’s yours.”

Hesitated, Shiyao was about to say something, but You Ze pressed her to sit on the sofa, “Since you have ordered the meal, we can’t waste it. Let’s chat while eating.”

Shiyao, “….”

Shiyao kept looking across the table at You Ze during the meal.

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The man was very gentle in eating, which puzzled her. “Why does a big boss have that avocation? He seems not lack of anything?”

With this, Shiyao asked, “Mr. You, why do you…do that job?”

Never thought she believed what he said, You Ze chuckled, pretending to seriously answer, “It can make me relax and I love the relaxation from it. Don’t you love it?”

His deep voice, which was fascinating and meaningful, reminded Shiyao of something. She became blushed, bending her head eating to ease embarrassment.

You Ze felt she was lovelier, and casually asked, “Why do you come to a bind date?”

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The topic was changed so fast that it took Shiyao a moment to answer, “My mom made me, but I met such a weirdo. It’s really an eye-opening experience!”

The more she said, the angrier she grew, “Fine! Suddenly, another two freaks came out and greeted me with sarcasm. Go look in the mirror to see who the fu*king they are!”

Too much talk had made her thirsty, so she took up the water on the table and gulped it, while You Ze was watching her with interest, smile in his eyes.

Shiyao nervously asked with a jolt in heart, “What’s wrong?”

“You’re so cute,” the man paused, the smile in his eyes were more apparent. “How about thinking of me if you wanna a boyfriend?”

“Hack….” Frightened, Shiyao was choked by the water she just swallowed, and couldn’t stop coughing.

You Ze handed her a tissue.

“Mr. You, it’s not funny,” Shiyao wiped her mouth, her face filled with embarrassment. “Accepting the date is merely to indulge my mother. I’m not short of a boyfriend. Besides, I just want to make money.”

“So, which do you think will make money faster, being a flight attendant or the boss’s wife of your company?”


She had a feeling that she was talking to a crazy.

Shiyao hoked him with a few words, and then changed the topic. To her relief, You Ze didn’t continue his question.

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