C12 – Why Is He Here?

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“Shiyao, you said that on purpose.” Lu Xiaolin pulled pale Ji Manqing behind her and glared at Shiyao, “If you have a boyfriend, why do you go on a blind date?”

“It’s none of your business.”

“I’m just angry for somebody else. Wasn’t it cheating if you were together?” Lu Xiaolin glanced at Mr. Lin sitting on the sofa.

Shiyao smiled and slowly replied, “My mom arranged this for me, besides, the date didn’t work out and I didn’t hurt anyone. Are you going to show your sympathy?”

“Oh,” Lu Xiaolin said. “Why don’t you ask your boyfriend come over and meet us?”

Shiyao was choked.

Seeing she was quiet, Lu Xiaolin laughed.

“The way I see it, you don’t have a boyfriend, and all these are lies! You sleep around and slander Manqing. Don’t you ever feel any shame?”

“My boyfriend is busy, but he will come. If you want to see him, I’ll let you!” She unclenched her fists, laughed, and took out her cell phone to call Qiao Fei.

However, nobody answered the phone for a long while.

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“Two minutes. Can’t you get through, or you can’t find anyone to finish the play?” Lu Xiaolin smirked. “It’s all sewn up if you apologize to sister Manqing.”

Shiyao clenched her fists when a hand reached out and held her shoulder.

The unexpected man was tall and handsome; his natural elegance of childe from noble family surprised the guests all over the restaurant.

So did Shiyao. She stared at You Ze, totally puzzled.

“Why is he here?”

“You….” before Shiyao finished, You Ze pulled her hand to his mouth, kissed it, and said in an apologetic voice, “Sorry to have ignored you due to busy work.”

Shiyao tried to withdraw her hand, but the man held it tightly. She was extremely embarrassed.

She glanced at Ji Manqing, who was gazing at the man in surprise with Lu Xiaolin, as if they didn’t know who You Ze was. Shiyao was confused.

Didn’t they know You Ze was CEO?

You Ze took a look at Mr. Lin in the sofa and reluctantly said, “Yaoyao, if you’re angry with me, you’d better choose a better one. Look at him, looks like a defective work repaired two times. Are you pushing my buttons?”

Mr. Lin blushed as he spoke, and lowered his head, too ashamed or embarrassed to utter a word.

Tickled at the joke, Shiyao followed him, “Yes, that’s what I’m doing! I’m taunted not having a boyfriend! It’s all your fault.”

“Oh?” You Ze said, “Who? Tell me, I’ll teach them a lesson!”

Shiyao casually pointed at Ji Manqing and Lu Xiaolin.

From the moment the man entered, Ji Manqing knew that he was excellent. His shirt was expensive custom-made, and the Tourbillon on his wrist, despite its plain design, was worth at least one million yuan!

She couldn’t believe that Shiyao got such a man, and softly laughed, “Yaoyao, we didn’t. It’s just a joke!”

Ji Manqing looked at the man and continued, “Why not bring your boyfriend to our company to clarify that the two photos are just a misunderstanding, otherwise colleagues may really think you’ve violated the rules!”

You Ze raised his eyebrows, turning to Shiyao, “What’s the matter? Why didn’t you tell me?”

Shiyao secretly gave him a hard look, grinding her teeth.

“Damn it! How dare he ask me? Were it not for him, I won’t even be here!”

Reading Ji Manqing’s look, Lu immediately laughed, “Yaoyao has been grounded by director for being caught coming out of the toilet with a man!”

Ji Manqing and Lu Xiaolin held their breath, waiting for the man’s reaction, more or less gloating over the following result.

Which man could tolerate his girlfriend messing with another man?

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