C11 – She Is Not a Virgin!

Never thought that the two girls were so beautiful, Mr. Lin immediately stood up to greet them. Upon hearing he was the date of Shiyao, Ji Manqing and Lu Xiaolin were more surprised.

Mr. Lin pushed his glasses with his fingers, “I’m done talking with Miss Shiyao.”

Lu Xiaolin was very curious, “What? Shiyao is not up to your standard?”

“She lied to me. She’s not a virgin!”

Ji Manqing and Lu Xiaolin were stunned.

Especially Ji Manqing, who was really shocked, turned to silent Shiyao, “Yaoyao, is it true? If so, you lied to A’cheng when you were together?”

“Ah, sister Manqing, you remind me of something!” Lu Xiaolin blurted out affectedly, and then exaggerated the photo crisis in WeChat group.

“Shiyao, even you’re in charge of the first-class, you can’t do such a thing to disgrace the company. Nobody is blind; it’s obvious that our company doesn’t want to humiliate you.”

Mr. Lin’s face grew darker, and he looked at Shiyao in disgust, “Your mom had the nerve to say you’re a good girl…. It’s my fault to trust her!”

Since Ji Manqing appeared, Shiyao didn’t say a word. But now she couldn’t bear it anymore, and turned to stare at Mr. Lin.

“Who are you to judge me? Look at you, stingy, mama’s boy, and fu*king self-righteous! You’re so hard on others, why don’t you take a look at yourself in the mirror?”

“You….” Mr. Lin pointed at her, his lips shivering with angry.

“What the hell are you staring at? MY EYES ARE BIGGER THAN YOURS!!!” As Shiyao came closer and closer, Mr. Lin couldn’t help stepping back, and directly fell to the sofa.

“You’re not a virgin, why ask others to be? Who do you think you are? Even the richest man in the world isn’t as arrogant as you; moreover, you only earn six thousand yuan a month.”

“It’s really rotten luck for any girl who marries you!”

Not only Ji Manqing and Lu Xiaolin, all other guests at the cafe also froze.

Though Shiyao looked quiet, she was full of sharp words when angry.

“And you, Ji Manqing!” Shiyao turned and gave Ji Manqing a frosty look, sneering, “Seriously, I should thank you for allowing me to see what exactly a cruel man is!”

“By the way, there’s nothing wrong with me to give my first night to my present boyfriend, but you, you have lost your virginity in your junior year in college. Did you have your hymen repaired when you had sex with Ji Sicheng?”

Being cut to the quick, Ji Manqing went white and protested, “What are you talking about? Don’t you throw mud at me for your breaking up with A’cheng!”

Shiyao cocked her eyebrows, smiling with eyes bored straight into hers, “Need I remind you when and where you got a room with an upperclassman?”

Ji Manqing remained dumbfounded for a long while, surprised at what Shiyao knew.

You Ze, who was sitting at table behind Shiyao, couldn’t help laughing.

Grandma faked an illness to deceive You Ze to go on a blind date; he had no choice but to come. He had meant to exchange a few words with the girl and then left, but saw Shiyao when waiting for her.

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Close to them, You Ze had heard the man opposite Shiyao rattling on, and seen Shiyao’s mouth twitching.

He had thought Shiyao would do something, unexpectedly, Shiyao just threw cash on the table and stood up to leave, finally stopped by two women just coming in. They looked intimate, but their words, one sharper than another.

You Ze was wondering if she would silently go away again. Instead, Mr. Lin had hardly finished his words before Shiyao burst out bombarding him to paralyze in the sofa.

“Interesting,” You Ze rubbed his chin with his slim finger, his laughing eyes resting on Shiyao’s figure.

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It appeared that this pretty monster was more interesting than he saw before.

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