C6 – Grace for Saving Life

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In a fancy restaurant of the capital city.

“Humph! Yan Ling is such an ingrate. Brother Yi saved her life. How could she treat him like that!” In a private room, Yan Shuang complains indignantly, but she forgets that even the assassination was only part of their plan.

“Don’t be angry, Shuang’er. How can a woman like that compare with you? The Crown Prince captivated her with a few words. People call her the most talented woman in the capital. In my opinion, it’s an underserved reputation.” Liang Yi chews his teeth secretly while coaxing Shuang.

Yan Ling’s attitude is more than obvious. She refused his invitations for various reasons. But when the Crown Prince invites, the arrogant Lady Ling accepts eagerly.

Liang Yi is bound to be angry with the different treatments. Seemingly Liang Yi is only an idle prince, but how could he really have no ambition?

In the eyes of others, he is inferior to the noble Crown Prince in every aspect, which he admits. But some day, he will step on the unsullied Crown Prince, so that everyone can see it clearly.

However, the contempt from Yan Ling deeply stimulates Liang Yi. No matter how inferior he is, he is a prince. How could a woman, an adopted woman, look down upon him?

Yes, it may still be a secret for the majority of the people, but Liang Yi is not included in them. It is because of the fact that Yan Ling is a foster daughter that Liang Yi brought Yan Ling into his plan from the very beginning——she is a tool, an abandoned one.

“I just feel unfair for you, Brother Yi. Although in my heart, I wish all women were far away from you, but for your plan…” Yan Shuang has really fallen in love with Liang Yi, so at this moment she cannot help shedding tears.

“Sweetheart, we will succeed, certainly. By that time, you will be my empress, and that woman…” Liang Yi sneers and says slowly, “She will die before that.”

Early next morning, Yan Shuang goes into Yan Ling’s house. Yesterday, she promised Liang Yi that she would take Yan Ling out by any means.

“Sister, we haven’t played together for a long time. It’s a fine day today. Why don’twe go out and fly a kite?” Yan Shuang pulls Yan Ling’s hand and shakes it slightly. It shows a sisterly look.

Before Yan Ling speaks, Liyi who serves aside shows an unpleasant look on her face. Not to mention the last time she was beaten by Shuang, Liyi has always had an intuition that Lady Shuang would not treat Lady Ling well for nothing. The relationship between them is not as good as it usually appears.

Liyi once said that Yan Ling should not contact frequently with the Third Princes, also she needs to “be careful with Qing’er”, but she did not mention Lady Shuang. The reason is not hard to imagine: even if Liyi is Yan Ling’s maid, but in the Prime Minister’s house, Yan Shuang is naturally her master.

As for another reason, if Yan Ling knows, she will only think that it’s funny. In Liyi’s heart, no matter what happens, Lady Shuang is always the sister of Lady Ling. Lady Ling has never been her parents’ favorite, and in case anything happens, it’s good if Lady Shuang would like to help. But how could she know that Yan Ling is not the daughter of the Yans at all?

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“It’s okay if everything goes normal. But…” Yan Ling says in a dilemma, she continues after a pause: “You know that I encountered an assassination yesterday, and I don’t know why all the assassins attacked me when the two princes were present. I was really shocked.”

When Yan Ling said this, she doesn’t show any sign of panic. On the contrary, her smiley eyes look at the Shuang from time to time, which makes Shuang worried. Subconsciously, she begins to wonder whether Yan Ling has discovered something, but on second thoughts, she thinks that is impossible.

“Since I invite you to go out, I would surely guarantee your safety. Do you doubt Shuang’er?” Yan Shuang raises her head and laughs, but there is a little bit of disdain in her eyes.

Yan Ling actually had a conjecture earlier about the purpose of Yan Shuang’s invitation, but she just wants to make sure of it. Seeing the reaction of Yan Shuang, now Yan Ling feels surer of her suspicion.

“Of course I don’t doubt Shuang’er, but I have always been timid. Yesterday, I was lucky that His Royal Highness and the Third Princes rescued me. If I really depend on the guards in our house, I would be a little uneasy.” Yan Ling bows her head as if in embarrassment and pulls at her sleeves uneasily.

Yan Shuang disdains Ling in her heart, and secretly scolds, how timid she is. Then she begins to worry: if Yan Ling sticks on this and refuses to go out, then there is nothing she can do.

Yan Shuang secretly thinks for a while, and finally makes up her mind. She smiles, “You really don’t need to worry about this, my sister. The Third Princes saved you yesterday, and we should show our gratitude. Shuang’er also invited him.”

Yan Ling couldn’t help laughing at her. Sure enough, it was for this purpose in the end. It seems that Liang Yi really does not intend to let her off. Think of the previous life, the person she loved for a lifetime just wants to use her, and he did not even show up before she died. Nowadays, that person tries everything possible to get close to her, which is really interesting.

“Then, did you invite His Highness Prince who also saved me yesterday?” Yan Ling, of course, knows that this is impossible, but she deliberately asks.

Just as Ling thought, when it comes to this, Yan Shuang cannot keep calm, and then she smiles reluctantly, “You know, my sister. How can such a noble person as His Royal Highness Prince accept invitations casually? What’s more, flying kites is girls’ staff. I’m afraid it’s not appropriate to invite His Royal Highness Prince.”

Yan Ling finds accidentally that Liyi lowers her head and her shoulders tremble slightly, which makes her feel very funny as well. It’s not appropriate to invite the Crown Prince to do girls’ staff, but she invited the Third Prince. Is the Third Princes a woman?

Nevertheless, Ling cannot say it out aloud. Yan Ling has some difficulties. Anyway, it seems that she really has no reason to refuse this time. When she is in a dilemma, suddenly someone comes to report to them.

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The young footman in black bows and says calmly, “Lady Ling, the Crown Prince came down here and he asked to see you.”

Yan Ling is startled at first, but turns happy. Since her rebirth, it seems that every time when she encounters some difficulties, he will come and relieve her.

As soon as such an idea pops up, Yan Ling is a little stunned and laughs bitterly in her heart. Not only in this life, but in the previous one, didn’t Liang He also do this for her?

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