C5 – You Will Understand

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Yan Ling has been sick for three days. In these three days, every time when Qing’er wanted to get close to Yan Ling, Liyi refused her with various reasons. So Qing’er secretly saw Yan Ling drinking medicine at the door, and then reported it to Qiongxin Court.

Of course, she had no idea that the medicine had been replaced with brown sugar water.

“My lady, His Royal Highness sent an invitation.”

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Receiving the invitation letter with bronze stamp, Ling thinks about it with her eyebrow knitted.

“What happened, my lady?”

“There is a poetry meeting in Yingchun Villa of Chunshao Mountain.” She said, playing with the letter, “It says if I’m recovered, I must go there.”

Liyi frowns, “You are still sick, so you can say no to him.”

Turning her head to the bright sunshine outside the window, Yan Ling stretches out and leans comfortably on the couch.

“I’m all right now. If I don’t go, my sister will certainly come and help the Third Prince to invite me.”

“Then go!”

Looking at Liyi’s quick refutation, Yan Ling laughs, “If I go, the Third Prince will be there anyway.”

“Ah? What should we do…” Liyi wrinkles her face, having no idea what to do.

Of course, go to the poetry meeting.

She must let Liang Yi know how the Crown Prince appreciates her and the value of her. At the same time, she must let Liang Yi know that she keeps the Crown Prince’s appointment but refuses him, which clearly shows that in her heart, the Crown Prince’s status is higher than his.

In this way, she has the reason to refuse, and Liang Yi could never make use of her in the future!

“Of course, the Crown Prince is more respectable.”

Yan Ling smiles and picks up her hat. In her previous life, she went to the Poetry Club to flirt with the Crown Prince with the intention of helping Liang Yi, but this time, it is different.

At noon, in Yingchun Villa.

A large number of brilliant young men are present in the Poetry Club, but the Crown Prince is the most outstanding and attractive one among them. Yan Ling sits in a corner and she suddenly hears someone approaching.

Liang Yi, wearing a moonlight white gown, glances at Yan Ling who is wearing a veil and passes by her waving a folding fan.

The Crown Prince doesn’t reveal his identity. After a funny opening, Yan Ling sits upright and waits for him to name a topic.

In her previous life, he would read her poems first every time before he named a title. She was willing to write well. So after reading her poems, no one dared to read their own poems.

Today is the same.

Every time the Crown Prince finishes her poems, he appreciates her more. But at the same time, the desire in the Third Prince’s eyes is stronger and more obvious. He desires to let her fall in love with him and manipulate her to destroy the Crown Prince!

Yan Ling’s heart beats violently. Looking at Liang Yi’s eyes, she always feels uneasy as if something terrible were going to happen.


The sound of the sword bursting into the air suddenly comes. Looking at Liang Yi’s leisurely look, she suddenly gets into panic. He wants to murder his brother?!

The present celebrities are screaming and trying to avoid. Turning her head and catching a look at the sword that is so close to her throat, Yan Ling is stunned and could not breathe – the target of the assassin is her?

“My lady!”

At this critical moment, Yan Ling feels that she is embraced and taken back even before Liyi’s voice. In a blink of an eye, she has retreated several feet!

“Are you all right?”

Liang He’s worried voice comes from his side. She swallows her throat and tries to stand on her own feet.

“I’m okay. Thank you for saving me, Your Highness.”

“I invited you, of course I need to protect you thoroughly.” After saying that, Liang He asks Liyi to take care of Ling and draws out his sword to fight against the assassin.

Yan Ling is held aside by Liyi. She looks up and sees Liang Yi staring at her viciously like a snake. And he stands where she sat before.

The sound of sword collision keeps on, and the Crown Prince is surrounded by assassins. Doesn’t he have guards?!

Just as she is watching Liang He, Liyi is pushed aside by a man in black, and the sharp blade of the sword goes quickly towards Yan Ling’s neck!

“Watch out! Lady Yan!”


Although this is her second life, she has not experienced things like that. Her scream is louder that of Liang He.

At that moment, a person in white suddenly falls like an angel, beating back the assassin, swirling down with her in his arms and landing on the ground in a leisurely way.

Meanwhile, all the black-clad men retreat, and Liang He puts his sword into the sheath and hurries over.

Liang Yi looks at Yan Ling affectionately: “Are you injured?”

With Ling’s hat that fell off her hand out of panic, Liyi stands aside, twitching her mouth, and clearly unsatisfied.

Even Lily knows what happens, how could she not? After saying “I’m fine” with no expression, Ling breaks free from Liang Yi.

“I don’t know why these murderers come here, and I am afraid they have a bigger plan.” The Crown Prince holds his sword handle and carefully observes the surroundings. “Brother Yi, you escort Lady Yan back home, and I’ll go and see others who attended the meeting.”

Nothing appears in Ling’s mind except for the scene in which she was surrounded by a group of people just now. She grabs Liang He by the arm, who is about to turn around, and asks nervously, “Are you injured?”

Both she and Liang He are stunned after she says that.

“I’m good.” Liang He smiles at her, pats her hand and leaves.

She doesn’t realize that Liang Yi doesn’t say anything until Liyi brings her hat. She tries to persuade herself several times before she finally makes up her mind. She makes a bow toYi, “Thank you for saving my life, your highness.”

Sending back Yan Shuang who is waiting in Fanghua Court, and asking Qing’er to send gifts, Yan Ling is relieved and sits on a low couch to rest.

Liyi shouts in anger: “The Third Prince is such a villain! How could he try to win your heart in such a despicable way!”

Ling doesn’t respond, so Liyi stands in front of her and says, “It was him who asked those assassins to attack you, so that he could be the hero who saved your life. Anyone can tell that! Also, when the Crown Prince asked him to send you home, he would not do that unless you admit his grace!”

Yan Ling just looks at the teacup quietly, and Liyi quiets down. Yes, she’s so angry, let alone Lady Ling who just experienced it!

“… Don’t be angry, my lady. After all, you didn’t get hurt.”

How could she be not angry when someone neglects her life in order to achieve his goal?

“You can only say that in front of me. When you go outside, remember to shut up. Disaster emanates from careless talk.”

Looking at Ling being serious, Liyi nods. And Ling says again, “He’s that kind of man who won’t stop until he achieves his goal. So it’s reasonable that he did that. How can we hope that he will be as sagacious as the Crown Prince?”

“A cruel man like him cannot be the emperor.”

Liyi is shocked when she hears that and looks up at Ling suddenly.

“My lady…”

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A gentle breeze wakes up Ling who is in a trance. Looking at the worried Liyi, she sighs soundlessly.

“You will understand later.”

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