C39 – Gossips Everywhere

Apparently, Wen Baobao was happy with his mother’s answer. As he walked inside silently holding his mother by two fingers, he whispered to his mother.

“Mommy, I’ve brought daddy here. You’ve got to count on yourself from here.” Wen Baobao talked like a grown-up and looked at his mother with a tricky expression.

As a saying went, no one knew a child better than his mother. In no time, Wen Shuyue knew exactly what her son meant, at which she instantly flushed.

Subconsciously, she took a glance at He Siming. When she met his piercing eyes, she had a slight heartache and said with a fake smile, “Baobao, knock it off. He’s your daddy but he’s got nothing to do with me.”

“That’s not true. As my teacher said, Daddy and Mommy should be together. Or else, they couldn’t have a baby,” Wen Baobao argued with his mother humorlessly with his hands holding his head.

Wen Shuyue was rendered speechless.

Adults didn’t think in the same way as children did. Everything happened last night came to Wen Shuyue’s mind again. The thought of He Siming overwhelmed her with an indescribable feeling.

Receiving no response from his mother after a while, Wen Baobao became really anxious. “Mommy, you have to listen to me. It took me great efforts to bring daddy here, so you’ve got to seize the chance.”

“Tell me how.” Wen Shuyue was helpless. He Siming didn’t have feelings for her at all.

Feeling truly resigned, Wen Shuyue had no idea of how to explain the thing between adults to her son, love relationships in particular, which she found it even harder just to mention.

The two of them whispered at the door and totally forgot the presence of He Siming.

A while later, He Siming eventually lost his patience. He lifted Wen Baobao and walked inside. “It’s something between adults, none of your business. Just do your homework now.”

His words reminded Wen Shuyue, so she instantly echoed, “Right, do your homework, Boabao. That’s what you should care about now.”

“Humph! You guys bully me together,” Wen Baobao said with an angry look. But his father was so pushy and bossy that Wen Baobao had no choice but to do his homework.

Meanwhile, his parents started to do their own work. His mother worked on her designs and his father was obviously busy with work as well, typing on the keyboard incessantly.

Wen Baobao kept thinking about how to break the silence. However, whenever he said something, his parents would force him to study.

At the beginning, Wen Shuyue couldn’t focus and squinted at Baobao occasionally. Later, she somehow managed to focus on work wholeheartedly.

“Xiaolu, bring me that file. I need to revise it now,” Wen Shuyue shouted towards the door.

Xiaolu hastily fetched it and handed it with her head lowered to Wen Shuyue. Before she left, she took a glance at He Siming deliberately.

She felt truly happy to see them being together, two good looking business talents of great reputation. It would drop a bombshell if they became a real couple.

Someone probably came across He Siming through the window, soon after which people gossiped about the relationship of Wen Shuyue and He Siming and especially about Wen Baobao.

Wen Baobao and He Siming resembled each other so much in appearance that it caused a suspicion of their relationship among people.

After finishing all her work, Wen Shuyue sighed a relief and said lazily, “I’ll go get a coffee. Mr. He, would you like one?”

“Um,” He Siming replied.

Wen Shuyue nodded before she left the office. Soon, she noticed that people looked at her in a weird way. At first, she thought it was because people wanted to see He Siming. She didn’t figure out what had happened until she heard the gossips.

“The little boy must be Miss Wen’s son. But he really looks like He Siming. Other people may mistake them as father and son.”

“How do you know it’s a mistake? I always think that the boy is their love child. They look exactly like a happy family. I’m sure there must be a secret behind it.” 

“So am I. Wen Shuyue is quite impressive. First, she won the position of CEO of our company by seducing Mr. Gu. Now, she targets at Mr. He. Shame on her!”

“Can’t agree more.”

Those people kept gossiping, even without noticing the presence of Wen Shuyue at all.

Wen Shuyue’s hand which held the coffee couldn’t help shaking. Although it was beyond doubt for her that people would gossip about He Siming and her, she didn’t expect they would go that far.

Those ladies gossiped about Wen Shuyue excitedly. But they were deflated upon seeing Wen Shuyue, and immediately scattered with their heads lowered, worrying Wen Shuyue would take revenge on them.

Wen Shuyue looked upset when she got back to the office. When He Siming perceived something wrong with her, he stopped his work and showed her concerns unconsciously.

“What’s wrong?”

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As an enchanting voice suddenly rang, Wen Shuyue squinted at He Siming and shook her head with a faint smile. “Nothing.”

“You sure?” Apparently, He Siming didn’t buy it.

He tried to read Wen Shuyue’s mind, gazing at her with his amber eyes, which looked scarily insightful.

It sent shivers down her spine before she managed to say, shaking her head, “Nothing’s wrong, seriously.”

Looking at her blandly, He Siming bit back what he wanted to say.

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Wen Baobao also sensed something wrong. He had no choice but continue doing his homework obediently. But he talked occasionally, trying to break the silence.

“Mommy, shall we go out for dinner?” Wen Baobao asked, looking at Wen Shuyue happily, after finishing his homework.

But Wen Shuyue heard nothing since she was too concentrated on thinking.

Her current status made He Siming worried. Upon closing the laptop, he suddenly pulled Wen Shuyue up and turned round to say to Wen Baobao, “Pack your mother’s bag. Let’s go have dinner.”

“Okay,” Wen Baobao replied readily. He did as he was told and brought the bag with him.

At first, Wen Shuyue was in a shock and was pulled to the car by He Siming before she came to herself.

Looking around, she said nervously, “How could you take me out like this? People will gossip about us if they see this.”

“I don’t care. Everyone has a mouth and you can’t control what people say,” He Siming said slowly, which sounded quite annoying.

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