C10 – Blind Date

After pushing several times, Shiyao’s mother scowled at her, “Choose one or you never come back! You wanna make money, go ahead. I’m counting on you to take care of me when I’m old, is that ok?”

Shiyao curled her mouth, picked a photo, and then threw the phone to her mother.

“Know you are my good girl. I’ll fix you up.” Her mother took over the phone with a big smile on her face. Shiyao rolled her eyes, almost mad.

It was 10:00 on Tuesday morning, at Zoan Café.

Shiyao entered the café, and was led to a seat by waiter.

Opposite her sat a man about twenty-seven, who looked neat and gentle in glasses. When he saw charming Shiyao, his eyes obviously lit up, “Miss Shiyao?”

Shiyao nodded at him and sat.

As it was a high-end Café, the bespectacled man frowned at the menu, and murmured why it was so expensive, which made the corner of Shiyao’s mouth twitch.

“This guy looks good, but is a cheapskate.”

After ordering the meal, he looked at Shiyao again, and the surprise in his eyes was irresistible, “Miss Shiyao, the photo certainly doesn’t do you justice. You look gorgeous. I heard that you majored in aviation, and you’re a flight attendant?”

“Mr. Lin, you don’t get information about me from my file?” Shiyao smiled.

Mr. Lin nodded and said, “But I don’t like your job. I feel insecure if the couple always spend amounts of time apart. How about you resigning and getting a clerical job?”


“I don’t have a house and live with my parents, the same after we’re married, I hope, and my mother will be in charge of everything, including our money.”

Then he glanced at Shiyao’s clothes, “My salary is good, but I am a thrifty man, you’d better be careful with money after marriage.”

Shiyao’s mouth twitched and twitched.

She really wanted to pick the cup of coffee brought to her and throw it in Mr. Lin’s face!

He began to nag focusing on himself and his family from the time Shiyao sat down, and took it for granted. She was really speechless.

Shiyao struggled to keep smiling, and asked softly, “Mr. Lin, how much do you earn every month?”

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“I work in public institution and earn six thousand yuan every month after deducting five insurance and one fund,” Mr. Lin said proudly, pushing his glasses against the bridge of his nose.

“Six thousand?”

“Are you kidding…?” Shiyao thought.

When Shiyao was sighing where this weirdo came from, Mr. Lin continued,

“Miss Shiyao, you’re still a virgin, right? I’m traditional and can’t tolerate any stain on my other half. I had two girlfriends, but that was just a pre-wedding experience.”

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Shiyao glared at him, “You’re not, why should your other half be?”

“So, you’re not?” Mr. Lin’s face darkened with distain, “How could you be so shameless?”

Shiyao grinned and bore it, clenching her teeth, “Mr. Lin, the meal has to finish here.”

She took out several hundred yuan from her purse and put them on the table, rising from her seat to leave.

Unexpectedly, the time she left her seat, Ji Manqing pushed the door open and came in with a woman. Ji saw her at a glance and came over.

“Yaoyao, what a small world,” Ji Manqing stood right in front of Shiyao wearing high heels.

Failing two times to go around her, Shiyao simply looked up at her, and permitted herself a slight smile, “Ah, yes. Do you mind getting out of my way? I’d better get going for something.”

“Come on!” Ji Manqing took her arm closely, grinning, “Let’s have a lunch together and chat. We haven’t seen each other for a long time.”

Turning, she seemed to have seen someone sitting opposite, and was surprised, “Eh, is this your friend?”

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