C9 – Hit on Me and Run Off?

Shiyao’s eyes were wet, legs trembled, having not completely collected herself yet. You Ze gently thumbed her lips, his eyes darkening, then turned to walk out of the elevator.

“Good night.”

Shiyao saw the elevator door close, full of confusion.

“That’s it? Hit on me and run off?”

After a sleepless night, dark circles casted under her eyes, Shiyao sternly scolded You Ze several times in heart, and then packed up her things to go to the airport.

Shiyao had just come back from Paris with her luggage and went to the dormitory when colleague who lived next door told her the director called her.

Coming back from Paris, Shiyao went to dorm with luggage when neighboring colleague asked her to the director’s office.

She put things down and hurried to the company, didn’t expect to be swept over by scolding.

“Shiyao, what’s your problem? Do you think you own this airline, and can do whatever you want? If you’re so bold, why don’t you take this opportunity to fire me?”

Puzzled by director’s scold, Shiyao asked in a low voice, “Director, what have I done?”

“Turn on your pone, check the WeChat group!”

The company’s WeChat group was a large group of hundreds of people, used to inform scheduling and other things, and each team had its own group.

Shiyao didn’t know what the director meant, but still logged in the WeChat.

There were thousands of chats in group, and she didn’t know how many times she had been mentioned, even Vice President Lin was asking what was going on.

Shiyao scrolled up and saw the first photo, almost fainted.

She was photographed when coming out of the bathroom!

The photographer must have been close enough to shoot her face clearly, but You Ze had left early, leaving only a blurred back.

Director pointed at her phone, shouting, “Don’t tell me that’s your sister instead of you!”

“Yes, it’s me, but I….” Shiyao was really hard to explained this, she couldn’t say “Look, the man is CEO, he drags me in.” Who would believe her?

“You’re grounded for the next few days. Wait for your punishment!” The director left a word.

“Oh no, it’s all over!”

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Shiyao was full of despair.

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If she could, she wanted to tie the man to the cross to be baptized like Jesus!!

Being furloughed, Shiyao went right home with her suitcase.

Her mother was a bit surprised at her returning, “Didn’t you say you’d be busy these days?”

“Oh, company gives me a break.” Shiyao lazily answered, then hesitated and added. “I break up with Li Sicheng, because he gives me a green hat (cheats on her). That’s it!”

Until Shiyao closed the room door, her mother still froze there wondering, “What does green hat have to do with your break-up?”

Nobody knew that how satisfied Shiyao was. She slept from afternoon to the next noon, had enough to drink and eat, played games when bored, soon left those unpleasant things behind him.

Her mother thought she shut herself in the room for being hurt by love. Two days of watching later, her mother couldn’t sit still, went straight into Shiyao’s room after meal.

“Yaoyao, are you free now?”

Seeing her mother hesitated, Shiyao said, “Mom, let’s talk turkey”

“Since you have broken up with Li Sicheng, how about dating with others?” Her mother took phone out, opened the album, showed it to Shiyao.

“This is your young cousin’s math teacher. How does he look? And this one, a project manager, in the same company with uncle next door, five years older than you….”

Then Shiyao understood, “You want me to go on a blind date?”

“You’re really…. Whatever, it’s not a blind date, you know, just having a cup of coffee and talking.”

Shiyao pointed at herself holding back her laugh, “Mom, look at me, my face, do you think a perfect girl like me need a blind date? It’s for people with low self-esteem, ok?”

Her mother rolled her eyes at Shiyao, slipped her the phone, “Take my advice and choose one! These are honest and family-oriented boys, you can start from dating.”

“Mom, I don’t need it.”

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