C8 – Using Paw Is Too Disgraceful!

The golden banquet hall inside was decorated with million-yuan colored glaze lights; well-dressed dignitaries shuttled in the hall; the atmosphere was elegant.

Shiyao grew up having attended many parties like this, and knew a lot about upper-class manners though she was insignificant. When You Ze greeted to others, all she had to do was smiling.

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One lap later, smile had frozen on Shiyao’s face.

“You can have a rest over there and get something to eat. I’ll call you when necessary.” His hand drifted lower to pat her butt, which provoked Shiyao into becoming a hedgehog, but she dared not to glare at him, just left tucking her tail.

“Just say it, using paw is too disgraceful!”

Starved, Shiyao trotted over to the long European table, took a tray to take food, and then gobbled down the strawberry roll, unaware that You Ze’s eyes were still lingering upon her.

“Bro Ze, what are you watching?”

When Zhong Yi came over tapping You Ze on his shoulder, followed his gaze and saw a skinny girl standing at the table, he immediately got it, smiling, “Isn’t it inappropriate to stare at her?”

You Ze withdrew his eyes with slight smile at his mouth, “I don’t remember you have flight to Paris. What are you doing here?”

“I can switch shift with others. What a pity if I don’t visit a place having so many beauties like here,” Zhong Yi grinned, and said with his eyebrows lifting toward Shiyao.” The girl is obviously a flight attendant. Your employee?”

“Hmm,” You Ze answered.

“You don’t say!” Zhong Yi looked at him with an exaggerated expression, “Didn’t you say you hated the stewardess most when you broke up with Xuehan, why do you….?”

Hardly had he finished before You Ze’s face fell, terribly gloomy.

“Shut up!”

Zhong Yi ceased.

He had forgotten the name was a taboo untouchable for You Ze.

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After eating several plates of cake, Shiyao was quite fulfilled, and even asked the waiter to pack some for her to take away later, then she went to the Sofa and sat down, rubbing her sore calves.

You Ze was also in the area. Shiyao looked up and saw him in the crowd holding his glass and talking to the people around him, his beautiful red agate cufflinks shining in the light.

Shiyao stared at him for a long time and thought, “The CEO cares much about work, and has a perfect public image, why he has that hobby?”

“Is it so interesting to be a host?”

She really couldn’t understand him.

The party broke up shortly before ten o’clock, and Shiyao left with You Ze, carrying several boxes.

Yu Ze glanced at the boxes in her hand, bit his lips, seemingly laughing but not laughing.

Shiyao was so awkward that she said, “I am not a mooch, but the baker is excellent. What if I take a few back? They will throw them away anyway.”

“That’s ok, it’s a good habit.”

As soon as they returned to hotel, You Ze’s assistant came over with a purse. That was Shiyao’s purse.

“You find it?” Shiyao couldn’t believe that the police just said they would try their best, and You Ze got straight it back. Shiyao checked her purse, everything still inside it.

Shiyao finally signed with relief.

After they walked into the upward elevator, You Ze glanced at her and asked slowly, “Nothing to thank me?”

“Did you not say if I accompanied you to the party, you would help me find my purse?” Shiyao thought he need a thank you and said it. You Ze stretched his leg, pressing himself against her.

“Mr. You,” Shiyao stepped back until her back against the elevator, all smiles, “How about this, I’ll treat you to a meal after returning….”

Before she finished, the man’s lips aggressively pressed to hers.

Shiyao was overwhelmed.

Thinking of that there was a camera in the elevator, and someone probably was watching it in the monitoring room, Shiyao was embarrassed, pushing the man off with her hands, but he clasped her back head, deepened the kiss.

With a “Ding”, the elevator door opened and ended the kiss.

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