C37 – Another Misunderstanding

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Wen Shuyue read Lin Lin like a book. Once Lin Lin stood firm, Wen Shuyue couldn’t go against Lin Lin’s will capriciously.

In case Wen Baobao would get worried, Wen Shuyue lied to him that she would go on a short business trip and asked Lin Lin to take care of him.

Being left alone in the ward, Wen Shuyue flared up at the thought that her mother had been locked up by Lu Junhan.

Eventually, Wen Shuyue couldn’t hold her temper and called Lu Junhan to rebuke him on the phone, “Lu Junhan, where the hell have you kept my mother? If you don’t let her out, I’ll sue you for illegal custody.”

As Lu Junhan spoke, Wen Shuyue turned angrier and her phone would drop down from her shaking hand any minute.

While Lu Junhan was talking on the phone, Wen Shuyue’s mother was having a meal with Qin Weiwei. These two ladies looked so close that it was nothing like the mother was in custody.

“Mom, Wen Shuyue is so stupid. It’s been long since you contacted her, but she never suspects that you’re my mother,” Qin Weiwei mocked Wen Shuyue during the meal.

At the mention of Wen Shuyue, a disgusted look replaced the smile on the mother’s face. “Stop talking about her. I wouldn’t have pretended as her dear mother if it were not for their family property. They were incredibly naive and stupid.”

It turned out that Qin Weiwei’s mother had pretended as Wen Shuyue’s mother and that Wen Shuyue had been adopted by her father. At that time, she was too little to remember everything, so she had naturally mistaken Qin Weiwei’s mother as her own mother.

Wen Shuyue’s father intended to tell her the truth when he was dying, but he failed due to various reasons so that the secret was buried.

After hanging up the phone, Wen Shuyue lied on the bed powerlessly, being too exhausted to worry about anything else.

The cooperation between Mannis and MK would be over soon. A few days later, He Siming went to MK for an inspection. When he passed Wen Shuyue’s office, he couldn’t help looking inside but didn’t see her.

In today’s meeting, He Siming didn’t see Wen Shuyue either, which was somewhat odd to him.

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“Xiaolu, does Shuyue feel any better?” Perceiving the confused look in He Siming’s eyes, Gu Ning waved at Xiaolu.

Xiaolu seemed surprised that Gu Ning would talk to her. She immediately answered with her head lowered, “Miss Wen’s hand hasn’t completely recovered yet, so the doctor keeps her in the hospital in case she would overwork.”

“Oh, which hospital is she in? I’ll send someone to visit her.” Pretending not to care about her, Gu Ning nodded and took a peak at He Siming at times, obviously trying to read his mind from the face.

But to Gu Ning’s disappointment, He Siming looked emotionless as if none of this could influence him.

Gu Ning pulled a long face and didn’t hear Xiaolu’s words.

After the meeting, He Siming left the company with his assistant and secretary as if nothing had happened, leaving Gu Ning thinking about Wen Shuyue alone in the meeting room.

“Guan Yue, turn around and go to the hospital.”

Not long after they left, He Siming said slowly in a low, indifferent voice in the backseat.

Guan Yue had already been used to He Siming’s duplicity. With a smile, Guan Yue turned the car around and headed towards the hospital which Wen Shuyue was in.

Lin Lin would go to the hospital to keep Wen Shuyue’s company in the spare time, which made Wen Shuyue feel less bored to be in the hospital.

“I don’t know how I can meet He Siming, since you don’t go to work now.” Lin Lin looked very resigned. She could have met He Siming with the help of Wen Shuyue, but now it was very unlikely.

Whenever they met, Lin Lin talked about He Siming and Wen Shuyue was too cautious to echo Lin Lin.

Wen Shuyue forced a smile and said nothing.

Patting Wen Shuyue on the shoulder, Lin Lin complained like a girl in one-way love, “What should I do? I do feel like I was addicted to He Siming.”

“I don’t know. I’ve never felt that way before,” Wen Shuyue said honestly. Lin Lin had a wandering eye but it was the first time she had been persistent in pursuing a man, which was really a surprise to Wen Shuyue.

Giving it a thought, Wen Shuyue found it made sense that Lin Lin liked He Siming so much since he was an excellent man.

“Yueyue, you’ve got to help me now. Ask He Siming out for me on Christmas. A few hours will be great enough. Could you please help me?” Lin Lin looked at Wen Shuyue with begging eyes, which made it hard for people to reject.

He Siming once mentioned that he would spend Christmas with Wen Baobao. So Wen Shuyue could ask He Siming out with that excuse. After he met Lin Lin on the day, Wen Shuyue might figure out an explanation.

Thinking about that, Wen Shuyue nodded reluctantly. “I’ll ask him out on Christmas for you.”

“Yeah, you’re the best. I knew you will agree to help me.” Lin Lin couldn’t be happier as if Wen Shuyue could definitely keep her words.

It was such a hasty decision that Wen Shuyue didn’t know if it was right. But she had to make it since she agreed to help Lin Lin.

However, Wen Shuyue would never expect that He Siming heard every single word of their conversation.

Overwhelmed by the awkwardly cold atmosphere, Guan Yue subconsciously stepped back to keep distance from He Siming but had to asked carefully, “Mr. He…”

“Let’s go.”

He Siming’s cold voice rang in the corridor as he threw the stuff in his hands into the trash can. He really shouldn’t have come here to visit Wen Shuyue who took him as a tool.

Defeated by He Siming’s strong aura, Guan Yue heaved a sigh and swallowed his words before he followed He Siming to go back.

“It’s odd. I heard someone talking outside, but no one’s here.” Lin Lin opened the door and looked around only to find no one in the corridor.

“If you didn’t have an illusion, it must have been the patients next door chatting,” Wen Shuyue mocked Lin Lin without thinking too much.

Lin Lin nodded and stopped thinking too much either, though she sensed something wrong.

Most of the time, a misunderstanding was caused by a trifle, the neglect and concealing of which would make things worse.

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