C7 – Talk of the Devil

It was almost 9 pm when Shiyao dragged her suitcase back to the hotel company arranged for them. She was so tired that she turned off the phone, took a shower and went to bed.

Early the next day, her colleague next door knocked at her door to drag her off to go shopping.

In need of a bottle of CPB Essence, Shiyao simply dressed herself and went with her.

In the 8th arrondissement of Paris, a shopper’s paradise, travelers formed long queues outside main brand shops, so it was already afternoon when Shiyao finished shopping.

Her colleague, also a Daigou (freelance retail consultant), had many things else on her shopping list to buy, while was sorry to keep Shiyao so long, and suggested Shiyao go back first. Shiyao said ‘take care of yourself’ and left.

As she approached hotel, someone bumped into her.

Before Shiyao had time to react, a snatch at her Chanel purse had pulled the straps off, dragging her to the ground, her palms chafed by stones.

“Stop, thief!” Shiyao cried out in English, regardless of body aches.

The warm-hearted people around also joined in her chase.

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The robber vaulted the fence, got on a motorcycle, soon disappeared. Shiyao saw him riding off, almost began to cry.

What really mattered was not the cash but various cards in the purse. The flight was 6:00 tomorrow morning, if her purse wasn’t recovered tonight, she would be doomed!

The more Shiyao thought about it, the more anxious she was. Upon returning to the hotel, she immediately lent phone from the front desk to call the police, and then she waited in the lobby sofa, daring not to go upstairs.

Before the police arrived came an acquaintance.

You Ze walked through revolving door, lowered his head talking to assistant next to him, his trim-fitting black suit showed off his slim figure and elegant manner.

Shiyao stopped breathing when seeing him.

“Are you kidding? The CEO stays in this hotel, too?”

Seeming to perceive that someone was watching him, the man raised his head, making eye contact with Shiyao.

Shiyao’s heart gave a thump, and she quickly looked aside, praying that You Ze would pass by without noticing her!

However, that’s often not the case.

As the footsteps approaching, a pair of shiny shoes came under her eyes along with a voice full of magnetism, “Shiyao,”

Shiyao’s name, which seemed good to her, sounded like flirting coming out of the man’s mouth. Shiyao’s heart throbbed, and she turned smiling, “Hi, Mr. You, you’re here.”

You Ze, with his one hand into pants pocket, apparently all of an elegant nobleman, asked casually, resting his beautiful eyes on the shopping bags around her, “Why are you sitting here?”

“Eh….” Shiyao stammered, embarrassed to tell him that she was mugged. When the excuse of waiting for someone was brewing in her mind, the police on call arrived.

The police looked at Shiyao and said, “Miss, did you call the police reporting you were mugged?”

Shiyao glanced at You Ze, just forcing a laugh.

Well, she didn’t have to say now.

The police asked Shiyao some questions, and then turned to hotel for surveillance video.

When the police told Shiyao the robber in the video was a habitual criminal, Shiyao was anxious, “Can you get my purse back tonight? Some of cards in the purse are urgently required, please help me.”

“We’ll try.”

You Ze kept staring at surveillance video, all the time, then he waved his assistant over and whispered in his ears. The assistant nodded his head and left the hotel immediately.

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The police just told Shiyao to be patient. She was really nearing crazy.


The flight left at 6:00 tomorrow morning, and without personal ID and employee cards she even couldn’t aboard.

It was the first time You Ze had ever seen her so upset that she sat in the sofa, her head hanging down like a pet lost the hope to life.

Shaking his head funny, he slowly spoke, “If I can get your purse back by 10:00 tonight, you accompany me to a cocktail party, deal?”

Shiyao looked up at him in disbelief.

“Are you sure?”

It suddenly occurred to her that the man standing before her was the CEO of her company, and even if her purse never found, he calling back to the company would settle everything?

Once she figured that out, she went up to please him with sweet words, “Mr. You, what’re you talking about? Even you don’t help me find purse, I’ll go with you, but I don’t have formal dress.”

You Ze looked over at her, curling his lips into a smile, “It’s all right, you’ve got the dress.”

The car carrying Shiyao and You Ze stopped at a suburban Manor with all lights on inside and security guards outside the hollowed-out, carved gate.

Shiyao was shocked when You Ze motioned her to take his arm, and they entered inside.

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